Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN Review | Sony A7IV

Are you searching for a high-quality prime lens for your Sony A7IV? Look no further than the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN. This lens is perfect for capturing stunning landscapes, group shots, and low-light scenes with its fast aperture and impeccable image quality. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN and see how it performs on the Sony A7IV. From its build and design to its performance and image quality, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this impressive lens. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast looking to elevate your photography game, the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN could be the perfect addition to your camera bag.

The Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN Review

The 24 millimeter a lens that has really grown on me over time as a photographer who shoots lifestyle portrait and travel photography it’s actually a very popular lens not because people specifically go out to buy a 24 millimeter prime lens but because you might be holding one in Your hand right now yep if you’ve got an iphone then you have shot on a 24 millimeter prime lens well it’s actually 26 millimeters but it’s close enough the sigma 24 millimeter 1.4 dg dn is an updated design specifically for mirrorless cameras they did have an older 24 Millimeter 1.4 but that was actually adapted from a lens that was designed for the dslr their autofocus accuracy wasn’t quite as good and because they had to extend that barrel to make up for the shorter flange distance of the mirrorless camera they’re a little bit larger and heavier than they needed to be so if you are searching for a 24 millimeter prime lens for your sony e-mount camera make sure you are looking at this latest updated design because they have improved this lens in almost every single way.

Sharpness and Bokeh

Let’s start by talking about the sharpness of the 24 millimeter 1.4. i actually owned the dslr version of this lens for many many years and i absolutely love the sharpness and quality that i was getting and this lens is just on another level it is razor sharp from corner to corner i really can’t fault this lens for its sharpness Even wide open at 1.4 previous version of the sigma 24 already exceeded all of my expectations in terms of sharpness i’m not really the kind of person who needs a clinically sharp lens but if you are you definitely won’t be disappointed unless you want a greater depth of field There’s no real need to stop this lens down to increase the sharpness so bokeh is something that i’ve really come to appreciate in my style of photography i do really love a buttery and smooth background and with the 1.4 aperture you’re definitely getting that with this Lens here in these test photos you can see how smooth these out of focus areas are i think that the pairing between that 1.4 aperture and the wide field of view of 24 millimeters is what really makes this lens very interesting you see these dreamy out of focus backgrounds All the time but it’s more common that you see them on a 50 millimeter or an 85 millimeter something a little bit more zoomed in but to see that blurry background with a very encompassing wide field of view is a little less common and for that reason it makes me really Excited to go out and shoot with a 24 millimeter 1.4 to see what kind of unique perspectives that i can come away with a big concern with a lot of people when they’re looking at a lens that is a different brand from the camera body that they’re shooting on is how accurate Is the focus going to be and i did a few tests where i had leon walk towards the camera i fired off a bunch of shots in continuous and i had really good results with the focus accuracy i’m not the biggest fan of these focus accuracy Tests i’d rather just use the lens in the real world and then go through my photos pick the ones that i like and see how many of them are actually in focus so checking through the raws here in narrative select hardly any of them are giving me a rating less than eight seven Is good focus and anything below that would be considered out of focus and if you’re wondering what this app is it’s actually a free app that allows you to import thousands of photos in a couple of seconds you can see cropped in previews to decide which photos are in Focus and it even tells you when your subjects are blinking or mid blink and if you choose you can automatically filter these photos out along with all of the out of focus ones it’s surprisingly accurate and it saved me hours of time culling down my photos when you’re done selecting you just hit The ship button and only these selected photos get automatically pulled into your lightroom catalog saving you tons of time waiting for those previews to load in lightroom and let’s be honest lightroom can be a bit slow plus your lightroom catalog is so much slimmer once you throw out all those junk photos Before you start if you want to get narrative it is completely free for up to six projects a month i’ve left a link down in the description below to get started chromatic aberration is those pink and green fringes that you can sometimes see on really high contrasty areas especially when you’re shooting Wide open on the sigma 24 they are very well controlled this lens and the 24 in general is going to be a really great focal length for video shooters you can put it on a gimbal or run and gun handheld and you’re going to get great results the lens does suffer from focus Breathing on the a74 you actually have a feature that eliminates focus breathing but unfortunately it’s only available for sony branded lenses so with the sigma lens you will need to keep that in mind that there is a little focus breathing in the real world doesn’t matter Yes if you’re going to be doing large focus racks from something that’s very close to the camera and then racking focus to the distance but for me i tend not to do those focus racks on such a wide angle lens i would probably stick To a 50 or an 85 to do those kind of shots that’s just me i don’t really like the look of racking focus on such a wide focal length but good to keep in mind if you do onto vignetting now vignetting performance is pretty good it doesn’t Have a crazy amount of vignetting and oftentimes we don’t even see this effect because a lot of cameras have built-in profiles to remove it and also when you import the photos into lightroom it’ll automatically remove it as well with a profile correction because i was actually lucky enough to get this lens Before it was released there is no lightroom profile for automatic corrections yet the good thing is the profile from the previous version of the sigma 24 millimeter tended to do a pretty good job with fixing up those darkened corners for the video shooters however you will see the vignetting Effect in your footage so do keep that in mind this lens is quite a lot smaller and a little bit lighter than the previous version coming in at 520 grams to put that in perspective the original sigma art for the e-mount was 665 grams and 90 millimeters long so that’s Actually a big advantage for this new design the filter thread is 72 millimeters versus the 77 of the older version so if you are upgrading you will probably need to get a step up ring for all your filters it’s weather sealed as well it’s got the anti-moisture gasket At the mount as well as weather sealing throughout the barrel of the lens its build quality is definitely a step up from the art lenses of previous years some notable features of the design itself are that they’ve added a focus lock switch on the body of the lens this Means you can switch the camera into manual focus and then flick this extra lock switch this will then mean that accidentally bumping the focus ring will not put the lens out of focus and this is really handy for video shooters filming interviews and setups where the Focus needs to be set and not changed throughout the shot it’s also great for astrophotography because when you’re out using the lens in the dark…

FAQ – Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN Review | Sony A7IV

Q: Is the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN compatible with the Sony A7IV?

A: Yes, the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN is designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras, including the Sony A7IV.

Q: What are the key features of the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN lens?

A: The Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN lens offers impressive optical performance, a fast and bright maximum aperture of F1.4, a compact and lightweight design, and quiet, smooth autofocus for both photo and video applications.

Q: How does the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN perform in low light conditions?

A: The fast F1.4 aperture of the Sigma 24mm lens allows for excellent low light performance, making it a great choice for shooting in challenging lighting conditions.

Q: Can the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN lens be used for video recording on the Sony A7IV?

A: Yes, the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG DN lens is well-suited for video recording on the Sony A7IV, thanks to its smooth and silent autofocus capabilities and its ability to capture high-quality footage even in low light.

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