Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN Review: Honey, I shrunk the ultra wide lens!

Welcome to our review of the Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN lens! In this post, we’ll dive into the features and performance of this ultra-wide lens designed for mirrorless cameras. What sets the Sigma 17mm f/4 apart from other ultra-wide lenses is its compact size and weight, without sacrificing image quality. We’ll take a closer look at how the lens performs in various shooting situations and whether it lives up to its “honey, I shrunk the ultra-wide lens” reputation. So, grab your coffee and let’s get started!

Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN Review: Honey, I shrunk the ultra wide lens!


When it comes to photography, every photographer is always on the lookout for high-quality lenses that give them a competitive edge. Wider lenses are particularly useful because they allow for a broader view, leading to amazing shots. Sigma has always impressed photographers with their lenses, and the Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN Contemporary ultra-wide angle lens for Sony E-Mount and L-Mount is no exception. In this review, we’ll explore the features that make this lens stand out and compare it to other alternatives.

Compact Design

One of the most remarkable features of this lens is its compact design. It is small, which means that you can carry it around easily without worrying about the extra weight. This compact feature impressed Chris and Jordan during their review. They noted that the lens is incredibly small, making it an ideal travel companion for photographers.

Controls and Video Performance

The Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN contemporary ultra-wide angle lens offers excellent control and video performance. It has a control ring that allows photographers to adjust the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, among other things. The lens product supports in-camera-aperture control, so you can control aperture from the camera, which makes it easy to get great shots.

When it comes to video performance, the Sigma lens is impressive as well. It produces sharp video footage and allows you to change the aperture without making any noise. This feature is perfect for videographers who prefer to adjust the aperture while recording video.

Close-up performance

If you are a fan of close-up shots, then the Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN is an excellent option. It has a minimum focusing distance of just 11 cm, which means you can get closer to your subject and capture more detail. The lens’s close-up performance impressed Chris and Jordan, who noted that the lens produces incredible detail, which is essential for macro photography.


Autofocus is an essential feature for any lens, and the Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN is no exception. The lens has a reasonably fast autofocus system that locks onto the subject without any fuss. It is accurate and reliable, which makes it easy for photographers to get the shots they want quickly.

Flare and Sunstars

Flare and sunstars are two features that photographers often pay close attention to. The Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN produces beautiful sunstars, which add to the aesthetics of your photos. Furthermore, the lens provides little to no lens flare, even when shooting in direct sunlight. These features are essential for outdoor photographers who need a lens that can withstand the harsh sunlight.

Chromatic Aberration and Bokeh

Chromatic aberration and bokeh are two factors that photographers consider when purchasing a lens. The Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN does not disappoint. The lens produces minimal chromatic aberration, which means you get sharper and clearer images. The bokeh produced by the lens is smooth, making it an ideal choice for portrait photography.


Finally, sharpness is an essential feature for any lens. The Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN produces sharp photos with incredible detail, which impresses photographers. The lens’s sharpness is maintained, even when shooting at the aperture’s widest setting.


The review of the Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN was conducted by comparing it to similar lenses on the market. The lens outperformed many other ultra-wide-angle lenses available, which makes it a go-to option for most photographers. Its compact size and incredible performance make it hard to beat.


In conclusion, the Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN is an excellent ultra-wide-angle lens that photographers will surely appreciate. The lens’s compact design and impressive features make it an excellent choice for most photographers who need a versatile, high-quality lens. We hope this review has shed some light on this fantastic lens and convinced you to try it out yourself.

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