Possible pricing leaked: A7cII for 2699 Euro and A7cR for 3599 Euro?

Are you excited to hear about the possible pricing for the highly anticipated Sony A7cII and A7cR cameras? Well, rumor has it that these mirrorless wonders could be hitting the market soon with a price tag of 2699 Euro for the A7cII and 3599 Euro for the A7cR. If these leaked prices turn out to be true, it could mean great news for photography enthusiasts looking to invest in cutting-edge technology. In this blog, we will delve into the potential features of these cameras and discuss whether they are truly worth the speculated prices. So, let’s dive in and explore the possibilities that await us in the world of Sony’s A7c series.

Possible pricing leaked: A7cII and A7cR

In a recent leak, the possible pricing for the highly anticipated Sony A7cII and A7cR cameras has been revealed. According to a trusted source, the A7cII body only will be priced at 2699 Euro, which is 100 Euro more than the A7IV. This pricing has raised some disappointment among fans, as the A7c series was initially marketed as an entry-level and affordable full-frame camera. It seems odd that the A7cII would be priced higher than the A7IV.

The source also mentioned that Sony might offer a discount of around 200 Euro on the A7cII during Black Friday to make it more affordable for customers before the Christmas season. However, even with the discount, the initial pricing of the A7cII still remains quite high. It is unclear if this pricing is for the body only or includes a kit lens.

On the other hand, the pricing for the A7cR seems more reasonable. It is rumored to sell for 3599 Euro, which is 600 Euro less than the A7R5. This pricing offers a significant savings compared to its predecessor, making it a more attractive option for photographers looking for a high-quality full-frame camera.

Take it with a grain of salt

It is important to note that these pricing details have not been officially confirmed by Sony. The leaked information came from a trusted source who claims to have received it from a store owner. There is still a chance that there might have been some miscommunication or errors in the pricing information.

Until there is direct confirmation or proof from Sony, it is advisable to take this leaked pricing with a grain of salt. It is also possible that the pricing could include a kit lens or other additional features, which could justify the higher pricing for the A7cII.

Exciting lenses and future camera models

While Sony tends to be conservative with camera updates and may not introduce game-changing features in their all-in-one cameras, they have been making significant strides in lens designs. Sony’s lenses are highly regarded for their optical superiority and innovative designs.

For those looking for exciting new camera models, Sony is rumored to release a new stacked sensor camera, possibly named the A93, in the coming months. This camera is expected to offer various improvements and features, but further details are yet to be confirmed.

Overall, Sony enthusiasts can expect more exciting announcements and releases from the company in the near future. As always, this channel is committed to bringing you the latest information, and further updates will be provided after the official announcement of the A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35mm GM2 lenses on August 29th.

Stay tuned for more information and soon for the first trial of mountain bike videos shot using Sony gear exclusively. We appreciate your support and feedback as we strive to bring you the best content.

Remember, August 29th is the date to mark on your calendar for the official announcement of the A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35mm GM2 lenses. Be sure to subscribe to this channel for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the possible prices for the A7cII and A7cR cameras?

Possible pricing for the A7cII is estimated to be 2699 Euro, while the A7cR is expected to be priced at 3599 Euro.

2. Are these prices confirmed by the official sources?

No, these prices have not been confirmed by the official sources. They are leaks and should be treated as rumors until official announcements are made.

3. When can we expect official pricing details?

Official pricing details are usually revealed during product launches or official announcements. It is advised to stay tuned to the official Sony channels for accurate pricing information.

4. What are the main features of the A7cII and A7cR cameras?

The A7cII and A7cR are anticipated to be the next iterations in the A7c series. While specific features are yet to be confirmed, they are expected to have notable enhancements in resolution, performance, and image quality.

5. Will the possible pricing affect the availability of these cameras?

As of now, no information is available regarding the impact of pricing on camera availability. Availability and stock details are usually provided by official retailers after product announcements.

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