Problem with my Sony a6000 autofocus not working – Broken Continuous Autofocus

Welcome to our blog where we dive into the world of photography and discuss common issues faced by camera enthusiasts. Today, we shine the spotlight on a problem that many Sony a6000 users have encountered – the broken continuous autofocus. The a6000 is renowned for its outstanding image quality and compact design, making it a favorite among both hobbyist and professional photographers. However, some photographers have been facing frustration due to the malfunctioning continuous autofocus feature, which has led to missed shots and a decline in overall usability. In this blog, we will explore this issue in detail, its possible causes, and potential solutions to help you get the most out of your Sony a6000.

Sony a6000 autofocus not working

If you’re experiencing problems with your sony a6000 autofocus. Try to follow the tips below, Let’s troubleshoot the issue together:

  1. Minimum Focusing Distance: Ensure that your subject is within the minimum focusing distance specified by the lens you’re using. The minimum focusing distance is usually indicated on the front or side of the lens. For example, the Sony SEL35F18F (FE 35MM F1.8) lens has a minimum focusing distance of 0.22 meters (0.73 feet)1.
  2. Difficult Environments: Sometimes, challenging environments can affect autofocus. Consider the following scenarios:
    • Subjects with low contrast (like a blue sky or white walls).
    • Multiple subjects at different distances within the focus area.
    • Bright or backlit subjects.
    • Shiny surfaces (such as water).
    • Fast-moving subjects.

    To improve focus in difficult situations:

    • Lightly press the shutter button to display the green or white frame on the LCD screen. This locks the focus until the image is taken.
    • Switch to Manual Focus (MF) if needed.
    • Check and adjust the following settings:
      • Focus Mode: Choose the appropriate mode based on subject movement.
      • Focus Area: Select the area within the frame to focus on.
  3. Aperture Settings: Adjust the aperture value (F-value) to avoid partially focused images. Here are some tips:
  4. AF Micro Adjustment (for specific models): If the image remains out of focus, adjust the AF Micro Adjustment function for each lens used. Access this setting via the camera menu:

Remember to use a tripod to avoid camera shake when making adjustments. I hope these steps help resolve the autofocus issue, and you can enjoy your backpacking trip with clear, focused shots!

Problem with my Sony a6000 – Broken Continuous Autofocus

Can you hear that the sound of situation pouring out of their ears? The camera they are currently using to shoot this video is called the Sony a6000. With a couple of minor drawbacks, it is considered a really great camera for its price. However, there are some issues with it.

The Continuous Autofocus Problem

One of the main problems with the Sony a6000 is the continuous autofocus feature. Continuous autofocus allows the user to stay focused even when they move around. By turning off continuous autofocus and switching to manual focus, the camera loses its ability to stay focused when in motion. This becomes a major issue.

There are two main problems caused by the broken continuous autofocus:

Sound Quality

The first problem is related to sound. The internal microphones on the Sony a6000 are not of the best quality and tend to pick up background noise from the camera itself. Since the continuous autofocus feature is broken, the sound of the autofocus motor becomes audible in recordings, negatively affecting the overall sound quality.

To improve the sound quality, the user purchased an external microphone. This helped reduce the background noise from the camera, but it amplified the noise from the broken continuous autofocus. This issue is frustrating for an audio engineer who works with sound regularly.

Video Quality

The second problem is related to video quality. When observing the headstocks of guitars in recordings, slight shuttering can be noticed. This issue is believed to be caused by the broken continuous autofocus feature. The inconsistent focus affects the overall video quality.

As a result of these issues, the user has had to contact Sony to get their camera fixed. Unfortunately, this means they will have to send their camera away for repairs, which can take up to seven to ten business days. During this time, they will have to rely on their phone or rent another camera to continue making videos.

Seeking Help and Solutions

In order to resolve these issues, the user created this video to reach out to others who may have experience with the Sony a6000 or similar Sony products. They are seeking advice, suggestions, or any helpful information before sending their camera off for repairs.

They have already tried various potential solutions, such as image stabilization, different lenses, and even removing the external microphone. While some of these attempts improved the sound quality, they also introduced new issues or did not fully resolve the problem. Therefore, any contributions or recommendations from the audience would be greatly appreciated.

The user expresses their frustration with the gear problems they have been experiencing within just a few months of starting their video-making journey. Despite the challenges, they have been enjoying creating content and hope to be able to continue doing so without extended disruptions due to camera repairs.

If you have any insights or suggestions to help fix the continuous autofocus issue with the Sony a6000, please share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s start a conversation and try to find a solution together. Your input will be invaluable in resolving this problem.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Problem with Sony a6000 – Broken Continuous Autofocus

1. What is the continuous autofocus feature on Sony a6000?

The continuous autofocus (AF-C) feature on Sony a6000 allows the camera to continuously adjust focus while in motion, ensuring sharp and focused images of moving subjects.

2. How can I identify if my Sony a6000’s continuous autofocus is broken?

If you are experiencing issues with the camera constantly hunting for focus or failing to lock focus on moving subjects, there is a possibility that the continuous autofocus is malfunctioning.

3. What could be causing the broken continuous autofocus on my Sony a6000?

There are several potential causes for broken continuous autofocus, such as outdated firmware, lens compatibility issues, improper camera settings, or physical damage to the autofocus mechanism.

4. How can I troubleshoot and fix the broken continuous autofocus issue?

You can begin troubleshooting by checking if you have the latest firmware installed on your Sony a6000. Ensure that the autofocus settings are properly configured and try using different lenses to see if the issue persists. If none of these steps resolve the problem, it may require professional repair or assistance.

5. Can I fix the broken continuous autofocus on my own?

Unless you have advanced technical knowledge and experience with camera repairs, it is generally recommended to seek professional help. Attempting a DIY fix might further damage the camera.

6. How can I contact Sony support for assistance with my Sony a6000?

You can reach out to Sony support through their official website or contact their customer service for guidance regarding the broken continuous autofocus issue with your Sony a6000.


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