SONY A6700 – The Perfect Match for the FX30 (Why I’m buying it)

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for the perfect match for your FX30? Look no further than the SONY A6700. As a seasoned photographer, I’ve tried a variety of cameras, but none have compared to the A6700. Its advanced features, exceptional image quality, and impressive speed make it the ideal companion for the FX30. In this blog, I will delve into the reasons why I am choosing the SONY A6700 as my go-to camera for pairing with the FX30. From its outstanding autofocus system to its ergonomic design, I’ll explain why the A6700 is a game-changer for photographers like me. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, the A6700 is sure to impress.

SONY A6700 – The Perfect Match for the FX30 (Why I’m buying it)


Are rolling so did you guys watch it because he totally did! After watching the release, he has decided to buy the new SONY A6700. Unfortunately, he didn’t get his hands on the new a6700 but he just want to start a casual conversation about this new camera. His very first Sony camera was the a6300 back in 2016.

Features and Benefits

Game Changer

The new camera is not a game changer, but the Sony FX30 was a big gap filler between the prosumer cameras and the Cinema cameras. He understands why Sony released this first before the new aps-c line.

Operational Flexibility

He operates in two different countries, Taiwan and Canada, and does different types of videos in terms of client work. He plans to have two sets of cameras with him in Taiwan and with his small team in Canada. Since the a6700 is sharing the same sensor as the FX30, it’s going to match very well. The same logic goes for the a7s III, FX3, and the zve E1, they all have the same sensors just minor improvements between the features.

Enhancements for Photography

He is excited for the new camera because it has a better EVF and better photography features, making it a true hybrid camera with a smaller form factor than the a74 and smaller lenses as well. It’s going to be really good for traveling.

Technical Specifications

The camera has a slightly better version of the Ibis and offers 4K 120 frames per second. It also has 10-bit 422, allowing him to push the footage if needed. The camera has also been designed to alleviate overheating issues while shooting interviews and corporate work.


Overall, the SONY A6700 is a perfect match for his production work and a great companion for the FX30. It’s a perfected version of the old cameras he used to have, and he’s excited for the new possibilities with this camera.

FAQ About the SONY A6700 – The Perfect Match for the FX30

Q: What makes the SONY A6700 the perfect match for the FX30?

A: The SONY A6700 offers superior image quality, speed, and versatility, making it the ideal camera to complement the FX30’s features and performance.

Q: What are the key features of the SONY A6700?

A: The SONY A6700 boasts a 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor, 5-axis in-body image stabilization, 4K video recording, and the latest BIONZ X image processing engine.

Q: How does the SONY A6700 enhance the FX30’s capabilities?

A: The SONY A6700’s advanced autofocus system, high-speed continuous shooting, and improved low-light performance allow for even greater creative expression when paired with the FX30.

Q: Why are you buying the SONY A6700?

A: I am buying the SONY A6700 because of its exceptional performance and compatibility with the FX30, which will enable me to capture professional-quality images and videos in a wide range of shooting situations.

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