RAWtalk 022: Nikon Updates AF…it didn’t get any better…Sony DISAPPOINTS Photographers!!!

Are you a photographer who relies on autofocus to capture your images with precision and speed? In RAWtalk 022, we explore the latest updates from Nikon on their autofocus system. Unfortunately, the update did not result in any significant improvements, leaving many photographers disappointed. However, the podcast also delves into Sony’s recent releases, which have similarly left photographers feeling let down. If you’re looking for solutions to enhance your autofocus capabilities and navigate the ever-changing world of camera technology, stay tuned for our breakdown of RAWtalk 022.

RAWtalk 022: Nikon Updates AF…it didn’t get any better…Sony DISAPPOINTS Photographers!!!

RAWtalk 022: Nikon Updates AF…it didn’t get any better…Sony DISAPPOINTS Photographers!!!

The Latest on Nikon’s AF Update

In RAWtalk 022, the hosts discuss Nikon’s recent updates to their autofocus system. Unfortunately, it seems that the update did not improve the autofocus capabilities as much as photographers had hoped. This news has left many Nikon users disappointed and questioning the future of their gear.

AF Performance Before and After the Update

Before the update, Nikon’s autofocus was already decent but could use some improvements in certain situations. However, after the update, many users have reported that the autofocus performance has not significantly improved. This has raised concerns among photographers who rely on quick and accurate focusing for their work.

Sony’s Disappointing News

Not to be outdone, Sony has also disappointed photographers with their latest announcements. Many were eagerly waiting for groundbreaking updates and advancements in Sony’s gear, but it seems that the company has not delivered as expected.

Photographers’ Reactions

Photographers have expressed their frustration and disappointment with Sony’s lackluster updates. Many had high hopes for new features and improvements that would enhance their photography experience, but it seems that Sony has missed the mark this time. This news has sparked discussions and debates within the photography community.

Impact on the Photography Industry

Both Nikon and Sony are major players in the photography industry, and any updates or announcements from them can have a significant impact on photographers worldwide. The disappointment with Nikon’s AF update and Sony’s lackluster news could potentially drive users to explore other brands and options for their photography needs.

Exploring Alternative Options

With the recent developments from Nikon and Sony, photographers may start looking into alternative options from other camera manufacturers. Brands that offer innovative features and reliable performance may attract users who are unsatisfied with the latest updates from Nikon and Sony.

Looking Towards the Future

Despite the disappointment from Nikon and Sony, photographers remain hopeful for future updates and advancements in the photography industry. Many are eager to see how other camera manufacturers will respond to these developments and what new features they will introduce to meet the demands of photographers.

The Importance of Listening to Users

One key takeaway from the recent news is the importance of listening to users’ feedback and suggestions. Nikon and Sony’s disappointing updates serve as a reminder for camera manufacturers to prioritize the needs and expectations of their users when developing new products and features.


In conclusion, RAWtalk 022 brought to light the disappointment from Nikon’s AF update and Sony’s lackluster news, leaving photographers questioning the future of their gear. However, as the photography industry continues to evolve, users remain hopeful for innovative updates and advancements that will enhance their photography experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about RAWtalk 022: Nikon Updates AF…it didn’t get any better…Sony DISAPPOINTS Photographers!!!

  1. What is RAWtalk 022?

    RAWtalk 022 is a photography podcast episode where the hosts discuss the latest updates on Nikon’s autofocus system and Sony’s latest products.

  2. What updates did Nikon make to its autofocus system?

    In RAWtalk 022, it was mentioned that Nikon’s autofocus system did not see any significant improvements, disappointing some photographers.

  3. Why were photographers disappointed by Sony in this episode?

    Sony’s latest products were mentioned to have disappointed photographers, but further details were not provided in the description of this podcast episode.

  4. Where can I listen to RAWtalk 022?

    You can listen to RAWtalk 022, as well as other episodes of the podcast, on the podcast platform where it is hosted or on the website of the podcast hosts.

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