PHOTOGRAPHER tries to do the MODEL’s makeup for a Photoshoot!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a photographer tried to do a model’s makeup for a photoshoot? While it may seem like an unusual scenario, it’s not unheard of for photographers to be involved in the pre-shoot process, and sometimes that includes dabbling in the makeup department. In this blog, we’ll explore what happens when a photographer takes on the challenge of doing their model’s makeup for a photoshoot. From the initial nerves and uncertainty to the surprising results, you’ll get an inside look at this unique experience and how it can impact the final images. Get ready for an entertaining and eye-opening journey into the world of photography and makeup artistry!

Photographer Does Model’s Makeup for Photoshoot


By Manny and Diana


Today, Manny and Diana have a special surprise as Manny takes on the role of both photographer and makeup artist for a photoshoot. With his experience in Photoshop, he’s confident that he can create stunning makeup looks in real life.

Learning Makeup Techniques

Manny watched a few makeup tutorials online to prepare for this new challenge. He wants to ensure that he doesn’t make the model look like a clown and is determined to impress with his skills.

The Makeup Process

Manny starts by applying foundation and concealer, but a few mishaps occur as he navigates through the process. The model playfully asks Manny how long he’s been a makeup artist, to which he responds with humor, “About 3 minutes.”

Experimenting with Eyeshadow

As Manny delves into the eyeshadow application, he realizes that he may have gone too dark. He quickly adjusts the makeup to create a brighter, more vibrant look, similar to his Photoshop edits.

Applying the Finishing Touches

As Manny continues to work on the model’s makeup, he faces some challenges with the winged eyeliner. The process proves to be more difficult than he anticipated, but he eventually completes the look with a sense of accomplishment.


Despite a few hiccups along the way, Manny successfully completes the model’s makeup for the photoshoot. He reflects on the experience and finds it both entertaining and humorous, and he’s eager to improve his skills for future endeavors.

The Aftermath

After the photoshoot, Manny jokes about needing to redo his own makeup and expresses his admiration for professional makeup artists. He’s proud of his efforts but acknowledges the complexity of the artistry involved.

FAQ – Photographer does the Model’s Makeup

Q: Why would a photographer do the model’s makeup for a photoshoot?

A: There are several reasons why a photographer might choose to do the model’s makeup for a photoshoot. It could be a budget constraint, the photographer’s artistic vision, or simply a desire for more control over the final look.

Q: Is it common for photographers to do the model’s makeup?

A: It’s not very common, but some photographers who have a background in makeup artistry or a strong understanding of makeup techniques may choose to do the model’s makeup themselves.

Q: What are the challenges of a photographer doing the model’s makeup?

A: The main challenge is ensuring that the makeup complements the photographer’s vision for the photoshoot and doesn’t distract from the overall concept. Additionally, the photographer must have a strong understanding of different skin tones and types to achieve a professional look.

Q: Can a photographer do the model’s makeup if they are not a professional makeup artist?

A: It’s possible for a photographer to do the model’s makeup, but it’s essential for them to have a good understanding of makeup techniques and products. They should also be open to input from the model and be prepared to make adjustments as needed.

Q: What are some tips for photographers doing the model’s makeup?

A: Research and practice different makeup looks beforehand, communicate with the model about their preferences, and be open to feedback and collaboration. It’s also important to have a well-stocked makeup kit with a variety of products to suit different skin tones and types.

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