SMOOTH FOOTAGE – Getting cinematic results and the tools that help

Smooth footage is essential for creating cinematic results in your videos. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes or telling a compelling story, shaky footage can distract and take away from the overall quality of your content. Thankfully, there are a variety of tools available to help you achieve super smooth shots. From handheld gimbals to stabilizers and drones, these tools can make a world of difference in the final look of your footage. In this blog, we’ll explore different techniques and gear that can help you achieve the smoothest footage possible, allowing you to take your video production to the next level.

Smooth Footage – Getting Cinematic Results

What’s up everybody, Peter MacKinnon here and today we’re talking about camera movement. Not handheld camera movement, but gimbals, sliders, stabilizers, and cool tools to get epic looking shots. So, let’s dive in!

Drones – A Game Changer

Number one on the list is drones. Drones are incredibly beneficial tools for capturing stunning aerial footage. While drones have become more common, they still offer unique perspectives and visuals.

A company called Polar Pro has introduced a product called the Katana, which is a handheld tray for the Mavic drone. This tray allows you to use the Mavic’s three-axis gimbal for stabilized handheld shots. It’s a game-changer for getting smooth footage without flying the drone.

Ronin M – Professional Quality

Next up is the Ronin M, a popular choice for filmmakers using DSLRs or larger cameras. The Ronin M provides smooth, professional-quality footage with its three-axis gimbal. However, setting up the Ronin M can be time-consuming as it requires tuning and balancing.

For larger cameras like the Canon 1DX Mark II, extension rods are needed to achieve proper balance on the Ronin M. Despite the setup process, the Ronin M delivers exceptional results for those looking to elevate their footage.

Slider Systems – Adding Dynamic Movement

Sliders are another tool to consider for adding dynamic movement to your shots. Sliders allow for smooth horizontal and vertical movements, creating visually appealing shots. Manual sliders are budget-friendly options, while motorized sliders offer automated movement for precise shots.

Brands like Edelkrone and Rhino Camera Gear offer high-quality sliders that cater to varying filmmaking needs. Adding a slider to your toolkit can enhance the production value of your videos and create captivating visuals.

Stabilizers – Steady Shots on the Go

Handheld stabilizers are essential for capturing steady shots on the go. Devices like the DJI Osmo provide portable gimbal stabilization for smartphones, allowing for smooth and cinematic footage. For larger cameras, options like the Zhiyun Crane offer professional-grade stabilization for dynamic shots.

Stabilizers are versatile tools that can be used in a variety of shooting scenarios, from travel videos to action sequences. Investing in a reliable stabilizer can significantly improve the overall quality of your footage.


In conclusion, achieving smooth and cinematic footage requires the right tools and techniques. Drones, gimbals, sliders, and stabilizers are essential equipment for capturing epic shots with fluid motion and professional quality.

By incorporating these tools into your filmmaking arsenal, you can elevate the production value of your videos and create visually captivating content. Experiment with different camera movements and equipment to find the perfect combination that suits your creative vision.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment and push the boundaries of your filmmaking skills. With the right tools and a creative mindset, you can achieve cinematic results that will wow your audience.

FAQ: Smooth Footage – Getting Cinematic Results

What is smooth footage?

Smooth footage refers to video recordings that are free of shakes, bumps, or jitters, resulting in a visually appealing and professional looking video.

How can I achieve smooth footage?

To achieve smooth footage, you can use tools such as gimbals, stabilizers, tripods, or glidecams. These tools help to stabilize your camera and reduce unwanted movements while filming.

What are some benefits of smooth footage?

Smooth footage helps to enhance the overall quality of your video, making it more engaging and enjoyable for viewers. It can also give your video a more professional and cinematic look.

What are some popular tools for achieving smooth footage?

Popular tools for achieving smooth footage include the DJI Ronin-S gimbal, the Zhiyun Crane stabilizer, the Manfrotto tripod, and the Glidecam HD-2000. These tools are commonly used by filmmakers and videographers to capture smooth and steady shots.

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