Samsung S24 Ultra VS. A Professional Photographer (camera test and review)

Are you debating between investing in a Samsung S24 Ultra or a professional camera for your photography needs? The Samsung S24 Ultra boasts impressive camera features, but does it hold up to the standards of a professional photographer? In this blog, we will conduct a camera test and review to compare the capabilities of the Samsung S24 Ultra with those of a professional camera. We will delve into the specifications, image quality, and usability of both options to help you make an informed decision about which device is best suited for your photography needs. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional photographer, this blog will provide valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process.

Samsung S24 Ultra VS. A Professional Photographer (camera test and review)

Today we’re making pictures with this Samsung’s latest smartphone the Galaxy s24 Ultra and we’re trying to answer one important question is this thing any good for Photography big thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring today’s video what’s up y’all so this is an ongoing series on the channel where I take the latest and greatest smartphone and replace my professional camera with it today we’re replacing my Leica SL2 with the Samsung Galaxy s24 Ultra now it’s important to Understand my intention with videos like this this is not the stereotypical tech review where we go out and make test photos with the camera we are trying to push this camera to its absolute limit my goal is to take this camera and use it the exact same way I would use my Professional tools and share the results with you from the perspective of someone who makes art and Creative Photography for a living now really quick note when I announced this video on my community post as well as on my Instagram I saw a few responses of people asking me to Compare this to the iPhone 15 Pro now that would have to be a completely separate video because of the amount of work required to make all the photos and do the side-by-side comparison so if you want to see that video where I compare the Galaxy s24 Ultra to the iPhone 15 Pro and the Leica SL2 as a control group do me a solid hit the thumbs up button on today’s video if we can get 2,000 thumbs up within four or 5 days I will gladly make that video for y’all but with the work required I want to make Sure that’s something you all want to watch and while you’re at it do me a solid leave a comment with your favorite photo from today’s video all the support is appreciated now the first thing I do with any new smartphone when I open it up is set the camera immediately to Raw In my opinion raw files is how you get the most professional result because you have the most data and the files are malleable now it is important to note how the jpegs work with a camera like this so I did some side-by-side comparisons testing out the jpegs versus The raw files and in my my opinion the s24 ultra processes jpegs very well some of the most impressive jpegs that I’ve seen from a smartphone personally I like them much more than the iPhone but I haven’t done that side-by-side test to be 100% sure it’s also important to note This camera has three different resolutions that you can potentially access you have 12 megapixels 50 megapixels and 200 megapixels now depending on what lens you’re using you might only be able to access 12 megapixels like on the ultra wide camera if you’re looking to capture a 200 megap Image you can only do this with a JPEG the 200 megap resolution does not work in the Pro mode the highest you can go is 50 megapixels now I did some initial testing just to see if there was a big difference in any of this resolution and In my opinion it’s very small there is definitely a difference when you zoom in you can tell there’s a little bit more detail at these 200 megapixel resolution jpegs but it’s something that I wouldn’t say is a huge deal it’s not going to make or break so much so that when I was Out doing all the test photos in this video I wasn’t very diligent in making sure I was using 50 or 12 it didn’t really matter that much to me so now let’s get to what is in my opinion the most important part of this video which is the native camera on the Samsung Galaxy s24 Ultra that’s the last time I’m going to say the entire name in this video I’m just going to say s24 Ultra going forward but using this camera for all the testing I’m just blown away I mean the photos speak for themselves there’s not really much to say other Than these phones are getting extremely close to what you’re capable of doing with any other camera the differences are very negligible now some of the things that Samsung has really improved on for mobile Photography in general is one this overd digitalization look that you get to a lot of your images when You’re capturing Raw photos with this device the photos look very natural there is a nice fall off to your highlights there’s none of this chunky overly processed detail look and the images in my opinion look natural and the colors look natural as well for the Most part in the last 2 years really a lot of the major problems I had with mobile photos have begun to go away and the images have gotten better and this is just another step up in that direction the exposure control on these photos is beautiful the shadow Control Plus the Highlight control looks fantastic but the caveat to that is you have to be using the pro mode a lot of times with smartphones especially the s24 when you’re capturing an image without adjusting your exposure compensation a lot of times your highlights are going to be blown out or Your shadows are going to be a little bit too bright that is just because of the computational elements in a device like this for me I found that almost every photo that I enjoyed that made its way into this video had an exposure compensation element meaning that I Brought the exposure down using the slider usually like three of a stop or half a stop it wasn’t anything major but it gave me that nice black in my shadows and it made sure my highlights were nice and balanced so next up was testing the telephoto features on the s24 now there Are two main telephoto options that Samsung is promoting with this there’s a three time zoom and a five time zoom now the five times telephoto feature is a periscopic telephoto meaning it uses the same sensor as the 24mm camera that I just got done raving about in my testing I preferred the periscopic telephoto at that five time zoom I just felt like the images were cleaner I thought they had a little bit more detail compared to the three-time zoom now not to say that any of these photos were bad these are some of the most Stellar phone telephoto Images that I’ve seen and they’re continuing this trend that we’ve seen in the last year of telephoto images on smartphones looking much much better I think in the next couple years it’s going to feel a lot more normal for images like this to be produced with Phone cameras but for me at least I’m still very excited and it feels rare to be able to capture images like this with that being said this thing still does have a glaring issue and that big issue is the ultra wide camera this phone does nothing to improve ultrawide photography From a smartphone there’s nothing to be excited about it’s just the same problems that we’ve seen pretty much for the last two years when it comes to ultrawide cameras there’s a lot of noise a lot of grain in the corners there’s a lot of sharpness issues in the corners As well and the photos just don’t look as clean probably because the resolution is lower with these Ultra wide lenses and for the most part I would say that even though it’s not a result that I’m necessarily disappointed with they’re not results that I’m generally excited about either and the big problem with Ultrawide cameras on smartphones not just the s24 but just in general is all the problems with them seem to be Amplified when you use these devices in low light when I did a…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main differences between the Samsung S24 Ultra and a professional photographer?

The Samsung S24 Ultra is a smartphone equipped with a high-quality camera, while a professional photographer uses a professional-grade DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses.

2. How does the camera test and review compare between the Samsung S24 Ultra and a professional photographer?

The camera test and review will highlight the differences in image quality, dynamic range, low-light performance, and overall versatility between the two options.

3. Can the Samsung S24 Ultra replace a professional camera for photography?

While the Samsung S24 Ultra offers impressive camera capabilities, it may not fully replace a professional camera for demanding photography needs such as specialized lenses, manual controls, and professional-grade image processing.

4. What are the advantages of using the Samsung S24 Ultra for photography?

The Samsung S24 Ultra offers convenience, portability, and advanced features such as a high-resolution sensor, versatile shooting modes, and innovative software for image processing and editing.

5. What are the limitations of using the Samsung S24 Ultra for photography?

The limitations may include smaller sensor size, fixed focal length, limited manual controls, and potentially lower overall image quality compared to a professional camera.

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