Rode Wireless Pro- 32bit Float will SAVE your VIDEO!

Have you ever struggled with inconsistent audio levels in your videos, making it difficult to create high-quality content? The Rode Wireless Go II Pro- 32bit Float may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. With its advanced 32-bit float audio technology, this wireless microphone system offers unparalleled audio quality, ensuring that your recordings are always crystal clear and free from clipping or distortion. Say goodbye to the frustration of noisy background audio or muffled dialogue – the Rode Wireless Go II Pro- 32bit Float is a game-changer for content creators looking to take their videos to the next level.

Rode Wireless Pro- 32bit Float will SAVE your VIDEO!

So I’ve been sitting on this video for about 5 weeks now and the road Wireless Pro is a phenomenal microphone but I did want to test it in a whole bunch of situations where I personally would be using it in professional stuff YouTube Instagram all that kind of social media Work just everything that I personally do right now and uh see if it sort of matches up to my Sennheiser AVX now this is a professional microphone system that I do attach you know through the XLR into my fx6 when it comes to corporate work and all those kind of things and I Really wanted to see if I could replace the siser AVX when it comes to all my professional work in corporate stuff and I mean look at the size already the road Wireless Pro is smaller and kind of more powerful because it has 32-bit float internal we’ve got so much we need to Talk about because I do want to compare the audio quality out of that the audio quality out out of my zoom F3 you know with my Shore sm7b microphone could this be an all-in-one does everything and also future prooof because that is the biggest thing that we really really need To think about when buying these kind of products so yeah we got a ton to get through so let’s get it what’s going on my 104,000 amazing friends I hope you’re all doing absolutely fantastic and if you are new to my Channel please consider subscribing now we’ve got a Whole bunch of talking points that we’re going to be going through and really comparing this to the competitors out there as well to see if this thing actually is future proof and you know who exactly is this for and can it be suited to almost any different situation.

32-bit Float: The Game Changer

First of all we have to talk about the 32-bit float now that’s one of the most outstanding features when it comes to this wireless microphone and I did just recently buy the zoom F3 which is a 32-bit float Studio recorder has two XLR inputs which is how I generally record My videos with the audio uh through the sm7b straight into that and you know 32-bit float is incredible because it’s got so much dynamic range you pretty much can’t clip the audio the only way you can kind of clip the audio is if the microphone it self can’t handle uh the Audio quality that’s going into there so if you really just get up super super super close you can kind of blow out uh the microphone’s ability and that’s the only way you can kind of blow out 32-bit float but other than that you can literally just set these and forget it But I do have to mention it’s 32-bit float internal into these so you actually physically have to press record and you’ll see a red tally light on there and uh essentially it record towards 32 GB worth of data in here so that’s pretty much the the maximum and When it comes to the wireless transfer it transfers 24-bit directly into your camera and a lot of earlier cameras will only have 16bit when it comes to the audio file so it will convert that 24-bit into 16bit but some of the newer cameras coming out now uh have that Minimum of 24 bit which generally is enough for everyone it should be enough especially if you do set your microphone to the correct level but if you don’t have that ability to set to the correct level you’re not going to have that uh really really annoying blowing out noise.

Impressive Audio Quality

Not just with my voice because you’re Going to be hearing this throughout the whole video Let’s actually get my Ms in here and see what her voice sounds like and another male as well so you can actually hear what it sounds like in different types of voices a friend of mine had owned a Jets and they were Having great success I really enjoyed hearing about you know their growth and what they were doing and so it really encouraged me to look into it more and and see if it was for me you know we’re taking four or five kids to sporting events because other parents just can’t Be there they they they work 9 to-5 jobs they can’t be there we’re so fortunate that we can be that parent that can say yeah look we’ll take you and your friends along and we get to have those conversations with their friends and get to know you know they’re in a circle.

Convenient Charging Case

Another standout feature that I don’t think anyone else is doing is the charging case that allows you to data transfer directly through this so you can connect a USBC cord and transfer the data directly from your actual device so all you need to do is put it directly in And through the back there is when you’re actually going to be transferring the data and you can transfer the data directly off your computer you don’t actually have to go physically into the app to try and get that off which I know the previous versions you did but this One you can pull it directly off the device itself but you can’t delete the files off that and I don’t know if that’s a bit of a safeguard so if you accidentally delete it off this and you have to physically go into the app to Delete this but uh I mean it’s not a deal breaker for me and even if you do go over that full 32 GB somehow that’s a lot a lot of data that it’s writing to it’ll just rewrite over the previous stuff so you’re pretty much safe and I Do actually think that is a good Safeguard so you don’t accidentally delete some very important audio files but the only thing I don’t really like is the design the zipper design everyone else has like a sort of a really hard case and it just sort of Clips up and Magnetic Clips down whereas this one physically has a bit of a zipper not the most prettiest looking and it fits in the bag quite awkwardly because it does stick out a little bit but I mean I love that data transfer now one of the cool features about this charging case is When you actually take it out it’ll turn straight on as well which is kind of cool because sometimes you may actually forget but it’s the same when it actually is connected directly through to your 3.5 on your camera when you turn your camera on it will actually turn on And when you turn your camera off it’ll turn off so that is just like the road uh what is it the Road video mic Pro Plus where it it’s the shotgun microphone on top and it turns off and it turns on which is great because you don’t actually want them going flat on You during a shoot now another thing with the charging case as well.

FAQ: Rode Wireless Pro- 32bit Float

What is the Rode Wireless Pro- 32bit Float?

The Rode Wireless Pro- 32bit Float is a wireless microphone system that features 32-bit float recording capabilities. This technology allows for greater dynamic range and audio quality in your video recordings.

How will the Rode Wireless Pro- 32bit Float save my video?

The 32-bit float recording of the Rode Wireless Pro ensures that your audio levels are always captured accurately, even in challenging recording environments. This means you will have more flexibility in post-production to adjust and enhance the audio quality of your videos.

Can I use the Rode Wireless Pro- 32bit Float with my existing camera equipment?

Yes, the Rode Wireless Pro is designed to be compatible with most cameras and recording devices that have a microphone input. Simply connect the receiver to your camera and start capturing high-quality audio for your videos.

Is the Rode Wireless Pro- 32bit Float easy to set up and use?

Yes, the Rode Wireless Pro is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. Simply pair the transmitter and receiver, connect the receiver to your camera, and start recording. The system also features a clear display and intuitive controls for easy operation.

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