Sony a7C II & a7CR Initial Review: Lightweight Bodies with HEAVYWEIGHT Features!

Are you tired of carrying around bulky and heavy camera gear when you’re out shooting? Well, Sony has heard your cries and has come up with a solution – the Sony a7C II & a7CR. These two new additions to the a7 series of mirrorless cameras promise to provide photographers with lightweight bodies without compromising on features. In this initial review, we will delve into the specifications, performance, and overall user experience of the Sony a7C II & a7CR, highlighting why these cameras are a game-changer for photography enthusiasts. So, without further ado, let’s discover how Sony has managed to combine heavyweight features in such sleek and portable bodies.

Sony a7C II & a7CR Initial Review: Lightweight Bodies with HEAVYWEIGHT Features!


Hey, welcome back! It’s Chris Nichols here with PetaPixel. Jordan and I are on vacation together with our families in beautiful British Columbia. We have an exciting early look at the brand new pre-production Sony a7CR and a7C II.

Initial Impressions

Hey Jordan, I want you to imagine that you own the original Sony a7C. How do you feel about it?
Well, I don’t like it. I don’t like the tunnel vision viewfinder and the twin dials. But you don’t have to worry about that because you can trade it in at, our preferred pre-owned trade partner. They do a great job of evaluating your camera and giving you a fair price.

Combine and Compare

In this review, we will be combining these two cameras together into one review as they are essentially identical body designs. We will discuss the similarities and differences between the Sony a7CR and the Sony a7C II.

Design and Handling

Both cameras have a compact and lightweight body, making them easy to carry around. The Sony a7CR has a bigger grip, which feels great, and there is an option for an accessory grip. The control structure has improved with the addition of a front control dial, making it easier to handle. However, there is still no auto focusing joystick.

Features and Performance

Both cameras feature the new bions XR processing unit, which improves auto focusing algorithms and subject detection. The Sony a7C II borrows heavily from the A7R 5, while the Sony a7CR borrows heavily from the Sony A7R5. The cameras offer advanced features, surpassing the original Sony a7C in terms of image quality and auto focusing.

Display and EVF

The new cameras have improved electronic viewfinders (EVFs) with higher magnification, providing a better viewing experience. However, the back panel’s resolution hasn’t improved significantly, and it lacks a tilt function.

In-body Image Stabilization

Both cameras have the same compact in-body image stabilization (IBIS) unit, providing up to seven stops of stabilization. However, this syncs with lenses that also have image stabilizers, and the exact numbers are yet to be determined.


The Sony a7C II and a7CR offer lightweight bodies with heavyweight features. They are an interesting development in the Sony a7C series, combining the compactness of an entry-level camera with advanced features borrowed from higher-end models. These cameras provide improved image quality, autofocus, and handling compared to the original Sony a7C. Overall, they are a great option for photographers looking for a portable yet powerful full-frame camera system.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a7C II & a7CR Initial Review

1. What is Sony a7C II & a7CR?

Sony a7C II & a7CR refers to the latest camera models introduced by Sony. They are full-frame mirrorless cameras known for their lightweight bodies and numerous advanced features.

2. What are the standout features of the Sony a7C II & a7CR?

The Sony a7C II & a7CR boast several impressive features, including a full-frame sensor, high-resolution image quality, advanced autofocus capabilities, 4K video recording, image stabilization, and a compact design.

3. What makes the bodies of these cameras lightweight?

Sony has incorporated innovative engineering techniques and materials to minimize the weight of these cameras. Additionally, the compact form factor of the a7C II & a7CR contributes to their lightweight construction.

4. Can you elaborate on the heavyweight features mentioned in the title?

By heavyweight features, we mean that the a7C II & a7CR come equipped with powerful and advanced functionalities typically found in high-end cameras. These include superior image resolution, exceptional low-light performance, fast and precise autofocus, professional-grade video capabilities, and a comprehensive range of customizable settings.

5. Are these cameras suitable for professional photographers?

Absolutely! The Sony a7C II & a7CR deliver exceptional image quality, professional-grade features, and versatility, making them suitable for professional photographers who require top-notch performance and reliability.

6. Can these cameras be used for videography?

Yes, the a7C II & a7CR excel in videography as well. With their 4K video recording capability, advanced image stabilization, and customizable settings, they are well-suited for capturing high-quality videos, whether you are a professional filmmaker or an enthusiast.

7. Are there any special accessories recommended for these cameras?

While the a7C II & a7CR can be used on their own, some accessories can enhance your photography experience. These may include additional lenses, external flash units, tripods, and camera bags for protection and convenience. It ultimately depends on your specific photography needs and preferences.

8. What are the notable differences between the a7C II and a7CR?

The key difference between the a7C II and a7CR lies in their resolution. The a7C II offers a slightly lower resolution compared to the a7CR. However, both models share most of the same features, including the lightweight design and powerful capabilities.

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