Sigma 35MM f/1.2 DG DN for Leica L-Mount is a BIG DADDY

Are you in need of a high-quality, fast aperture lens for your Leica L-Mount camera? Look no further than the Sigma 35MM f/1.2 DG DN. This impressive lens is often referred to as the “big daddy” of lenses due to its exceptional performance and versatility. With outstanding low-light capabilities and a wide aperture, this lens is perfect for capturing stunning portraits, landscapes, and low-light scenes. In this blog, we will explore the amazing features and benefits of the Sigma 35MM f/1.2 DG DN lens, and why it is a must-have for any Leica L-Mount photographer. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, this lens is sure to take your photography to the next level.

Sigma 35MM f/1.2 DG DN for Leica L-Mount is a BIG DADDY

Hey everybody I’m Hugh brownstone for three blind men and an elephant welcome to 20/20 and today I want to talk about Sigma’s purpose-built for mirrorless cameras dgd n35 1.2 in like a L mount which I’ve been exploring On my personal like a SL 2 and the long-term Panasonic s 1 hour loaner we have at house it is an important lens because we now have an exceptionally high performance auto focusing fastest in class maximum aperture wide standard lens at a relatively affordable price for L mount shooters.

Exceptional Performance

Well let’s start by taking a look at Roger Sekou is empty of testing over at lens rentals calm but don’t worry we’ve got plenty of real-world samples coming up wide open it blows away the manual focus only M mount Voigtlander 35 1.2 it knocks the stuffing out of Sony’s excellent much Newer design auto focusing distagon t star 35 1.4 which i’ve used with two light it’s marginally better at 1.4 then Sigma is already excellent 35 1.4 DG hsm art on par with what Roger calls the sharpest 35 he’s ever tested tamarins 35 1.4 s PDI blah-dee blah blah blah which Is fascinating in and of itself Talon has come a long way but hold that thought for another video.

Relatively Affordable

I use the words relatively affordable advisedly that’s because while Sigma’s $1500 1.2 is less than one-third the price of like is eye watering ly expensive but best 35 millimeter I’ve ever used $5,100 zoom Kron SL 35 f – hold that thought both sharper and 1/8 the price of the best 1.2 full frame lens he’s ever tested irrespective of focal length like his NOK deluxe M 75 IDI is almost twice the price of the Tamron actually twice the price of Sony’s outstanding new Effie 35 1.8 which I’ve also used and according to Roger offers about the same optical performance at 1.8 as the signal does at 1.4 more than twice the price of Sigma’s 35 1.4 or Nikon’s new Nikkor z 35 1.8 more than three times the price Of canons new RF 35 1.8 macro you get the idea but that’s just sharpness nevermind chromatic aberration and distortion though I’m not going to get into detail on these two here the Sigma 35 1.2 is also no news flash to any of you who’ve been eyeing this lens already.

Big and Heavy

Big dreadnought class big humungous Gigantor we’re talking more than three times the volume of the Sony or Canon at just over 1 kilo we’re also talking almost four times their weight 30% heavier and 50 percent bigger than the Tamron even though the Tamron is designed for the longer flange distance Canon EF and Nikon F DSLR mounts heck it’s almost twice the size and one and a half times the weight of that like a sumo cron SL 35 perhaps even more interestingly it’s a little bigger and heavier than the more versatile though obviously much slower and more than Three times the price like a 16 to 35 super Vario el Mar SL 35 3.5 to 4.5 one and a half times the size more than twice the weight and the same price as Panasonic’s just announced not yet available l Mount 16 to 35 F for war.


On the other hand compared to say Sony or canons newest 16 to 35 F 2.8 which while just about one and a half times the price of the Sigma 1.2 are 38% and 23 percent lighter respectively and 10 percent and 6 percent smaller respectively and then there’s the issue of autofocus Performance because yes it’s true not only will hybrid face detective autofocus systems in theory and practice in my experience generally yield higher hit rates than the contrast only autofocus cameras in all current L mount alliance partners as of this video in January 2020 but the Sigma 1.2 is in Particular in the real world distinctly more unreliable than even the contrast detect only AF would suggest.


Bottom line and to my surprise given what I do in the real world I’d actually be happy to own and use the Sigma 35 1.2 beyond the stellar image quality I got with sufficient frequency and reliability this is due in large measure to my discovery that with a wide enough strap to distribute the weight in this case the 1.8 inch peak design SL BK 3 slide strapped and carrying just the one lens body combo the way didn’t bother me at all ok not that much yeah if I’d been Out all day I’d have probably popped a couple of advil but do you need it because I also learned that 99% of the time I didn’t meet one point two and in fact preferred apertures as small as f/4 which leaves us precisely where what does this mean for you well as always it Comes down to use cases and budget and what you’ve already got first how badly do you want or need the extra light gathering or shallower depth of field that the one-point-two offers over the best 1.4 1.82 or even 2.8 full-frame primes for me the answer is not badly enough f/2 actually makes more Sense for me 99% of the time for both street and photojournalism.

FAQ about Sigma 35MM f/1.2 DG DN for Leica L-Mount

What is the Sigma 35MM f/1.2 DG DN lens?
The Sigma 35MM f/1.2 DG DN is a high-performance, large-aperture prime lens designed for Leica L-mount cameras.
What is the aperture of this lens?
The aperture of this lens is f/1.2, which allows for incredibly shallow depth of field and excellent low-light performance.
What makes this lens stand out?
This lens is often referred to as the “BIG DADDY” due to its impressive build quality, optical performance, and large aperture. It is highly regarded for its ability to create stunning bokeh and its versatility in various shooting conditions.
Is this lens suitable for professional photographers?
Yes, the Sigma 35MM f/1.2 DG DN is a popular choice among professional photographers due to its outstanding image quality and durable construction.
What type of mount does it use?
This lens uses the Leica L-Mount, making it compatible with a range of Leica cameras as well as other L-mount mirrorless cameras.

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