PHLEARN Live with Aaron Nace | Part 2

Are you looking to take your photography and editing skills to the next level? Look no further than PHLEARN Live with Aaron Nace! In part two of this exciting online event, renowned photographer and Photoshop expert Aaron Nace will be sharing even more valuable tips and tricks to help you improve your craft. Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced photographer seeking to refine your skills, PHLEARN Live is the perfect opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry. Get ready to take your photography to new heights and create stunning, professional-quality images with Aaron Nace’s expert guidance.

PHLEARN Live with Aaron Nace | Part 2

Hey there, welcome to Phlearn Live! I’m Aaron NACE, the founder of Phlearn, and I’m so excited to be hanging out with you here on our live broadcast. Before we get into the broadcast, let’s talk about what we’re going to be doing today and get you excited about some giveaways. Throughout today’s broadcast, we are going to be giving away Phlearn Pro subscriptions for an entire year, which includes every single tutorial we’ve ever recorded. We’ll also be giving away multiple copies, so be sure to watch the whole broadcast for your chance to win. At the end of the broadcast, we will be giving away a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet as well. The winner will also receive some fantastic Phlearn swag and a year of Phlearn Pro subscription. If you didn’t submit any images, you’re just here along for the ride – welcome!

Meet the Team

We have a fantastic team behind the scenes – Mike Redmond is on chat, Angela is running the broadcast, and a whole team of people are offering support. We’re super excited to get started editing your images!

Editing Images

This is the second broadcast today, and the first broadcast can be watched again in a week. We plan to provide different content for each broadcast. Let’s move on to editing your images. In the first live broadcast, we showed you how to create a completely black background, brighten up your subject, and do color correction & frequency separation on other images. Now, we’ll be working on a DNG raw file and see what we can do to recover highlights and shadows, remove distractions, and enhance the overall image.

Advanced Editing in Photoshop

To accomplish this, let’s head into Lightroom to adjust the highlight and shadow levels and color temperature. Then, we’ll move into Photoshop for more advanced editing. Starting by opening the image as a smart object in Photoshop, we’ll make adjustments to pull more information from the highlights and shadows. We’ll also remove distractions, do some color toning, and get more information from the shadows. Keep watching as we dive into advanced editing techniques!

PHLEARN Live with Aaron Nace | Part 2 FAQ

What is PHLEARN Live with Aaron Nace | Part 2?

PHLEARN Live with Aaron Nace is a series of live workshops and tutorials focusing on photography and image editing. Part 2 continues the journey from Part 1 and delves deeper into advanced techniques and concepts.

How can I join the PHLEARN Live with Aaron Nace | Part 2 workshops?

To join the live workshops, you can visit the PHLEARN website and register for the upcoming sessions. Once registered, you will receive access to the live streams and be able to participate in the interactive sessions with Aaron Nace.

What topics are covered in PHLEARN Live with Aaron Nace | Part 2?

Part 2 of the series covers topics such as advanced retouching, compositing, color grading, and special effects. Aaron Nace will also share his workflow and tips for creating stunning images.

Are the workshops suitable for beginners?

While Part 2 of PHLEARN Live builds upon the concepts covered in Part 1, beginners can still benefit from the workshops by learning advanced techniques and getting valuable insights from Aaron Nace’s expertise.

Can I access the workshop recordings after the live sessions?

Yes, all workshop recordings will be made available for participants to access and review at their convenience. This ensures that you can revisit the content and practice the techniques covered during the live sessions.

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