Photography isn’t always great…

Have you ever felt disappointed after looking at your vacation photos? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself underwhelmed by the snapshots of your kids blowing out their birthday candles. The truth is, photography isn’t always great. While it has the power to capture beautiful moments and preserve memories, there are times when it can fall short of our expectations. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why photography sometimes fails to capture the true essence of a moment and provide some practical solutions to help you improve your photography skills. So, if you’re ready to enhance your picture-taking abilities, read on!

Photography isn’t always great

Hello everybody then welcome to a video sponsored by lumix and to the Faroe Islands and yes I’m completely aware that I’m 100% spoiling the view. I’ve been here a couple of hours, got the plane literally two hours ago and since then I’ve gone to buy a pizza. Now I’ve Cooked the pizza, I’ve eaten the pizza, and bird my turn on the pizza, and then I’ve come down to quite a popular photography spot with Nigel who is somewhere and I’ve taken a nice photo or two of at this place which is very picturesque so yeah Nigel and I are here for a couple of days both of which look like a complete washout so so that’s why we’ve come out pretty much straight off the plane by our dinner to try and get some shots in the relative dry it’s going quite well so far other than the fact that Nigel said that might be Puffins here and I’ve I’ve not seen any custody reckons he’s seen a couple but I haven’t which either means he’s got better eyesight for me or he’s lying so I’ve not got very good eyesight so he’s probably telling the truth.

Photography Forums and Negative Experiences

Relatively successful first drone flight quite impressed with the new drone there was a seagull that wasn’t they tried to try to down it but failed so one mailed James also found Nigel he’s busy framing and still no rain still no rain extravaganza in Greenland poor me poor me well I’ve just been knackered since then and my my photography exposure your pardon the pun has has pretty much just been indoors looking at photography websites and photography forums as I’m sure you’ve experienced in the past – and I’ve mainly been looking on websites and forums in the hope of drumming up some ideas for videos going forward but as many of you will know if you spend too much time on forums it will make you go mad now there’s plenty of spirited debate on forums there’s plenty of fruitful conversations lots of positive comes from those conversations that happen on photography forums there’s also lots of pathetic my dad is bigger than your dad opinion thrown around lots of people who think that other people because they use bigger cameras because they’ve been shooting for longer because they used film back in the day lots of pathetic reasons to try and belittle other people and their opinions and I hate reading stuff like that on photography forums or anything to do with photography because as far as I’m concerned that’s not what photography’s about it’s about expressing yourself and it’s about your kind of journey and experience with in this case the outdoors and typically the people who are belittling and bullying others they are also the people who refuse to show other people their work in other words they don’t particularly matter their opinions don’t matter at all so anyway yeah I’ve had a month of just kind of looking at those places and becoming increasingly depressed about what photography is so actually it’s lovely to come to admittedly what is one of the best places in the world to take photos outdoors I think as far as I’ve seen from pictures on Flickr in the past and what I’m seeing with my own eyes now so yeah that’s what this video is about basically for me to get back outside and realize why I love photography again and not just sit listening to people talk about what their favorite film is and why that makes them a much more accomplished photographer than somebody else who’s just started and who’s asking a an innocent question so yeah feels good to be outside again Day two here in the Faroe Islands and guess what it’s it’s about lunchtime and it’s still not ranked I can’t quite believe in touch where it stays the same we have come to I don’t know what this place is called but it’s quite famous you may recognize it it’s a good job I’m here with Nigel because he knows guides and he’s been here four or five times before to do workshops and stuff and therefore he’s got us sorted with a pretty good itinerary I wouldn’t have a clue where we’re going but yeah pretty lucky on this trip yeah I mean I know a lot of people really enjoy a good sunrise and a good sunset but for me this is the best light there is a nice flat light in places like this phenomenal places like this with lots of green and lots of blue and this light I find just makes the other things kind of the star of the show and for that reason it’s my favorite time of day to shoot which is good as a photographer because if you go to places at sunrise and sunset certainly popular places like this a lot the time they’re crowded today where it’s like this not really anyone else here actually part the reason that there’s no one else here in this particular place that you need a guide to access this land in the Faroe Islands so I should introduce you to Tom essentially everybody this is our guide Thomas Thomas can you tell us a little bit about this place what’s it called Dragony stronger it’s one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been I’ve also learned to interest in folks about you actually seven languages and what what was your injury was it the first time you came here Nigel that’s correct I had an external meniscus tear and I Had to walk pretty much ten kilometres with a bad knee it was all my fault wasn’t it I didn’t want to get into local news I didn’t want to get any life like an emergency call well helicopter getting to pick me up so we just did I Mean there’s there’s a hard hike and there’s a tear in unique yeah that’s quite impressive dedicated guide yeah amazing guy Thanks so yes if you if you plan to coming here Thomas is like to his Instagram is in the description nice to meet you guys well second drone flight great success again and Spoiling the view again aren’t I fine no just just go wet we’re gonna try and land on that pilot what could possibly go wrong what we’ve made it and we’re on what I believe is called Nick on island and I don’t know if you can see the massive I Don’t even know what you’d call that cliff basically behind me but needs to try and get some sort of photo of that it’s what you saw in some of the other photos but now from the other side because we’re on that island which I don’t think many people get to do pretty Lucky early pretty damn lucky well I can tell you now I’ve never seen anything like that I’ve got no idea if this video will do anything like justice for scale probably not but that is by some distance the biggest cliff face I’ve ever seen certainly rising from the sea I mean a Cup of town in the 70s pretty big look that she’s fries that are nowhere quick quick sighted I I get a lot of comments let’s say something to the effect of you’re kind of cheating with your photography because you’re going to the best places in the world for photography and it’s True I travel a lot I’ve been around the world and I’m very very lucky tub this is my job but this place is the ultimate cheat I think you literally just point your camera and shoot I don’t deserve any credit for these photos I think not still just because there’s no feeling of Achievement doesn’t really take away from the joy of being here and being in the outdoors is this so much better than forums I’m contemplating asking Nigel to go and stand on one of those those first cliffs…

Photography isn’t always great – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Photography isn’t always great…

1. Why is photography not always great?

Photography, like any other art form, reflects the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of the photographer. Sometimes, these might not always be positive or great.

2. Are there any challenges in photography?

Yes, photography has its fair share of challenges. Finding the perfect lighting, capturing a unique perspective, and dealing with technical issues are common challenges photographers face.

3. Can photography evoke negative emotions?

Absolutely. Photography has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions, including negative ones. Images depicting tragedies, conflicts, or personal struggles can evoke sadness, anger, or despair.

4. How can photography be used to address social issues?

Photography has long been a powerful tool for raising awareness about social issues. Through thought-provoking images, photographers can shed light on important topics, spark conversations, and drive positive change.

5. Can photography be therapeutic?

Yes, photography can be therapeutic for both the photographer and the viewer. It allows individuals to express themselves creatively, explore their emotions, and find solace in capturing moments of beauty or self-reflection.

6. Is photography always meant to be perfect?

No, photography is not always about perfection. In fact, imperfections can add character and evoke emotions in a photo. Sometimes, the raw and imperfect nature of a photograph can tell a more authentic story.

7. Are there any ethical considerations in photography?

Yes, ethical considerations play an important role in photography. Respecting the privacy of individuals, obtaining consent when necessary, and ensuring cultural sensitivity are some of the ethical principles photographers should follow.

8. How can I explore the diverse genres of photography?

To explore different genres of photography, you can join photography communities, attend exhibitions, take workshops, and experiment with various styles and techniques. It’s important to embrace diversity and find inspiration in different genres.

9. Does photography require expensive equipment?

No, photography doesn’t necessarily require expensive equipment. While high-end cameras and lenses can offer superior quality, creativity and skill are more vital. Many great photographs have been captured using basic equipment or even smartphones.

10. Where can I learn more about photography?

You can learn more about photography through online tutorials, photography courses, books, and by actively practicing and experimenting. Joining photography forums and engaging with experienced photographers can also help you improve your skills.

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