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Are you looking to take your photo editing skills to the next level without spending hours in front of a computer screen? Look no further than Luminar AI! This powerful editing software is revolutionizing the way photographers approach editing and manipulation. With its intuitive interface and advanced AI technology, Luminar AI makes it easy to transform your photos with stunning effects and enhancements. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enhance your snapshots or a seasoned pro wanting to unleash your creativity, Luminar AI has everything you need to take your images to new heights. Join us on this blog as we explore the endless possibilities of photo editing and manipulation made easy with Luminar AI!

h2>Welcome to Luminar AI [Applause] what’s up everybody, Peter McKinnon here welcome back to another video sponsored by Skylum Luminar. Hang on a second, here’s a fun fact – I’ve never used the software ever in my entire life. Well Peter, why would you do a sponsored video for a software you’ve never used? I thought it would be interesting, a fun experiment for you and I to go through this together, experience the magic that is editing in AI and this would be how it is if you were doing it right now yourself for the very first time. So Luminar is opened, I hit the plus sign and loaded in a few shots that I wanted to test out. I want to see the sky replacement because that’s what everyone’s talking about. Let’s start with this picture of Maddie here walking down the road. We’ll go over to templates. There’s an option here that says ‘For this photo’ and it has Blockbuster, Big Screen, Urban style. It looks like it’s using artificial intelligence to figure out maybe some suggestions for what I want this photo to look like. By clicking on one of these features up top, it’s going to change my quick options below, so let’s just hit Blockbuster. Now we’ve got a couple different options below. Let’s check these out – Beyond the Wow Teal and Orange, Clay. I mean that looks good, it looks better than the edit I had. Big Screen and a soft atmospheric photos that could be still frames from a feature film. I like that. Travel – oh hello, he’s so handsome, look at this guy, it’s absurd, that looks great. Moving on over to the edit tab now, it looks like we can ‘wow’. Every single one of these options here – Composition, Erase, Light enhance, Structure, Color – they all have their own little drop down, so if we click on composition, we can change the ratio to 4×5, make that little Instagram center right there, okay, happy with that, let’s Erase. What if I want to zoom in and erase Maddie’s head and his hood? Let’s erase Maddie’s head, that’s super easy, like it’s very straightforward, like paint over an option, hit erase, yeah, yeah, I mean that’s clean, like I just [Laughter] Maddie’s hat’s gone. Okay, so I will say right off the bat, one thing that this software is making very easy is just the entire experience. If you’ve never worked in Photoshop before, if you’ve never worked in any kind of editor before, you don’t need any previous knowledge to do this, it’s very straightforward. Like look, I just erased Maddie’s head, I don’t know why I just did, because I could. So let’s just keep editing without his head, sorry bud.

Exploring Editing Features

What is Smart Contrast doing? Smart Contrast seems to be changing not just the contrast of the photo but affecting how blown out the sky is, the detail in the trees. So it looks like there’s a lot more going on behind just a contrast slider here. Enhance sky enhancer, that’s a fun one. Okay, so depending on what sky you’ve got in there, sky enhancer is going to make it more saturated, less saturated, more colorful, probably putting some clarity in there, changing the curves, that kind of stuff. Accent is like a new clarity slider that affects everything, I’m sure structure’s a little bit of that too. Geez, imagine you just slid these to the max! Hey, I just started photography, I still do that sometimes. Remove color cast, that’s cool. So I’m guessing like the blue on the road right here if we’re gonna zoom that out we can see the blue on the road is gone. Details – small details. Does it actually know small details to sharpen versus large details? That eliminates having to make masks around everything where you mask something, invert it, sharpen that area, go back, paint over it, change the brush, change the color – do that. Small, medium, and large details, choose the slider you want for the thing that you want to sharpen, done, bam. Let’s get a picture of the desert, hang on, here we go, let’s throw mountains into this one, we’re back – mountains one, mountains four. Oh love that one, let’s make that a nice warm mountain, let’s relight, how much of it do you want to show? Just a little, just a little bit. Put a planet in the background, whoa, I mean that looks cool, I don’t think I would ever use that, but it looks cool. These look like just pre-keyed, pre-masked assets that are just all ready to go, ready to drop in. An eagle, I’d love to make the eagles just a little bit smaller. I should send this picture to Holliday, it’s just very like America, America. What’s Balloon one look like, that’s oh holy – place object, okay so you can scale that up, just really curious to see how it handles a sky like this with a bunch of gradient fog rolling over the mountains. Let’s go dramatic sky one, so it has a little bit of a harder time with the fog rolling in, but it still works. You can go grab that mask brush and you can get in there and mask after that, and you’d be good to go. Let’s go ahead and add more fog to this shot, it feels like it was when we were there. Oh that’s cool, that works really well, that’s cool, love the haze, love the fog. Sun rays, look at those rays, that’s cool. Does it go behind objects? Let’s find a better object for it to go behind. This photo needs a ton of work, let’s find some rays for this photo. Can you get it to be behind it? What rays in front of the photo, move rays behind mountain, rays no longer in front of mountain. That’s pretty cool. Sky selection, let’s see if it works here. Sunset clouds, okay, I want sun rays right there. Don’t need it to be crazy. Ray settings, number of sun rays – 50, you can change the number of sun rays. What the actual heck? Let’s bring those down a little bit, randomize it a little bit. Yeah, warm sun rays, nice and warm. Oh let’s go, that’s incredible, I love that you can like relight the scene to match the sky, like that looks like Maddie was driving towards the most epic sunset ever. Turn it off, can we stick mountains back there? There are literally so many options of ways you can edit these photos.

Portrait Editing with AI

Okay, let’s open a portrait real fast. AI does its thing, influencer, amazing lifestyle looks, big screen film frames, experimental, offbeat, unique looks, burned film. Oh, that’s nice, celebrate. All these presets are pretty cool, like if you didn’t know anything about editing and you just wanted a quick look, that’s what this is gonna do for you. It’s gonna give you that quick stylization. You can tell it how much to stylize that photo with the slider at the bottom, export, you’re done, you don’t even have to go into the editing features if you don’t want. Let’s go ahead and reset adjustments, go into edit, click on the little happy face man, portrait face AI. Let’s zoom into this face here, face light okay, no mask required, that’s insane. Slim face, what a hundred percent slim face. Okay, I don’t want to slim my face, I like my face. Eyes, look at all these settings for eyes. Original blue, it did not just change the eye color perfectly. Iris visibility, that is nuts. Brown, oh green, that’s what I have, gray, it’s like my little girl, yo this is ridiculous. Iris flare, oh you can light the bottom of the iris. Enlarge eyes, I should. So that’s a glimpse into Luminar AI, the possibilities are endless, the ease of use is remarkable, and the results are mind-blowing. Give it a try and discover the world of photo editing made easy with AI!


What is Luminar AI?

Luminar AI is a photo editing software that uses artificial intelligence technology to streamline the editing process and make it easier for users to manipulate their photos.

How does Luminar AI make photo editing easier?

Luminar AI simplifies the photo editing process by offering intelligent tools and presets that automate tasks like color correction, sky replacement, and portrait retouching. This allows users to achieve professional-looking results with minimal effort.

Can beginners use Luminar AI?

Yes! Luminar AI is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it suitable for beginners who are new to photo editing. The software offers guided edits and tutorials to help users learn how to utilize its features effectively.

What kind of photo manipulation can I do with Luminar AI?

Luminar AI provides a wide range of editing tools that allow users to manipulate their photos in various ways, including enhancing colors, adding creative effects, removing unwanted objects, and more. The software also offers advanced AI features like body and face reshaping for portrait editing.

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