Panasonic: No 8K after years of promises?

Are you eagerly waiting for Panasonic’s highly anticipated 8K television technology? If so, you are not alone. For years, Panasonic has been teasing customers with promises of 8K resolution, but so far, they haven’t delivered on their claims. However, fret not, as this blog aims to shed light on Panasonic’s current situation and provide potential explanations for the delay. While Panasonic fans might feel disappointed, there could be several reasons behind the company’s inability to bring 8K TVs to the market. Join us as we delve into this topic and explore what could be holding Panasonic back from delivering on their long-awaited 8K promise.

Panasonic: No 8K after years of promises?


According to the latest news, the Panasonic S1H Mark II isn’t going to have 8K video. But is this a direct quote from Panasonic? Stick around for all the details.

Question and Answer Session

In China on August 10th, 2023, at the photo and imaging 2023 event, Panasonic hosted a question and answer session. One of the executives on the panel was Kantero Tamaki, Panasonic’s Imaging Division’s Global Marketing Director. When asked about the popularity of 8K video and cameras such as the Canon EOS R5, Nikon Z9 and Z8, Fujifilm XH2, and Sony A7R5, Panasonic said that it could not disclose when it would provide 8K video. They mentioned that in the current consumption field, such as televisions, 8K hasn’t reached the stage of popularization and that 6K and 6K oversample 4K video specifications supporting multiple social media platforms are more important.

Panasonic’s History with 8K

To understand Panasonic’s current stance on 8K, let’s look back. In 2018, Panasonic announced the development of an 8K sensor and stated that a camera would be released in October 2019. However, in September 2019, Panasonic delayed the release, mentioning that they were not ready. They later stated that the camera would be ready for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. As we approach September 2023, there have been no further announcements regarding the S1H Mark II or any other 8K cameras from Panasonic.

The Need for 8K

From a consumer perspective, the demand for 8K televisions is still relatively low. The average homeowner does not require such high-resolution displays. However, for filmmakers and videographers, 8K offers increased detail and flexibility in post-production. Having the ability to shoot in 8K or utilize oversampled 4K videos allows for cropping and maintaining sharpness even when viewed on larger screens. While some may argue that 8K is overkill, it provides photographers and videographers with more creative possibilities.

Panasonic’s Priorities

Panasonic has stated that, in terms of development, 8K video is not a high priority. They emphasize the importance of 6K and 6K oversampled 4K videos, as well as support for multiple social media platforms. However, it is crucial to note that these statements may lack clarity and coherence. In the past, when asked about autofocus improvements, Panasonic prioritized other features but eventually incorporated face detect autofocus in their later camera models.

The Future of 8K in Panasonic Cameras

While it is uncertain whether Panasonic will include 8K video in their upcoming camera refreshes, there is still hope for the S1H Mark II. It is possible that 8K video may not be a priority for other cameras, but enthusiasts and professionals are eagerly awaiting an update for the S1H and S1 cameras. Only time will tell if Panasonic will meet the demand for 8K video or prioritize other features in their future releases.


Panasonic’s stance on 8K video remains uncertain. While they claim that the current demand for 8K is limited and prioritize other features, filmmakers and videographers continue to seek higher-resolution capabilities. Whether Panasonic will deliver 8K in their cameras or prioritize alternative specifications remains to be seen.

FAQ on Panasonic: No 8K after years of promises?

Q1: Has Panasonic failed to deliver 8K technology despite making promises?

A1: Yes, Panasonic has not introduced 8K technology despite years of promises.

Q2: Why has Panasonic not followed through on their 8K technology commitment?

A2: Panasonic may have faced challenges or changes in their product roadmap, leading to the delay or cancellation of their 8K plans.

Q3: Are there any alternative brands offering 8K technology?

A3: Yes, several other manufacturers (like Samsung, Sony, and LG) have successfully launched 8K products in the market.

Q4: Does Panasonic offer any other cutting-edge technologies?

A4: While Panasonic may not have 8K technology, they do offer various other advanced features and innovations in their products, such as Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and superior image processing.

Q5: Is Panasonic planning to introduce 8K technology in the future?

A5: The company’s future plans regarding 8K technology are unknown at this time.

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