Sony a6700 vs Sony ZV-E1

Are you an aspiring YouTuber or a content creator looking for the perfect camera to enhance your video quality? Look no further, as today we will be discussing two highly popular options: the Sony a6700 and the Sony ZV-E1. Both of these cameras offer remarkable features and can take your video production to the next level. While the Sony a6700 is renowned for its exceptional autofocus system and advanced image sensor, the Sony ZV-E1 comes with a compact design and impressive vlogging-friendly features. In this blog, we will delve into the key differences between these two cameras and help you decide which one might be the perfect fit for you.

Sony a6700 vs Sony ZV-E1: A Comparison


What’s going on my friends? I hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic. In this video, we’re going to be putting the brand new Sony a6700 against the Sony ZV-E1. This is a topic that I’ve been getting a lot of questions about, so we’ll be addressing some of those questions. Let’s dive right in!

Sensor Size

The Sony a6700 is the newest camera from Sony with a 26-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor, priced at $1,398. On the other hand, the Sony ZV-E1 is the newest full-frame camera in the lineup, sporting a 12-megapixel full-frame sensor from the a7s III, priced at $2,198. The major difference between the two is the sensor size, but it’s important to note that choosing a camera goes beyond just the sensor size.

Price and Lens Options

The a6700 is significantly cheaper at $1,398, making it a more appealing choice for beginners. Additionally, APS-C lenses tend to be cheaper than full-frame lenses. However, if you do a lot of traveling and want a lighter camera, the APS-C format is generally lighter than the full-frame format. So, you need to consider your priorities and budget before making a decision.

Body Design

The Sony ZV-E1 has a lighter, more plastic-style feel, while the a6700 feels more solid. The a6700 also has a thicker grip and a front dial, which the ZV-E1 lacks. The grip and front dial of the a6700 provide better ergonomics and easy access to settings. Both cameras have similar electronic viewfinders (EVFs) and screens. They also have micro HDMI ports, one card slot, and USB-C streaming capabilities. The a6700 has an extra dial and an additional custom button, providing more customization options.

Video Features

Both the a6700 and ZV-E1 come with headphone jacks, multi-interface hot shoes, and USB-C streaming. They also support external microphones, with options like ECM M1, ECM B10, and ECM G1. The ZV-E1 has a zoom rocker at the top, but there are limited power zoom lens options available. In terms of video capabilities, both cameras are on par with each other.


Choosing between the Sony a6700 and Sony ZV-E1 depends on your specific needs and preferences. While the ZV-E1 offers a full-frame sensor and some unique features, the a6700 has a more affordable price and a wider range of lens options. Consider factors like budget, sensor size, body design, and video features before making your decision. Happy shooting!

FAQ: Sony a6700 vs Sony ZV-E1

Q: What are the main differences between Sony a6700 and Sony ZV-E1?

A: The Sony a6700 is an interchangeable lens camera, while the Sony ZV-E1 is a fixed lens camera designed specifically for vlogging. The a6700 offers more advanced features and controls, higher resolution, and better low-light performance, making it a versatile option for various photography needs. On the other hand, the ZV-E1 focuses on video recording capabilities with optimized features like dedicated vlogging-friendly controls, a vari-angle LCD screen, and advanced audio options.

Q: Can the Sony ZV-E1 be used for photography as well?

A: Yes, although the Sony ZV-E1 primarily caters to vloggers and video creators, it still offers decent photography capabilities. It features a 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor, allowing you to capture high-quality still images. However, the fixed lens limits the versatility compared to the a6700, which offers interchangeable lens options.

Q: Which camera is better for recording videos?

A: If your primary focus is video recording, the Sony ZV-E1 is the preferable choice. It comes with various video-oriented features such as Product Showcase Setting, Background Defocus, Face Priority Auto Exposure, and more. Moreover, the ZV-E1 offers advanced audio options, including a dedicated microphone jack and a Multi-Interface Shoe for attaching external audio accessories.

Q: What are the similarities between Sony a6700 and Sony ZV-E1?

A: Both cameras are part of Sony’s APS-C lineup, offering similar image sensor sizes. They also provide 4K video recording capabilities, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, tiltable LCD screens, and a wide range of customizable settings to enhance your photography/videography experience. Additionally, both cameras support various Sony E-mount lenses for greater flexibility.

Q: Which camera is more suitable for beginners?

A: For beginners, the Sony ZV-E1 is generally considered more beginner-friendly due to its simpler interface, dedicated vlogging features, and user-friendly controls. It provides easy access to functions like product showcase settings, background defocus, and one-click Bokeh switch. However, if you have a deeper interest in photography and plan to explore different lenses and advanced photography options, the Sony a6700 can offer a more extensive learning experience.

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