POV Beach Photography | Viltrox RF 85mm 1.8

Are you tired of taking the same old beach photos from the same angles? Look no further! With the Viltrox RF 85mm 1.8 lens, you can elevate your beach photography to a whole new level. This powerful lens allows you to capture stunning close-up shots of the surf, sand, and sunsets with crystal clear precision. Say goodbye to boring beach photos and hello to a whole new perspective with POV beach photography. In this blog, we will explore the endless possibilities that this lens offers for capturing the beauty of the beach from a unique point of view.

POV Beach Photography | Viltrox RF 85mm 1.8

I wasn’t planning on filming this video today but the weather has completely turned around. It was very gloomy, very dark. I just checked the weather app on my watch, and we have a brief period of sunshine before it goes back to storming again. There’s some kind of La Nina going on here. I’m going to be doing a POV video today. I actually forgot the lens, let me grab it for you. One sec. I’m going to be shooting on the R6 and this new lens that was sent to me by Viltrox. This is the 85 millimeter 1.8. I’m going to be doing a street POV video but Australian style, so I’m going to be hanging out at the beach for most of the afternoon. We’ve got a bit of a drive ahead of us so I’m going to jump in the car now and we’ll see you there.

Arrival at Coolangatta Beach

Alright, just arrived here at Coolangatta Beach and got the camera here, the 85 1.8. Gonna flick the shoes off, more of a barefoot type operator when it comes to the beach. So, flick these off. As I mentioned before, we’ve had a lot of rain here and this was one of the only clear days. There’s a bit of cloud in the sky, but we might see a little bit of sun, which is cool. The surf is very flat today, nothing like the iconic Gold Coast surf today, fortunately. But at least it’s not windy, there won’t be many surfers out today. Just because it is so flat, but we should see one or two hopefully, get a couple of photos.

Photography at the Beach

Okay, I’m gonna shoot a lot at 1.8 and see how that turns out. Our first order of business is actually to get a thumbnail for this video. I’m just gonna take a photo on the sand, maybe the lens sitting in the sand. People got really triggered by that in one of my previous videos, so why not? Let’s hurt some feelings. I think I’ve already spotted my first shot, you can see this guy sitting out there on the rock. You actually got the city skyline of the Gold Coast in the background, which I think is going to be really cool if we can get that angle.

Oh man, submission, okay that’s a sick shot actually. Which one should I get first? I’ll go for this one first, I reckon. Something like, we might not get this angle. Oh, I love it. We’ve got some sun, look at that, how awesome! See if we can get a photo of this old guy here just chilling. Let’s see if we can’t cruise up and get a sneaky little shot. Not quite the angle, one surfer out here by themselves, it’s actually cool. And of course, we’ve got the city skyline over there. We can get an interesting shot here through the rocks, surfer you really want the city and the surfer lined up. Let’s use this little rock framing here. We got some birds too, I can’t quite get the surfer and the city in the background though.

That’s where the shot. Oh, you got a wave, let’s go! We got a wave, it’s cool, the light is beautiful right now. I think we’re gonna get another five or ten minutes of this and then that’s it. Over. What about this frame that I saw before, let’s try and get this one. It’s cool, let’s try another angle. That’s cool, just love the way the light’s hitting these flowers here. Get a bit of a low angle, can’t focus super close with this lens. You can get pretty close, pretty normal for an 85. Nothing super crazy though. Let’s get a shot of the surfer coming in, they’re cool, nice light hidden in there. I’m gonna move quickly to get these kinds of shots.

I love how the orange board contrasts against the black rocks too. Trying to think of whether I should underexpose or overexpose this kind of shot. Trying a bit more before it moves, just upside-down flag, it’s an interesting choice, but I don’t want to say too much about this 85 yet, wait for my full review. But so far, photos look really sharp wide open and the focusing is actually seamless. It reminds me of the Canon 35 1.8, the 85 F2. It’s quick, it locks on, it doesn’t hunt around. So really happy with it so far. And obviously, it is a large lens, it’s pretty fat, it’s definitely bigger than the Yongnuo 85 1.8 that I tried recently. So yeah, that’s all I’ll say about it until the full review comes out.

Blue Hour Photography

This might be a good spot to get a thumbnail really quickly. We use this dune here maybe, but before we do that, why not get a couple of photos of these flowers in the dunes? It’s interesting, right? This lens is pretty good; there is like a pretty cool little section firing down here at Snapper Rocks. I don’t know if you can see that from this far away, but these guys are getting some decent little waves in here. So this might turn into a little blue hour session with the 85. There’s your quintessential seagull shot backlit, beautiful. Yeah, we got that separation from the background, not the most dashing subject but I guess can’t be choosers.

I’ll have a look at this shot here, this is awesome. Hopefully, maybe it doesn’t mind us snapping a few photos while enjoying the surf. Overall, the Viltrox RF 85mm 1.8 has been a pleasure to shoot with. Its sharpness wide open and seamless focusing have impressed me so far. I look forward to putting it through its paces further in my full review. This impromptu beach photography session turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience, capturing the beauty of nature and the local surf culture. Stay tuned for more photography adventures and gear reviews in the future!.


What is POV Beach Photography?

POV Beach Photography refers to taking photographs from the perspective of a person on the beach, capturing the scenery, activities, and atmosphere of the beach environment.

What is the Viltrox RF 85mm 1.8 lens?

The Viltrox RF 85mm 1.8 lens is a prime lens designed for use with Canon RF mount cameras. It offers a fast aperture of f/1.8, making it ideal for shooting portraits and achieving creamy bokeh effects.

How can the Viltrox RF 85mm 1.8 lens enhance POV Beach Photography?

The Viltrox RF 85mm 1.8 lens can enhance POV Beach Photography by providing a shallow depth of field, allowing the subject to stand out against a blurred background. Its fast aperture also makes it suitable for low-light conditions, capturing vibrant and sharp images on the beach.

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