Portrait PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE with Ted Forbes (Art of Photography)

Have you ever wanted to improve your portrait photography skills? Look no further! Join us for a portrait photography challenge with Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography. This challenge is designed to push your creative boundaries and help you capture stunning portraits that truly stand out. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, this challenge will provide you with valuable insights and techniques to enhance your portrait photography. Get ready to take your photography skills to the next level and create captivating portraits that will leave a lasting impression.

Portrait Photography Challenge with Ted Forbes (Art of Photography)

Portrait Photography Challenge with Ted Forbes

Whatever wants many Artie’s and I am here with Ted Forbes our photography and we’ll get the little photography challenged a little portrait photography challenge we have Olga here as our model lovely model make sure to check her out on Instagram hey got a little close-up we’re gonna be doing five locations in Five minutes okay this is a challenge it’s it’s quick super quick that’s all what he should wins I’m shooting with what I’ve got so this 2700 they got in Sony no I did not say that stone to hate well they’re all like license plates of Karen a 7r3 Got to them and I’m gonna use the lens I’ve got and this is a little bit older it’s decisons it’s a great lens the Sony Zeiss it’s from the collaborations the 35 millimeter 1.4 gotcha which is a little wide for portraits but that’s kind of the challenge it’s all good man We got a nice environment San Francisco it’s all good I got a 50 I got a 50 years why I want a little bit wider because one she’s a gorgeous lady and we are in kind of a nice-looking environment we are so I’m gonna go a little bit wider so we can incorporate We are into the end that words that we pick that’s right good that’s right boom you ready let’s do it let’s go so when you guys keep in mind that Ted and I are not actually competing in this video we know we just got together have a little Fun create a little use of content and create some awesome images together okay so you ready are you cold okay um see I’m gonna let these guys go by here real quick there yeah you’re good you’re good all right so one got it all right don’t you want to talk about it What what’s not it now I got my portrait that’s what I wanted look now I I don’t play though yeah first of all here’s the deal when you’re working with a good model look at this girl excellent go ahead and turn yeah there you go they haven’t done this in a while So your right my left okay we’re good perfect wait hold still go back go back excellent hold it head back a little further chin up a little bit there you go perfect boom Oh awesome okay next who’s got my bag you’re my bag going this way come on Come on okay right here boom we’re gonna make this work and these people give me that money Olga I’m gonna get you to come up on the stairs like this right about here we’re gonna make it really quick because I don’t know these folks and okay you were Backlit but we’re gonna figure it out okay so I’m gonna shoot her at f-14 I’m gonna go all the way open awesome just keep working it yep let’s see here’s the deal when you get a good model like Olga here who clearly knows that she’s doing Give me a hair flip there there we go excellent excellent other side or flip on the other side there you go right there head back a little bit perfect got it Location – how we doing I don’t I do not related I do not play well I said but here’s the deal are you only miked in my mic here’s here’s the deal behind the scenes so working with a good model who knows what she’s doing and the other Thing is like right now I’m talking to the camera but if I’m not I’m looking for my next location and I know I’m wide so I need to get her in court this is gonna be tough cuz there’s a lot of people up here I’m gonna get her Incorporated into something so we need a little bit of change so here we go no no this is good though okay let’s start let me get you to just lean up against that okay so we’re gonna this…

Location One: Stairs

this is great cuz the wood door the blue she’s wearing the green it looks awesome and This is a little bit easier let me get you to move manic thank you go ahead perfect I’m just gonna have her do her thing okay I’m not crazy about the low angle cuz it’s not real flattering but is it total okay no no that’s good that’s good Okay let’s keep going next next location we’re going brick right here okay yeah no it’s gonna be cold too so yeah that’s good this side because I don’t like the pipe okay there we go so this isn’t that further away back a little bit more right there let’s see three Minutes in this is the best one yet because there’s a lot going on let me get you to step forward about there yeah so what I’m gonna do is get just a little bit of separation and actually see if she’s got all the good poses so I’m not gonna well See here’s the deal she knows how she looks best so like in if this were like a magazine shoot okay we would play with it more or if it’s a wedding shoot but it’s like for me to sit here and say put your turn over here you know that’s I Don’t only have five minutes so come on all right next thing I want to do is deny okay down here because this is what we’re doing all right here’s what no I don’t play man come on you got it you got to you got to get to business and get it Going on like that girl like that girl okay I’m gonna have you sit okay right here and turn around you guys go back there I’m gonna go on death here so back back back back back back back back back there’s no background here except blurry stuff so and those dudes down there I’m At one four and this is a really shuttle and so and I don’t like it wide open okay yet just walk towards me that’s good awesome okay hold on right there stuff for your lovely perfect okay go back because your Luke was still very good cuz I’m going Full body on the silk okay and then stuff where you’re 1 4 is like seriously wide and it’s not great so I’m gonna go down to about 2h I’ll still get the depth field but what you’ll do is you’ll lose the vignette in which may or may Not be good plan I haven’t here for 50 what how many locations we done is that is this 5 thank you doing appreciate it this is awesome so I want you right here start off right here start off right here and I want you to walk toward make sure my mics is going On good I want you to I want you to walk toward me okay I’ll let you know right now let me make sure I am in continuous all right and I want you looking toward that that beige household there ready go ahead good stop right there stop it there back up a Little bit back up good make sure I want to see those arms moving okay and go ahead good good go back again go back again one second I got a fifty so I had to be pretty far back okay ready and go ahead stop right there stop it there back up a Little bit look at me good good yeah good

Location Two: Brick Wall

okay yeah it is Um um sit right there oh you have a dress on right I’ll show you from an angle yeah right there right there one two good play with the air with your right hand yeah look away look over me look over here on this side perfect do that again today again good perfect Exactly oh I’m in the good look right at me good good

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Portrait Photography Challenge?

    The Portrait Photography Challenge is a series of guided photography projects hosted by Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography. Ted provides creative prompts and tips to help photographers improve their portrait photography skills.

  2. How can I participate in the Portrait Photography Challenge?

    To participate in the Portrait Photography Challenge, simply watch Ted Forbes’ videos on The Art of Photography YouTube channel where he announces the challenges and provides instructions. Then, grab your camera and start shooting based on the given theme!

  3. Do I need special equipment to take part in the challenge?

    No, you don’t need any specialized equipment to join the Portrait Photography Challenge. Any camera, whether it’s a DSLR, mirrorless, or even a smartphone camera, will work just fine. The focus is more on creativity and composition than gear.

  4. Can I submit my challenge entries for feedback?

    While there is no official submission process for the Portrait Photography Challenge, you can share your work on social media using the hashtag provided by Ted Forbes. This way, you can connect with other participants and receive feedback from the community.

  5. Is the Portrait Photography Challenge suitable for beginners?

    Yes, the Portrait Photography Challenge is designed to accommodate photographers of all skill levels, including beginners. Ted Forbes’ guidance and prompts help beginners learn new techniques and improve their photography skills.

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