RAWtalk 017: What’s Nikon Thinking Doing THIS?!

Have you ever wondered what Nikon is thinking when they make their business decisions? In RAWtalk 017, we delve into the latest news surrounding Nikon and their latest controversial move. From new product releases to marketing strategies, we discuss the reasoning behind Nikon’s choices and how they may impact the photography industry. Whether you’re a Nikon fan or just curious about the inner workings of camera companies, this episode of RAWtalk will provide you with insight and analysis on what drives Nikon’s decisions. Join us as we explore the question, “What’s Nikon Thinking Doing THIS?!” and uncover the solutions to their latest moves.

RAWtalk 017: What’s Nikon Thinking Doing THIS?!

RAWtalk 017: What’s Nikon Thinking Doing THIS?!


In this episode of RAWtalk, the team discusses Nikon’s latest move and what it means for the photography industry. They delve into the potential implications of Nikon’s decision and the reactions it has garnered from photographers worldwide.

Nikon’s Controversial Decision

Nikon recently announced a new feature in their latest camera model that has sparked controversy among photographers. Many have questioned Nikon’s decision and what it means for the future of photography.

Industry Reaction

Photographers from around the world have voiced their opinions on Nikon’s latest move. Some have praised the innovation while others have expressed concern over the implications. The industry is abuzz with discussions about the impact this decision will have on the market.

The Future of Photography

As the photography industry continues to evolve, companies like Nikon are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. The team at RAWtalk explores what this means for photographers and how they can adapt to the changing landscape.

Innovation in Photography

Nikon’s decision to introduce this new feature shows their commitment to innovation in the field of photography. By pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities, Nikon is setting a new standard for the industry.

Adapting to Change

Photographers must be prepared to adapt to the changing industry landscape. With technology constantly advancing, it is essential to stay informed and open to new ideas. By embracing change, photographers can stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.


RAWtalk 017 has shed light on Nikon’s controversial decision and the implications it holds for the photography industry. As photographers navigate these changes, it is crucial to stay informed and open-minded. The future of photography holds endless possibilities, and by embracing innovation, photographers can continue to thrive in a dynamic and exciting field.

RAWtalk 017: What’s Nikon Thinking Doing THIS?!

Q: What is discussed in RAWtalk 017?
A: In this episode, the hosts of RAWtalk discuss Nikon’s recent decisions and changes in their line-up of cameras and lenses.
Q: Why are people questioning Nikon’s actions?
A: Many photographers and industry professionals are questioning Nikon’s decisions regarding their product releases and strategies.
Q: How does Nikon’s actions impact the photography community?
A: Nikon’s choices impact the photography community by influencing the availability and performance of equipment for photographers.
Q: Where can I listen to RAWtalk 017?
A: You can listen to RAWtalk 017 on the official podcast website or on popular podcast platforms.

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