Product photography is an essential aspect of showcasing and selling products online. It allows potential customers to see the details and features of a product before making a purchase decision. Good product photography can make or break a sale, as it has the power to capture the attention of the viewer and convey the value and quality of the product. In this blog, we will explore the world of product photography, including tips and techniques for capturing stunning product images, advice on lighting and backdrop choices, and the importance of editing and post-processing. Whether you are a business owner looking to improve your product photography skills or a budding photographer wanting to learn more about this niche, this blog will provide you with valuable insights and inspiration.

Product Photography

Product Photography: A Creative and Lucrative Endeavor

By Peter McKinnon

The Importance of Product Photography

Product photography may not sound exciting at first, but it offers numerous opportunities for creativity and monetization. It has been a significant part of my photography career and has allowed me to express myself through the way I showcase products.

My Background in Product Photography

I have worked for a company specializing in custom decks of cards and other magic-related products for seven years, where I honed my skills in product photography. The job gave me complete creative freedom to explore different approaches to capturing the essence of various items.

Keys to Great Product Photography

When it comes to shooting products, I break everything down into different sections, including themes, textures, and props. These elements have consistently yielded captivating product photos and have contributed to my success in the field.

A Hands-On Demonstration

In this video tutorial, I collaborated with a friend to choose two items for me to photograph: an old plastic Holga camera and a peculiar cast iron puzzle. We then visited an antique shop to find props and textures that would complement and enhance the items for the product shoot.

Choosing Props and Textures

When selecting items from the antique shop, I looked for textures that matched the items, such as an old tin with a gunmetal and rusty interior to accentuate the cast iron puzzle. I also found an old brass padlock to create a unique and engaging environment for the product photos.


Product photography is not just about taking pictures of mundane objects; it’s about showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of each item. By carefully choosing props, textures, and themes, you can bring out your creativity and create compelling product photos that are both visually captivating and commercially viable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Product Photography

Q: Why is product photography important?
A: Product photography is important because it allows customers to see the product in detail and makes a huge impact on their purchasing decision.
Q: What kind of equipment do I need for product photography?
A: You will need a good quality camera, lighting equipment, and a backdrop for product photography.
Q: How can I make my product photos stand out?
A: You can make your product photos stand out by using proper lighting, interesting angles, and high-quality editing.
Q: Can I use my phone for product photography?
A: Yes, you can use your phone for product photography, but it’s best to use a professional camera for higher quality images.
Q: Do I need to hire a professional photographer for product photography?
A: It is not necessary to hire a professional photographer for product photography, but it can definitely help to achieve professional and high-quality results.

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