SIGMA Big Event: IS Sigma finally making RF autofocus lenses ?

Are Sigma’s autofocus lenses finally catching up with the competition? For years, photographers have been clamoring for Sigma to release RF autofocus lenses, and it seems that the wait might finally be over. As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality lenses, Sigma has built a strong reputation for producing top-notch glass. However, the lack of RF autofocus options has left many Canon users feeling left out. But now, with the upcoming SIGMA Big Event, rumors are swirling that Sigma may finally be unveiling RF autofocus lenses. Could this be the news that photographers have been waiting for? Let’s dive in and explore what this potential announcement could mean for the photography community.

SIGMA Big Event: IS Sigma finally making RF autofocus lenses?

In September 2023, there were speculations that Canon will open their RF Mount to third-party lens manufacturers, and Sigma may finally be making RF autofocus lenses. The long wait for Sigma lenses compatible with the RF Mount may soon be over.

Forecasts for a Big Announcement

Canon rumors and Sony Alpha rumors have been abuzz with reports of a big announcement for the Canon RF Mount. These rumors gained more heat when Sony Alpha rumors’ Andrea Pini confirmed a major press event from Sigma in early February. This has led to high expectations for an announcement of new Sigma lenses designed for the RF Mount.

What Lenses Could Be Announced

The specific lenses to be announced are still unknown, but based on a previous poll, the most demanded Sigma lenses include the 35mm f1.4 DG DN Art and the 150-600mm f5-6.3. These lenses have garnered high interest from viewers, indicating that they may be the first to be released for the RF Mount. Other popular choices include the 85mm f1.4, the 60-600mm, and the 70-200mm, all of which fans are eager to see in the RF Mount lineup.

These lenses are highly anticipated, as Sigma’s range of lenses is known for delivering exceptional quality at affordable price points, filling a gap in Canon’s current lens offerings for the RF Mount.

This announcement from Sigma could be a game-changer for the Canon RF system, providing a wider selection of lenses for Canon’s mirrorless cameras. Customers considering purchasing the Canon EOS R5, R7, or other R-series cameras will now have access to a variety of quality lenses, addressing a previous gap in Canon’s lens offerings compared to other brands.

Ultimately, the potential release of Sigma lenses for the RF Mount will offer Canon customers a diverse selection of high-quality lenses at more affordable price points, enhancing the overall appeal of the Canon mirrorless ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sigma finally making RF autofocus lenses?

Yes, Sigma has announced their new line of RF autofocus lenses for Canon’s mirrorless RF mount cameras. These lenses are specifically designed for the RF mount, offering seamless compatibility and high-quality performance.

What are the benefits of Sigma’s RF autofocus lenses?

Sigma’s RF autofocus lenses provide reliable and fast autofocus performance, exceptional optical quality, and a range of focal lengths to cater to different shooting needs. They also offer compatibility with Canon’s latest mirrorless cameras, providing photographers with excellent precision and clarity in their images.

Are Sigma RF autofocus lenses compatible with other camera mounts?

No, Sigma’s RF autofocus lenses are specifically designed for Canon’s RF mount cameras. They are not compatible with other camera mounts such as EF or Sony’s E-mount.

Where can I purchase Sigma’s RF autofocus lenses?

Sigma’s RF autofocus lenses will be available for purchase through authorized Sigma retailers and online stores. Customers can also visit Sigma’s official website for more information on where to buy these lenses.

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