Sony a7C II Hands-On pREVIEW: a MINI a7 IV, But WAY BETTER?!

Are you in search of a powerful yet compact camera that can deliver exceptional performance? Look no further as Sony introduces its latest innovation, the Sony a7C II. This compact mirrorless camera is poised to be a game-changer, offering users a superior photography experience without compromising on portability. In this hands-on preview, we will delve into the impressive features and functionalities of the Sony a7C II and explore how it compares to its predecessor, the a7 IV. Prepare to be amazed by this mini powerhouse that takes photography to a whole new level.

Sony a7C II Hands-On pREVIEW: a MINI a7 IV, But WAY BETTER?!


Right before we jump into this video if you’d like me to send you a free guide to capturing Motion in low light situations just look for this Orange Box over on put your name email address in it hit send it I’m going to send you that guide for free Jared polin froknows and this is a preview of the Sony a7c2 it’s the second version the first version came out about three years ago and took all of the different pieces from the Sony A7 III and kind of frankensteined it into a smaller more compact body thus why it’s called the C You know for for cookie like Cookie Monster no it actually stands for compact we’re actually using the camera right now to film this and please don’t mind the background as we just moved into the new studio and had to get this video filmed so things are going to be a Little different for some time right now while we get that all set up now before we get much further Sony put out two cameras at the exact same time with the other one being the Sony a7cr now we did a full preview of that one as well and it is linked down below.

Performance and Image Quality

So what did I shoot well I took it to a concert as well as did some behind the scenes before the concert I went out to the Philadelphia Affiliates and photographs some baseball as well as went into a park where I photographed some kids running around now keep in Mind this a7c2 is basically an a74 but kind of better in certain ways and I’m going to talk more about that by the end of this video when you’re deciding if this is for you or if it’s not now it does have an entirely new body it’s very Similar to what the a6700 has you’ve got the front dials you’ve got the new dials around the top and the grip feels so much better the a7c was a Frankenstein camera that didn’t feel tremendous in the hands but it did get the job done but the new updates that Sony has made To the a6700 the a7c2 as well as the a7c r are fantastic it’s also 22 percent lighter than the a74 which brings this camera in at 1.13 pounds or 514 grams you still have a crappy three inch 1.03 million dot very angled touch screen which is the same one that you found on The a74 and you have an evf that is 2.36 million dots and it’s off to the left hand side which I still don’t like the placement of it but honestly after you use it for a while it’s not that big of a deal but what is a big deal and I keep Harping on this every single Sony video is that the evf and the LCD screen quality is subpar especially for a company that makes OLED displays and LCD TVs that are fantastic and what I mean by that is when you’re looking at an image on that screen or in the evf it Just doesn’t look as good as it should because when you get it into the computer it looks fantastic the jpegs look fantastic now at the time of recording this we can’t open the raw files just yet so we are working with tweaked JPEG files which come out very Nicely they look fantastic on the screen but not as good in the camera so if you’re seeing your your pictures you’re like these just don’t look great they’re too flat or whatever just know they’re going to look better when you get them into the computer now for those who use The a7c originally know that the menu system was the older a73 menu system where you now have the updated menu system with all the different tiles and swipes and everything that Sony offers you I don’t really dive too deep into it anymore because once you set it up it’s All right there but you can customize the function button or you can go ahead and swipe on the screen and see all the tiles they make it super simple to get to what you need but they also started to make it complicated because you now have 73 different menu options to get to All of these different things so they might start to do away with some of them in the future and just keep the easiest ones to get to in terms of the sensor you have a 33 megapixel BSI sensor with the bions XR processor that is the same Exact as the a74 so you should know what type of image quality you’re going to get because it’s the same exact of what we’ve already done with the a74 same ISO 100 to 51 200 but where we have a difference is here when we get to the Auto focus you now have that dedicated AI processor for focusing I said when the a74 came out and I tested it out that the autofocus seemed laggy it just lagged behind well now with this AI processor which we saw first with the a7r5 is fantastic it’s a really good Focusing system now I did run into one issue when I was photographing baseball where I had the all-encompassing focus on where it should just find the subject that’s right in front of you and I had a baseball player standing there in the batter’s box and somehow it went to the Iaf of the coaches in the Dugout behind I ended up missing a home run by Kyle schwarber because it was focused on The Dugout and not the batter right in the middle the big white blob it didn’t hit it now that wasn’t all the time it was Just in this situation there are 759 phase detect AF points you’ve got your real-time tracking with iaf and there is no joystick I would have liked to have had a joystick to change some of my focusing points because that became a little bit of an issue when I was trying To move them you have to lock it in by pressing the center button then you have to unlock it to go ahead and move the focusing points it was a little bit of a pain in the butt unlike Canon which Auto selects between people Cars airplanes And animals the Sony doesn’t do that you still have to go in and independently select between the animal or people so I generally just leave it on people.


Just like the a74 you get 10 frames per second with the mechanical as well as the silent and if you are going to shoot uncompressed or lossless compressed raw you’re only going to get about six frames per second once again It’s weird that you’re getting 10 frames per second with the…

FAQ about Sony a7C II Hands-On pREVIEW

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Sony a7C II?

A: The Sony a7C II is the latest camera by Sony that is expected to be a compact version of the highly anticipated a7 IV, but with significant improvements and advancements.

Q: What are the key features of the Sony a7C II?

A: Some of the notable features of the Sony a7C II include:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Improved image stabilization
  • Enhanced autofocus system
  • 4K video recording capabilities
  • Higher resolution sensor

Q: Is the Sony a7C II better than its predecessor?

A: Yes, the Sony a7C II is expected to be a significant improvement over its predecessor. With advancements in technology and enhanced features, it offers improved performance and better overall user experience.

Q: Is the Sony a7C II suitable for professional photographers?

A: Yes, the Sony a7C II is designed to cater to the needs of professional photographers. Its high-resolution sensor, improved autofocus system, and 4K video recording capabilities make it a versatile camera for various photography and videography projects.

Q: When will the Sony a7C II be released?

A: The exact release date has not been announced yet. However, based on industry rumors, it is expected to be launched in the near future. Stay tuned for updates from Sony.

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