SmallRig RC-60B Self-Powered COB LED Light Review – 3400maH Built In!

Are you tired of dealing with bulky and inconvenient lighting setups that require constant recharging? Look no further than the SmallRig RC-60B Self-Powered COB LED Light! This innovative lighting solution features a built-in 3400mAh battery, eliminating the need for external power sources. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of the SmallRig RC-60B, including its compact design, powerful lighting capabilities, and long-lasting battery life. Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and unreliable power sources – with the SmallRig RC-60B, you can focus on creating stunning visuals without the added stress.

SmallRig RC-60B Self-Powered COB LED Light Review

Hi, I’m Dustin Abbott and I’m here to give you a look at a really unique cob LED light for video and even for portrait work that comes from SmallRig. This is the RC 60B and it is unique from other such units that I have reviewed before for a couple of reasons.

Compact and Portable Design

The SmallRig RC-60B is unusually compact and portable, weighing just 650g. It can be easily carried in a camera bag and is compact enough to fit into a typical lens slot. What makes this LED light even more unique is the fact that it has a built-in 3400mAh battery pack, allowing you to use it without the need for an external power source.

Versatile Power Options

The RC-60B offers versatile power options, allowing you to power it from a variety of sources including a vmount battery, a power delivery power bank, or an AC adapter. This flexibility makes it a convenient option for on-the-go shooting.

Impressive Light Output

The SmallRig RC-60B is rated at 11,200 Lux at 1 meter with the included reflector. It is a bicolor light, offering a color temperature range from 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin. The COB (chip on board) design allows for greater efficiency and cleaner light output.

What’s Included

The RC-60B comes with a custom nylon carrying case, a clip for attaching a vmount battery, a run-and-gun handle, and a standard attachment for mounting on a light stand or tripod. It also includes a mini reflector, diffuser, and honeycomb attachment for shaping the light.

Performance Tests

In a series of light output tests, the RC-60B performed impressively. The cooler the light temperature, the higher the light output, with the maximum output at 6500 Kelvin. In full power mode, the light output was about one-third higher than in Eco mode.


With its compact design, versatile power options, and impressive light output, the SmallRig RC-60B is a great value at just $199. Whether you’re shooting video or portraits, this LED light delivers reliable performance in a portable package.


Q: What is the SmallRig RC-60B Self-Powered COB LED Light?

A: The SmallRig RC-60B is a compact and portable COB LED light that is self-powered with a built-in 3400maH battery.

Q: How does the SmallRig RC-60B Self-Powered COB LED Light perform?

A: The SmallRig RC-60B provides bright and even lighting with adjustable color temperature and brightness settings, making it suitable for various shooting conditions.

Q: Does the SmallRig RC-60B Self-Powered COB LED Light have a long-lasting battery?

A: Yes, the RC-60B features a high-capacity 3400maH battery that provides long hours of continuous lighting, perfect for extended shooting sessions.

Q: Is the SmallRig RC-60B Self-Powered COB LED Light portable?

A: Yes, the SmallRig RC-60B is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and ideal for outdoor shooting or on-the-go videography.

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