Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens- My Favorite!!!

Are you in the market for a top-of-the-line anamorphic lens that will elevate your filmmaking to the next level? Look no further than the Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens. This impressive piece of equipment is a favorite among filmmakers for its stunning image quality and unique anamorphic look. With its sleek design and superior optics, the Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens is sure to capture the attention of both amateur and professional filmmakers alike. In this blog post, we will explore the features of this amazing lens and why it is a must-have for any filmmaker’s kit.

Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens- My Favorite!!!

Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens- My Favorite!!!


Today, we’re going to be discussing my favorite anamorphic lens from Sirui. I have been a supporter of Sirui since their 50mm F1.8 for APS-C range, which was their first anamorphic lens. I have reviewed all their full-frame lenses, including the 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and the special 135mm (1.8 times squeeze). The newest addition to their lineup is the 150mm T2.9 lens, which completes the 1.6 times squeeze range.


The Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens is the latest full-frame anamorphic lens with a 1.6 times squeeze. It features a minimum focus distance of 0.58 meters, an 82mm front filter thread, and weighs approximately 1390 grams. The lens is available on their website for $1199 USD.

Close Focusing Distance

The standout feature of this lens is its close focusing distance of 0.58 meters. This is exceptionally close for an anamorphic lens, allowing for tight shots without the need for close-up filters or diopters. Here is a comparison of the close focusing distances of other lenses in the lineup:

Body Design

The body design of the Sirui 150mm T2.9 is consistent with other lenses in the full-frame range. The placement of the aperture ring and focus ring allows for easy compatibility with focus motors. The lens support is recommended due to its weight.

Image Quality

One of the key selling points of Sirui lenses is their sharpness. The 150mm T2.9 lens is sharp even wide open at T2.9, with impressive performance in both center and corner sharpness. Despite some pin cushion distortion, the lens delivers excellent image quality. Many users opt to use a Mist filter to soften the sharpness.


The flaring on the Sirui 150mm T2.9 is similar to other lenses in the lineup, with slight variations in characteristics. The lens performs well in handling flares, providing a unique look to the footage.

Price and Quality

Sirui lenses are known for their affordability compared to other full-frame anamorphic lenses. The quality of the images produced by Sirui lenses is impressive, with sharpness even at wide apertures. This allows for flexibility in shooting without compromising on image quality.


The Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens is a standout addition to their lineup, offering exceptional close focusing distance and image quality. The lens provides sharpness even at wide apertures, making it ideal for various shooting scenarios. With its affordability and quality, the Sirui 150mm T2.9 is definitely a favorite among anamorphic lens users.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens

What is the focal length of the Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens?
The Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens has a focal length of 150mm, making it ideal for capturing stunning close-up shots with a unique anamorphic look.
What is the aperture of the Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens?
The Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens has a maximum aperture of T2.9, allowing for beautifully blurred backgrounds and excellent low-light performance.
What makes the Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens your favorite?
As a photographer/videographer, I love the unique anamorphic look that the Sirui 150mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lens provides. It adds a cinematic quality to my images and videos that sets them apart from standard lenses.

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