Sony A6700 POV City Street Photography! [VILTROX 27mm F1.2]

Are you interested in capturing the energy and vibrancy of city streets through photography? Look no further than the Sony A6700 POV City Street Photography! With its compact size and powerful features, the Sony A6700 is the perfect camera for capturing stunning urban scenes. And when paired with the VILTROX 27mm F1.2 lens, you can take your city street photography to the next level. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using the Sony A6700 for POV city street photography and how the VILTROX 27mm F1.2 lens enhances the overall photography experience. Get ready to dive into the world of urban photography like never before!

Sony A6700 POV City Street Photography

Sony A6700 POV City Street Photography


So you may remember a few months ago I tested out the Sony a6700 well I tested out that camera and I instantly fell in love with it so much so that I’ve actually gone out and brought one for myself yes I have got the a6700 this is My a6700 and I can’t wait to use it going forward on the channel and I’ve also comboed it with a new lens today this is the VT Tru 27 mil F12 which V TRS have very kindly sent out to me this is new to the Sony e- Mount I think it’s Been out on the Fuji mount for a while very very excited to test out this lens because if it’s anything like the 75 it’s going to be goodness and on top of that I’m also trying out a new chest Mount system today I found this on Amazon and it works with magnet so let me give you a quick demonstration so you put this nice bit of bling around your neck like so and then you Tu it underneath your jumper your T-shirt whatever it may be and then with this end it just attaches like so and the Magnet on this is actually prop properly strong now this is just a trial run to see how the footage looks today because I don’t know how the stabilization is going to work with you know the rustling and the movement of a jumper or something like that so you’ll be able to Be a good judge to see if it actually looks any good and also what I do like about it is it’s a lot more Incognito and you don’t have to wear the massive GoPro chest strap on and if you want to check out anything I’m mentioning today everything will be linked in the Description below including my presets that I’m going to be using to edit all the photographs from about today’s video but before I said let’s get out and do some street photography with the Sony a6700

City Street Photography

Alright so this is where we’re starting we’re in the City of Newcastle We’re just going to get a photo right here of this gentleman okay that’s a pretty good shot right there not bad we’re just getting warmed up getting started get a photo here this lady oh just nailed it quickly there oh that’s a good shot there actually I kind of like That with the Flaming okay actually I didn’t expect that to work but that kind of does work you know all right all right all right all right all right I’ll take that right so first off we have that really cool view there and then we have this really cool view here of this Beautiful pure and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to set my focus point and then I’m going to actually move it to the lower thir the frame so we’re not getting number plating but we’re just getting porched and I’m going to open up The aperture a bit to give us a bit more depth to the image to grab that right there and maybe get S with the light here that could look pretty nice might be able to get a nice shot of the ass here at like a third angle oh we Can actually oh oh oh oh you know it’s not like Exquisite car photography but it’s all right considering what we’ve been presented with I mean the car is doing a lot of the lifting and I’m trying to do a bit more with my photography and my skill set am I doing It I hope so alloy shot down here F4 looks pretty nice may bring it down to F12 really separate the background that oh my goodness that is mighty oh this is really cool actually oh I like this shot oh I do that framing down there hey hey Hey hey look at that y so I’m shooting at F10 I exposed more for the highlights because I know I could bring about the shadows and then we’re focusing on just the top portion of the building right there delivering is that frame there really cool composite here the bridge Reflected in this window right here so what I’m going to do is I’m going to frame it up just like so look at that oh that looks pretty cool you know I don’t know how that works because I’m a photographer and not like a reflection Master uh but that’s a cool interesting Reflection that’s going on for some reason someone wants to explain to me in the comments why and how that’s happening I’ll be very interested to find out we’ve now got the shot down here at 11 125th second f7.1 ISO 100 we have got some cars in the frame but we Might be able to remove them in photo shop beta AI just lean on that a little bit but if we can get those cars out the shop which I don’t think we can cuz there is a bit more traffic now but nevertheless I think that is a really Mighty good shot right there look at what we’ve just been able to nail so for our next shot we’ve got some real nice framing here we got a bit of foreground from the bridge actually introducing us to the main part of the image which is the bridge right in the center of the Frame oh that is something else what about in portrait oh portrait also is delivering and what I’m going to do actually is I’m going to try and stay focused on the background and let these subjects walk from my frame I’ve got a really cool composite here right check out this Frame but what I need is someone walking through it okay now we’ve got one gentleman his own it’s all coming together shoot multiple photos I think I got one yes I’m really enjoying this focal length so this is like the equivalent of a 40 mil for the Sony a6700 or any other apsc camera and It’s a very I think it’s a popular focal length for street photography I’ve seen some videos of people talking about a 40 mil but I’ve never tried it out for myself and you know what it’s it’s interesting it’s a little bit challenging because it’s also a little Bit wider so you got to get close to the people to take their photograph but again I think that opens up opportunities for different kind into photography when it comes to street photography Styles and I like that so I’m going to open up the aperture drop The shter speed keep the iso at 250 and try and frame the shot there so you only see the buildings but you don’t see the cars even this Frame right here I reckon in black and white would look truly incredible photograph him from this perspective and get the buildings behind O oh that’s a good one that is a very good one right there all right I’m going to chill right here do I get this in landscape or portrait I can’t wa mind up we do both so get that and then get that right there and then just wait a moment And get that one there so that way we have got a few different photographs to choose from oh no but the landscape Warner I think the landscape Warner is the winner right there so here I have got a really cool composite so I’m shooting this at about F5 1 800 for second ISO 250 and what I need to do is wait for subject to walk through the frame cuz then we can use this as a bit of framing oh this guy on the phone quickly before the runner gets into the shot I think actually that’s kind of Interesting actually I got the Run in the shot it just looks really weird…


Overall, the Sony A6700 combined with the VILTROX 27mm F1.2 lens is a winning combination for POV city street photography. The compact size and versatility of the a6700 make it an ideal choice for capturing candid moments in urban environments. The VILTROX lens adds a creative touch with its wide aperture and sharp image quality. Utilizing a chest mount system provides a discrete and practical method for capturing dynamic street scenes. With the right equipment and a keen eye, capturing stunning city street photography is well within reach with the Sony a6700 and VILTROX 27mm F1.2 lens.


What is the Sony A6700?

The Sony A6700 is a mirrorless camera that is designed for professional photographers and enthusiasts who wish to capture high-quality images and videos. It is known for its compact size, advanced features, and excellent image quality.

What is POV City Street Photography?

POV City Street Photography is a style of photography in which the photographer captures images and videos from their own point of view as they navigate through city streets. It is a popular genre that aims to document the urban environment and the everyday life of city dwellers.

Why is the VILTROX 27mm F1.2 lens recommended for Sony A6700 POV City Street Photography?

The VILTROX 27mm F1.2 lens is recommended for Sony A6700 POV City Street Photography because of its wide aperture, which allows for better low-light performance and the ability to create a shallow depth of field. This lens also provides a standard focal length, making it ideal for capturing street scenes and portraits with a natural perspective.

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