Sony a6100, Sony a6600 & Glass One Week Later: What’s Really Happening?

Have you been considering purchasing a Sony a6100 or a6600 camera, along with some new glass? Are you searching for real-world feedback before making the investment? Look no further! In this blog post, we will dive into the experiences of photographers who have been using these cameras and new glass for one week. We will explore the pros and cons of each model, the performance of the new glass, and whether or not these products meet the needs of photographers in real-world situations. So, if you’re on the fence about upgrading your gear, keep reading to get the inside scoop!

Sony a6100, Sony a6600 & Glass One Week Later: What’s Really Happening?

Last week Sony unveiled two new aps-c cameras and two new aps-c lenses but what did it really do and how did the new cameras compared to the earlier 6300 6000 and the newer 6400 hey everybody MP brownstone for three blind men in an elephant and today i Want to talk about sony’s a 6100 a sixty six hundred and the two lenses that were announced with him the sixteen to fifty-five two point eight and seventy two three fifty four point five two six point three but before i do some quick announcements first on October 5th from 2 to 4 p.m. we’ll be leading our next photo walk in New York City it’s free we couldn’t care what kind of camera you have and we’ll have a blast together this time we’ll be covering the Lower East Side Little Italy in Chinatown we had a waiting list last year so if You’re interested hightail it over to Scott Kelly’s worldwide photo walk come and sign up Scott thanks man to you and the team for organizing such a lovely event next I’ll be speaking at Fuji love live also in New York the weekend of October 12th this is definitely a Fuji Camera lovers event but hey Fuji film makes wonderful gear and glass I’m a huge fan myself and my friend Tomas has put together a stellar group of presenters at a fabulous venue check it out at Fuji love calm and look for 2019 Fuji love live New York City October 12 13 finally the main event for us will be running our next street photography workshop streets of New York – beginning October 20th sponsored by Hasselblad and bnh guys thank you it’s 3 jam-packed days of classroom instruction Street shooting or review sessions and wonderful camaraderie in the greatest city on earth through street photography Maybe you can tell I’m a little bit stoked last time we sold out and photo plus expo is happening the latter part of that week so if you’re interested you may want to grab one of the remaining spots and book your accommodations now before things get a little bit nuts head Over to 3b MU streets – to learn more we are so excited hope to see you there ok let’s get back to it beginning with the sixty one hundred and sixty six hundred I guess I can sum them up in less than ten words because one we’ve owned the a6000 60 350 402 we’ve gone hands-on with every one of their full-frame mirrorless cameras from the a7s2 and a seven r2 through the a7 3 & a 9 right up to the a7 r4 I’ll put links to all of our videos on that down in the show notes below that I Haven’t yet gone hands-on i’ve been otherwise occupied it’s not necessarily a bad thing it gives me the kind of analytical distance that normally takes me much longer to sort out so here we go in just seven words actually ready improved impressive yes innovative inspired inexpensive no now That was some haiku right there right down to the 575 syllable structure across three lines which haiku or not it’s fine it’s fine sony has finite resources like everyone else okay maybe not quite like everyone else faces and appalling frightening cratering demand for dedicated cameras like everyone else and therefore has to Manage a high-wire balancing act as it finds its way to the other side like everyone else strategically releasing the sixty one hundred and sixty six hundred sixteen to fifty five to eight and seventy two three fifty what is it four point five to six point three seems to me precisely The very way to do it which in a nutshell is a reach into the existing parts bin as much as possible to keep costs down while offering sufficient incremental continuous improvements to blunt and exodus to other brands clearly more dedicated to crop sensor systems and be price the bodies and new glass Try enough to positively impact the bottom line on their own while actually incenting people to jump to full frame where the ROI for consumers may be higher and margins for sony are absolutely higher though come to think of it forget about poetry or high wire acts the most appropriate metaphor is Probably football again with these new announcements it seems to me that Sony is pursuing a relentless ground game marching down the field piling up the yardage one first down after another but no Hail Mary passes while on defense think of it as Sony’s timing and to a lesser extent pricing of Product launches denying opposing teams the ability to get much beyond midfield for now because when you think about it over the long run even the Dallas Cowboys get beaten almost as much as they win differences in sensor performance are narrowing differences in autofocus are narrowing pricing pressure On everyone is growing strengths as well as weaknesses of Sony’s competitors are coming into sharper relief usability user experience and Ibis remains Sony’s glaring vulnerabilities and both Panasonic and Fujifilm have worked hard to exploit them I see Sony’s newest cameras in simple terms the a 6100 is Basically an a 6400 except for the substitution of the lower resolution EPF of the original groundbreaking but still in production a 6000 I’m talking SVGA versus xg8 the Rhian position of a 30-minute recording limit and the removal of the intervalometer in hundred and twenty frames per second Full HD and A price 750 bucks 150 dollars less I don’t really care about the rest of the specs it’s probably worth mentioning that the a 6400 is basically in a 6300 with the comb-over flippy screen a brighter screen at that real-time tracking and iaf tracking autofocus not far off the flagship a9 a very modest Touchscreen capability no recording limit and with it’s more efficient processor better battery life from the same little battery I don’t really care about the rest of that which I guess means I should mention that the a 6300 introduced in 2016 for those of you who don’t remember is basically an a6000 With an upgraded EVF the same one now found in the a 6600 internal 4k recording and a more robust lens mount beautiful 4k I should add even if it is only 8-bit for 200 which a point of fact is all that we ever shoot here three Blind men and an elephant mindful of the additional overhead to shoot and edit at anything higher I practically zero marginal utility given that all of our work is distributed and compressed on the web the a 6300 has now been discontinued up until the release of the 6100 was most recently selling at The same 750 dollar price point as the new 6100 with no obvious reason to buy it over the 6100 I can understand why it has been discontinued except if you can’t abide the downgraded EVM at which point Sony’s pricing structure now and cents you to drop $900 instead for the a 6,400 at least the thing if it is the a6000 is still being sold at an incredible bargain price these days of just four hundred and fifty bucks the a6000 was so good when it launched back in 2014 that it convinced me to sell my full-frame 5d mark ii along with all of My Ella blas and their glass and switched a crop sensor mirrorless I never looked back it’s still that good if you don’t need 4k if you don’t need more than 30 minutes recording time if you don’t need to pull focus 450 bucks for completeness is sake I’ll note that The a 6500 introduced just half a year after the 6300 is basically in a 6300 with ibis and limited touchscreen functionality but it never occurred to us to upgrade as neither the touch interface nor the Ibis were class-leading and they still aren’t today back to the 6100 and the fact that…

What is the Sony a6100 and Sony a6600?

The Sony a6100 and Sony a6600 are both mirrorless cameras produced by Sony. The a6100 is considered an entry-level model, while the a6600 is a more advanced option with additional features.

What are the main differences between the two cameras?

The Sony a6600 has a larger buffer and longer battery life compared to the a6100. Additionally, the a6600 has in-body image stabilization and headphone and mic jacks, which the a6100 does not have.

What is Glass One Week Later?

Glass One Week Later is a review series that provides in-depth analysis of the performance of camera lenses after one week of use.

What can users expect from these cameras and lenses after one week of use?

By using these cameras and lenses for a week, users can gain a deeper understanding of their performance in various shooting conditions. The review series provides insights into the durability, image quality, and overall user experience of these products.

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