RAWtalk 095: REALLY Canon & Sony, You Call These UPDATES?!

Are you tired of waiting for new updates from your favorite camera brands? In RAWtalk 095, we dive deep into the latest releases from Canon and Sony and analyze whether or not these updates are truly worth the wait. From firmware improvements to new features, we break down the pros and cons of each update and provide valuable insight for photographers looking to enhance their shooting experience. Join us as we discuss the latest innovations in the world of photography and explore what these updates mean for the future of the industry.

RAWtalk 095: REALLY Canon & Sony, You Call These UPDATES?!


Oh what’s that sound oh it’s the doorbell oh Postman fro has a package for me Stephen oh man this is what I’ve been waiting for oh man I can’t wait to tell you about this it’s so cool it makes me the coolest person in the world Stephen can You see this on the podcast that no one else could see on our Audio Only podcast oh it’s a picture of view and it says MLB 24 that’s right this is the Willy Wonka golden ticket of baseball it literally is gold isn’t it no that’s orange oh Well it looks gold on the zoom call no so my first year this is the third year of having this Major League uh all access photography pass which let me just tell you people real quick this is the golden ticket that gets you into every stadium for every game in 2024 how Did you get this golden ticket I know people you got to know people you got to know people that are actually uh capable of getting stuff done because if I didn’t know these people Stephen I’d be sitting on my ass watching TV I wouldn’t even be watching the games on TV because Well you’d probably be local press in Philly and that’s about it yeah like one game you get one game and that’s it you wouldn’t be able to travel around and go to any any stadium in America so this is the third year of having this golden Ticket and uh this year it’s orange last year it was lime green and the first year it was purple I really wish it was actually gold it looks gold man that’s that’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a burnt sienna no it’s like some sort of orange This year but this is just this little piece of plastic this laminated hard plastic is is with my picture on it and a barcode is my ticket into every Stadium which is just just imagine like the biggest Baseball fans this is their dream is to have this I’ve seen so many Uh evf clips that you’ve recorded where literally some of the biggest players in the world are standing 2 feet next to you in the Dugout and it’s like wow what does it feel like to be there well Stephen uh for me it’s just like just another day at the Ballpark and uh yeah It’s the it’s it’s fine it’s you know this is my life Stephen it’s the stuff I get to do I would always relate it to uh like concerts you know we we always had the best seat in the house literally 3 feet from talk about your Brandon Flowers story did I ever talk about that on here you you may have but it’s been a while well let’s just say the killers are very specific on approving images and I had to quickly rush and edit I think I had I could edit like up to 10 Or 15 pictures and post them online immediately but they had to be approved by the band themselves so I quickly rushed backstage went to edit maybe 15 20 minutes of editing and all of a sudden Brandon Flowers comes out of nowhere puts his hand on my shoulder and He’s like hey let me check these photos out I’m like what the singer The Killers and instead of waiting he just wanted to see them immediately and it’s Mr bright side and I will say like unfortunately I think he didn’t approve of some of the better photos because he’s very specific On how he he doesn’t like to look sweaty let’s just say that which I think looks badass because you’re the singer you’re sweaty you’re putting your heart and soul into that kind of thing but he was uh a little iffy on those photos and probably approved five in the end but I Will say every every single time he would look at a photo he’d be like it’s not you it’s me it’s not you it’s me I just don’t like how I look in that specific photo but it’s a great photo and he would always say that every time It’s a great photo though cool but it just super guy man yeah everybody has those uh insecurities and to me when it comes to photography I just I’m like it’s you it’s your face this what you look like so it’s a great photo off exactly and this was just like 5 years Ago too it’s not like this is the beginning of the Killer’s career this is when they’re at the height of their career you know what I mean they’re blowing up playing Arenas and he still took the time to come backstage and he wasn’t rushing either he wasn’t annoyed He was super cool that’s pretty cool yeah that’s pretty cool so yeah just being around being around the players is cool um being in the stadiums I like walking around the field I like being seen out there right I heard there’s a new rule miles the photographer when I Texted him yesterday he’s the Phillies team photographer he said I asked him if there’s anything things that changeed this year he said there’s a sleeve policy you’re not allowed to be sleeveless on the field you need to wear shirts that actually fit you but I’m grandfathered in he said so I’m good for The year to go sleeveless when it gets nice out oh my God look at me in my farmer tan this year Stephen I am going to get looked at quite a bit because of how I’m going to be shooting which I’ve talked about pretty extensively but I’m going to talk About more we’ve got a lot to talk about this week There’s me photographing modest Yahoo in the studio here we’ve got me talking about my 4×5 some things I discovered talk to a classic photographer who takes his 4×5 places that other people just don’t like we’re talking photographing presidents talking photographing different sports Photographing the Olympics uh David Bernett who who I met in uh at the Sony a93 event and just reconnected with him to ask questions about it because he shoots with something very similar to what I picked up he’s really cool talk about that we’re going to talk about all Of the new Sony and Canon firmware and how they’re much better than Nikon because they put out the firmware that’s a joke that’s a joke we’re going to we’re going to talk about the firmware what what has actually been updated and what does it really mean um and how not Much has been updated right right some some minor updates but but we’ll we’ll get to that don’t don’t don’t shoot it now Stephen we’ve got some Canon patents for wide angle 2.0 and 2.8 lenses that I personally would prefer seeing over what they currently have out and also if we Have time we’ll talk a little bit about the 24 to 400 millimet sorry 28 we all want to say 24 because just sounds right it just sounds right 24 to and they have the 24 to 200 yeah this is a 28 to 400 one lens store to rule them all which We’ll talk about and possibly the sigma 51.2 to end the discussion there if we need to those are two lenses uh two videos that well one came out and the other will be coming out shortly but there’s a there’s a lot to talk about so before I dive more into the baseball Stuff let’s jump into the modest Yahoo stuff because he was here in the studio on what was it Friday yeah it was Friday I he was playing Philly at uh Brooklyn Bowl so I picked him up at he called right before lunch he’s like hey fro He’s like you want you I I need some new photos and I…

RAWtalk 095: REALLY Canon & Sony, You Call These UPDATES?!

Q: What is RAWtalk 095?

A: RAWtalk 095 is a podcast episode by a photography website where the hosts discuss the latest updates from Canon and Sony.

Q: What updates are being discussed in this episode?

A: The hosts are critical of the updates released by Canon and Sony, questioning whether they are truly significant improvements.

Q: What is the overall tone of this episode?

A: The hosts seem disappointed and underwhelmed by the updates presented by Canon and Sony, expressing their dissatisfaction throughout the podcast.

Q: Where can I listen to RAWtalk 095?

A: RAWtalk 095 is available for streaming on the photography website’s official podcast platform.

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