Should YOU use Full Frame Lenses on Sony APS-C? A6000, A6400, ZV-E10, A6700

Have you recently upgraded to a Sony APS-C camera like the A6000, A6400, ZV-E10, or the rumored A6700? Are you wondering if you should invest in full-frame lenses for your new camera? Many photographers face this dilemma when considering lens options for their APS-C cameras. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using full-frame lenses on Sony APS-C cameras. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make the most of your lens choices to achieve the best results with your gear. Let’s dive in and explore whether or not you should use full-frame lenses on your Sony APS-C camera!

Should YOU use Full Frame Lenses on Sony APS-C? A6000, A6400, ZV-E10, A6700

Today’s video is sponsored by skillshare more on them a little bit later on in the next couple of months I’m planning on traveling to Asia for the very first time more specifically to Japan a place that I have always found to say visiting but nothing is set in stone yet it might Not even happen I haven’t bought the flights I haven’t bought the hotel I’ve only just really started doing the research but me being me I already know what would be in my camera bag at least I’ve got the essentials sorted now bear with me cuz this does have some Relevance to the topic we’re going to be talking about today because it’s interesting when I go traveling I’m planning on bringing a fullframe camera and an apsc camera but this presented me with a bit of a dilemma because I don’t have the weight capacity to be able to Bring both fullframe and apsc lenses for each system and plus it’s kind of Impractical to bring both anyway so ultimately I decided that I’ll prioritize fullframe lenses because I could just use them on my apsc camera and that’s what got me to make this video to answer a common question that Get asked and that is can you use fullframe lenses on apsc cameras and the short answer is yes absolutely you can however there are both pros and cons to doing so which is what I’m going to be sharing with you throughout today’s video so stick around to the end if you Want to find out if it’s worth buying fullframe lenses for your apsc camera or if you should just stick to buying apsc lenses the way I like to describe using fullframe lenses on an apsc camera is kind of bizarre cuz how I see it is you’ve got a teleconverter already Pre-built into your camera so you can get extra reach it’s like a permanent buff as I said it’s kind of bizarre but to elaborate on what I mean by that in a bit more detail anytime you use a fullframe lens on an apsc camera you have to times that focal length by 1.5 Times so let’s take this Sigma 24 to 7 as an example here you put this on an apsc camera the equivalent focal length will be 36 to 105 a 35 mil Prime will will become a 52 mil Prime and 85 mil Prime will become a whopping 127 mm Prime and when it comes to T photo lenses this is where we see some big jumps in focal lens so let’s take the beastly 70 to2 200 MK 2 from Sony you put this on an apsc camera the equivalent focal length is now 105 to 300 mm that is just Bonkers and could be hugely beneficial if you’re planning on shooting sports or maybe Wildlife photography a misconception with using fullframe glass and an apsc camera is your image quality is going to decrease when an actual fact from my experience the opposite is true to that in general most If not all lenses are sharpest in the center so an apsc camera bypasses any of the imperfections in the corners and the results do speak for themselves I have been able to take absolutely incredible photos combining the Sony a6400 with full frame glass that be the sigma 24 To70 the sigma 85 F14 or heck even the Sony 70 to 200 just look at how razor sharp these photos are stunning and before I forget to mention the autofocus for photography and video isn’t affected with these kind of combos from my experience at least so If I do go traveling I’m going to have no concerns with the image quality or autofocus I know it’s going to deliver and it’s going to deliver good with this being the emount you have an array of lenses to choose from you kind of sport for choice and you’re not just Restricted with Sony branded lenses unlike some other camera manufacturers Canon sorry had a bit of a sorry in my throat there with the emount you have Tamron samyang Zeiss vros and sigma so choices on top of choices on top of choices if anything we’ve got two many Choices that’s not always a bad thing though I don’t think so anyway can get confusing but that does bring us on to Pro number four better compatibility as I’ve made abundantly clear in this video we can use fullframe lenses on apsc cameras are we still following that concept because weirdly The more I repeat that the less believable it becomes if you start out in photography or film making with an apsc camera but use fullframe lenses you’re better equipped for the future because if you ever decide to make that full transition from apsc to full frame You won’t have to sell your lenses if you know that in the near future you are going to be making that transition from apsc cameras to fullframe then going the route of buying a couple of fullframe lenses could be a good shout because in the long run you’ll save yourself time And possibly money as well now just before we get onto the cons I would like to take a moment to thank the sponsor of today’s video skillshare thank you skillshare for sponsoring today’s video the first 500 people to click on the link in the description of this video can start exploring their creativity With a one month free membership skillshare is an online learning community that offers membership with meaning with thousands of classes and members across 150 countries skillshare offers a huge variety of classes to fit anyone’s needs and it’s the perfect place to get started from photography to illustration to graphic design freelance No matter what it is skillshare has you covered a class I’ve enjoyed taking a YouTube success script shoot and edit with MKBHD one of the biggest Tech YouTubers out there has his own class on skill share that you can learn from as someone who continues to grow their own YouTube Channel I find this one super educational and insightful skillshare can help you make 2024 a new year of learning growth and connection through creativity and if you don’t know where to start skill share can help you with that with their learning paths you can find exactly where to start your Learning Journey so you have a clear direction to achieve your goals a great learning path that I can recommend is grow your first YouTube channel which is ideal for people wanting to Kickstart their own channel in 2024 but don’t know where or how to begin so shout out to Skillshare and a massive thanks to them for sponsoring today’s video okay so what what are some of the reasons not to use full frame lenses on apsc bodies depending on the full frame lens you’re planning on picking it up you may experience a massive shift of imbalance At the front of your setup and if that’s the case it could just become a burden to carry about if you’re a pro shooter you probably won’t even notice but if you’re a casual shooter maybe you’re on vacation somewhere walking around some places this will become apparent after Sometime and it’s not a lot of fun to deal with but not to worry though because there is most likely an apsc equivalent to that fullframe lens that will give the same amount of range and feel way more balanced and lightweight two fantastic examples here is the sigma 24 to70 F28 the apsc equivalent for that being the mighty Sigma 850 F28 and the sigma 85 F14 with the apsc equivalent of that being the super duper Sigma 56 F14 one of the biggest downsides I see with using full frame lenses on apsc cameras is because of that 1.5 times Crop you are going going to lose that wide angle even if you have something ridiculous…

FAQ: Should YOU use Full Frame Lenses on Sony APS-C? A6000, A6400, ZV-E10, A6700

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Full Frame Lenses on Sony APS-C cameras like A6000, A6400, ZV-E10, A6700?

Yes, you can use Full Frame lenses on Sony APS-C cameras. However, keep in mind that the crop factor of APS-C sensors will affect the effective focal length of the lens.

What is the crop factor of Sony APS-C cameras?

Sony APS-C cameras have a crop factor of 1.5x. This means that a Full Frame lens used on an APS-C camera will have its focal length effectively multiplied by 1.5x.

Will using Full Frame lenses on APS-C cameras affect image quality?

Using Full Frame lenses on APS-C cameras should not significantly impact image quality. However, be aware that some lenses may not perform optimally on APS-C sensors due to their design.

What are the advantages of using Full Frame lenses on APS-C cameras?

Using Full Frame lenses on APS-C cameras can give you access to a wider range of lenses and potentially better image quality. It also allows you to future-proof your lens collection in case you decide to upgrade to a Full Frame camera in the future.

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