PHLEARN Interviews Natalia Seth! (@escapingyouth)

Are you looking for inspiration and tips on how to create stunning and imaginative photography? Look no further! We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the incredibly talented Natalia Seth, also known as @escapingyouth on Instagram. Natalia is known for her surreal and dreamy photography, and she shared with us her passion for creating magical images and her journey as a self-taught photographer. In this blog, we’ll dive into Natalia’s creative process, her favorite editing techniques, and her advice for aspiring photographers. Get ready to be inspired as Natalia offers a glimpse into her world of whimsical photography!

PHLEARN Interviews Natalia Seth! (@escapingyouth)

Hello and welcome to phlearn my name is Aaron NACE and I’m so excited to be bringing you this exclusive interview with Natalia south also known as escaping youth on Instagram. This interview is this short section of an exclusive tutorial only available on In the tutorial, Natalia not only talks about her process as a photographer but she also teaches you photoshop actually taking you through step by step and recreating some of her fantastic images. I’m so honored to be bringing you this exclusive interview with photographer Natalia Seth.

Getting to Know Natalia Seth

Hello and welcome back! We’ve got Natalia Seth, also Known as escaping youth in our studio today and we’re gonna talk about some of the ideas that go into making Natalya’s photos. We’re gonna talk about becoming kind of an Instagram I’m gonna use the word star here, any favorite editing like workflow or apps, and also challenges that are associated with becoming a public persona posting on Instagram.

Style and Artistry

So how old were you when you started photography?

Natalia: I was about 13 years old, 13 years old and now you’re 18 so it’s been five years.

So starting off, can you tell us a little bit about your style as an artist?

Natalia: Yes, so my style I would describe it as Realistic. I do a lot of compositing of different magical elements into my photos. It’s the type of thing that you don’t usually see every day. I like to make weird things and make weird art so people when they see it they’re like oh wait that’s a little bit interesting. I say like seen realistic, yeah seeing you and meeting you in person I get a greater sense that your style seems to just be an expression of yourself. Yes, I like to spread positive vibes and so I like to just positive vibes into the air you know and I love to reflect that or give that message out to people through my photos. Yeah like using color is so powerful and so enjoy showing a lot of emotion like really happy or like really frustrated or like just like showing emotion through color and like exaggerated facial expressions.

What Makes a Great Image?

So what makes a great image in your opinion?

Natalia: I think what makes a great image is originality. A lot of my favorite photos are really weird, a really stranger original, and there’s a type of photos that I remember you know. If it sticks with the viewer then you’ve done your job and that’s not an easy thing to do. Originality is hard, yeah, that’s really hard. Yeah so how do you do it like where does it come from like what’s the the secret?

Inspiration and Originality

Natalia: Well, I have a lot of ways that I can garner inspiration a lot of my ideas come from color as you can see like my clothes and I get a lot of inspiration from Locations from props that I see I just go into different stores sometimes and just by random things like the other day I bought a giant clown toothbrush not that I ever use it already and giant scissors. Did you have an idea for a photo when you bought the giant Toothbrush? No no no no no I was like that’s really interesting I know I can use that somehow and so when I scout out locations then I think of the props and I’m like what can I use here and also what type of model will fit the location?

Building a Following on Instagram

Let’s switch gears here a little bit we’ve talked about some of like the creative process and some really good nuggets in there solid gold now on the other side of it you also have like the the social side like you you post your work on Instagram and you’ve built quite a following do you have any tips for people on building a following let’s say on Instagram?

Natalia: I think a lot of it comes from the work that you produce and how genuine you are about it. A lot of my audience can feel if I am super happy About an image or if I’m super like pumped about this image because they can tell I put up my whole heart in it if you’re just creating for trends if you’re just creating so that your audience will like it or you think that your audience will like it they’re going to notice that because It’s not genuine to who you are and you’re gonna build this personality that is fake you’re gonna build this facade that is not you and then eventually like you can’t keep that up for a long time you can’t. So you want to start off with who you are and just see what type of style of photography do I like like what type of things I want to photograph and your followers will be fine with you experimenting and I say sometimes you can might capture like I’m trying this new technique out and we’re just gonna See how it goes and people are really supportive it like yeah I love doing that thing or like yeah like I also am an experiment in the face so I think my followers and I are very connected because I’m very truthful to them and Where I am as a person as well so be weird and weird the secret it’s a secret for me. Instagram has always just been like kind of just something I post my work on but for you it seems like it’s more than that it seems like there’s a Community there and it seems like you’re kind of like building a relationship with these people over time. Yep, it’s kind of a trust relationship and I also built a relationship with the people in my community.

PHLEARN Interviews Natalia Seth! (@escapingyouth)

What is PHLEARN?

PHLEARN is a website that offers tutorials and classes on photography and photo editing.

Who is Natalia Seth?

Natalia Seth, also known as @escapingyouth on social media, is a creative photographer and digital artist known for her surreal and whimsical images.

What can we expect from the interview?

In the interview, Natalia Seth will share her insights on her creative process, inspiration, and tips for aspiring photographers and digital artists.

How can I watch the interview?

You can watch the interview on the PHLEARN website or their social media channels.

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