SAVE TIME editing in Lightroom – QUICK TIP TUESDAYS

Are you tired of spending hours editing photos in Lightroom? Do you wish there was a quicker way to achieve the perfect look without sacrificing quality? If so, you’re in luck! In today’s Quick Tip Tuesday blog, we’re going to show you how to save time editing in Lightroom, so you can spend less time behind the computer and more time behind the camera.

Editing photos can be a time-consuming task, but with the right tips and techniques, it doesn’t have to be. In this blog, we’ll share some of our favorite time-saving strategies for editing in Lightroom, so you can streamline your workflow and get back to doing what you love – capturing stunning images. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who enjoys taking photos as a hobby, these tips are sure to help you save time and achieve beautiful results in Lightroom. So, let’s get started and learn how to make the most of your editing process!

SAVE TIME editing in Lightroom – QUICK TIP TUESDAYS

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Well this week’s quick tip Tuesday is going to get you editing your photos faster in the Lightroom if you’re like me where you’re editing 25 to 50 images at a time or maybe more maybe sometimes a hundred or 150 or maybe maybe you’re crazy enough to still Edit your own wedding images today’s quick tip should help speed things up a little bit and when you’re talking of a lot of images a little faster on each image adds up to a lot of time later so today’s tip is going to make you faster in Lightroom and then and then faster Again it’s kind of two tips and if you guys like these quick tip Tuesday’s hit like button below and make sure to subscribe for a quick tip Tuesday every every Tuesday it’s right there in the name some people were confused on what day to come here for the quick tip so Now Tuesday’s right there in the name

Quick Tip: Faster Exposure Adjustment

Today’s quick tip focuses on getting your exposure correct faster so your exposure your shadow your highlights your whites your blacks get those all dialed in faster because when I mentioned that I always travel with the mouse to edit my photos on the road because I don’t like using the trackpad Somebody else commented how much they hate using the trackpad to try to click each slider in Lightroom to drag it around and then click the next one and drag it and then move up and drag and I realized that person they don’t know this very simple tip so for that Commenter who I totally won’t point out right now this tip is for you and for everybody else I hope I hope this helps you as well alright let’s jump in the Lightroom I will show you exactly what I’m talking about okay here in the Lightroom I have 19 images from our Organ trip vlogs coming soon then we’re going to go through and we’re gonna edit I’m gonna show you from start to finish how I would edit these 19 images so click on the first image here and we’re gonna switch over to our develop module and here our develop module the first Thing I’m gonna do is put a preset on the entire set of images I have some presets that I’ve created that I really like and for this I’m gonna use my everyday warm preset and basically what my everyday wore pre-set does is obviously a warm sings Up a little bit but it also kind of pulls up some of those shadows brings down those whites and those highlights and flattens things out a little bit more giving a little bit more range more of a natural look to it then kind of that contrast the image that comes Straight at the camera and then I’m gonna go ahead and select all these images here at the bottom and hit sync and I’m gonna do everything but white balance local adjustments transform spot removal and crop and everything else I’m gonna let copy and sync all the way Across to make sure that that preset is now on all of my images and we just hit synchronize and now I can go through any of these images and I can see that my preset has been applied so if I look at my before that’s before and that’s after The preset before and after and like any preset a preset really is just giving you a style but then use something to go in and adjust all your exposure controls and your white balance to make the image look perfect okay now what the commenter was talking about was basically going in Here and grabbing each of these exposure control handles grab them right exactly by the handle and and adjusting them so going to the exposure slider grabbing that little tiny handle slide it down or sliding it up then grabbing the contrast and then the highlights of each of those Sliders grab them by the handle so here’s where today’s quick tip which is kind of two tips comes in because if you’re going in here and you’re you’re finding this exact handle and you’re clicking and dragging and then going back down to this one and clicking and dragging what you’re really doing is You’re looking at your controls more than you’re looking at your image so what we’re gonna do instead of it clicking is we’re just gonna hover our cursor over any one of these control sliders and then we’re gonna use the up and down arrow keys on our keyboard to Adjust the value so if I hover my cursor over exposure again I’m not clicking I’m just hovering if I hit my up arrow key the exposure goes up and if I hit my down arrow key it goes down and then I can just move my cursor down the Contrast add some contrast like that go down here to highlights hit plus to boost the highlights here for shadows hit plus to boost those will bring the whites down will who’s the blacks a bit boosts bring exposure back down a little bit and again all I’m doing is hovering the Cursor over each of those sliders and then using the up and down arrow keys to adjust them so I can kind of be less precise because I don’t have to grab each of those handles individually I can just be anywhere over the slider or anywhere over these number values so if I’m hovering over here I can still move my highlights up and down if I’m hovering over the slider itself I can move my highlights up and down and this works for white balance and your tint as well so I can move up here for the temperature I can move my temperature up I can move my temperature my tint down for any of the control sliders all I have to do is hover my cursor and then use the up/down arrow keys on my keyboard and then of course since my hand is kind of right over that up/down left/right key area then to get to the Next image I just hit write and then just do the same thing now it’s bringing this exposure down bringing the shadows down a little bit bring those blacks down and again my preset has gotten me close it’s gotten the sliders generally where I want them I’m just nudging them At that last 10% to make it perfect and exactly how I like it and a little more it’s a little more temperature to that and right there looks good so here’s our before here’s our after I like it but there’s one other way to adjust all these controls that I think is even Better because the weird thing over here with these sliders is they’re in a really weird order they go exposure then contrast then highlights then back down to shadows then up to whites then back down the blacks and that’s that’s a weird order for them to be in but if I Go up here to my histogram I can actually do the exact same thing if I go up here right here is my blacks if I move over to the right it becomes my shadows move further right it’s my exposure keep going to the right highlights and whites and we’re do the Same thing but hover over our histogram so let’s go to the next image by clicking right and now just by hovering up here I may use my up and down arrow keys to bring my exposure down through the shadows a little bit really drop those blacks Big Show back up let’s Bring those highlights and whites down a little bit add some warmth here and done with that image for me using that histogram is a better visual representation I can really see what’s going on as I’m moving things and again like I said it moves


What are some time-saving tips for editing in Lightroom?

One time-saving tip is to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate and make adjustments. Another tip is to create and apply presets for common edits to quickly apply them to multiple photos.

How can I speed up my editing workflow in Lightroom?

One way to speed up your workflow is to organize your photos into collections and use the sync feature to apply edits to multiple photos at once. Additionally, utilizing the auto settings feature can help you quickly get a good starting point for your edits.

Are there any tools within Lightroom that can help me save time while editing?

Yes, the spot removal and graduated filter tools can help you quickly make targeted edits to specific areas of your photos without having to spend time on manual adjustments.

Where can I find more quick tips for editing in Lightroom?

You can find more quick tips for editing in Lightroom on our Quick Tip Tuesdays series on our WordPress blog. Be sure to check back each Tuesday for new time-saving tips and techniques!

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