PhotoBattle vs 7th Era! (with one catch)

Are you tired of just scrolling through social media feeds, dreaming of having your own epic photoshoot battles with friends? Look no further than PhotoBattle and 7th Era – two exciting apps that allow users to challenge each other to photo duels and showcase their photography skills. While both apps offer unique features and a competitive atmosphere, there is one catch – you can only choose to use one! In this blog post, we will delve into the differences between PhotoBattle and 7th Era, helping you decide which platform is best suited for your creativity and competitive spirit. Let the battle begin!

PhotoBattle vs 7th Era!

PhotoBattle vs 7th Era!

Today I’m with Liam, also known as 7th Era from YouTube, and we are embarking on a photography challenge using a one gigabyte SD card and the Sony A7R4 with a Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens.

The Challenge

We have a limited space on the SD card and cannot delete any photos during the shoot. The goal is to capture as many quality shots as possible before the card fills up or the time limit is reached.

The Shoot

With only 15 minutes on the clock, we set off to capture our best shots. Liam starts off the challenge, navigating the camera settings and quickly getting into the groove of the shoot. Despite the time pressure, both of us focus on getting creative and unique shots.

The Results

After the shoot, we each review our images without seeing each other’s work. The reactions are genuine and filled with excitement as we share our favorite shots. It’s interesting to see the different perspectives and styles captured in such a short amount of time.


Following the shoot, we both edit our photos to bring out the best in each shot. The editing process enhances the quality of the images and allows us to showcase our individual editing styles.

Photo Reveal

Finally, we reveal our edited photos to each other and share our thoughts on the compositions, lighting, and overall aesthetics of the shots. The exchange of feedback and appreciation for each other’s work solidifies the bond between fellow photographers.


Despite the time constraints and limited space, the PhotoBattle with 7th Era was a success. The challenge pushed us to think outside the box and capture moments in a unique way. It’s a reminder that creativity knows no bounds and can thrive even in the most challenging conditions.


What is PhotoBattle vs 7th Era?

PhotoBattle vs 7th Era is a comparison between two popular photography communities: PhotoBattle and 7th Era.

Which platform is better for showcasing my photography skills?

It ultimately depends on your personal preferences and goals. PhotoBattle is known for its competitive photo challenges and voting system, while 7th Era focuses on fostering a supportive community for photographers to share their work.

Can I participate in both PhotoBattle and 7th Era?

Yes, you are welcome to join and contribute to both platforms. Each offers unique benefits and opportunities for networking with other photographers.

How can I decide between PhotoBattle and 7th Era?

We recommend exploring both platforms, participating in their challenges, and engaging with their communities to see which one aligns best with your interests and photography goals.

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