Panasonic Lumix G9 II Initial Review: Is it REALLY for Photographers?

Are you a professional photographer in search of a versatile and reliable camera that can exceed your expectations? Look no further than the Panasonic Lumix G9 II. With its latest model, Panasonic seems to have addressed many of the concerns raised by photographers regarding its predecessor, the G9. In this initial review, we will delve into the features and advancements brought by the Panasonic Lumix G9 II and determine if it truly caters to the needs of photographers. From its exceptional image quality to its improved autofocus capabilities, this camera promises to be a game-changer for professionals in the field. Join us as we explore the G9 II’s potential and discover why it may be a game-changer in the world of photography.

Panasonic Lumix G9 II Initial Review: Is it REALLY for Photographers?


Welcome back to Petapixel! In this article, we will be providing an initial review of the Panasonic Lumix G9 II and discussing whether it is truly designed for photographers. This camera has generated a lot of excitement, and we are here to give you all the relevant information.

Unveiling the Panasonic G9 II

The Panasonic G9 II is specifically tailored for photographers. We have here the final hardware version, although the firmware is not yet final. Therefore, we cannot provide a complete and definitive review at this moment. However, we will still be conducting various tests and sharing valuable insights. Rest assured, we will revisit this camera in the future and compare it to other contemporary models, such as the OM system om1.

Image Quality and Sensor

The Panasonic G9 II is equipped with a 25-megapixel micro four-thirds non-stack sensor. While it is not exactly the same as the Panasonic gh6, it displays similarities. The gh6 was known for its exceptional video capabilities but struggled with dynamic range in photography below 800 ISO. We will dive deeper into image quality, including the dynamic range, later in this review.

Jordan’s Perspective

It is worth noting that Jordan is also using the Panasonic G9 II today. In fact, he previously used the camera for our Sigma 100-400 video review, but he humorously called it an “s52x.” No worries, he will be shooting handheld with image stabilization turned on this time, showcasing the camera’s stability.

Testing at Bar U Ranch

We had an amazing time at Bar U Ranch, capturing beautiful photos next to the crystal-clear waters of Picisco. We even had the opportunity to reminisce about our pre-pandemic memories. The ranch offered excellent photography opportunities, allowing us to thoroughly test the Panasonic G9 II.

Body Design and Handling

The Panasonic G9 II shares a similar body design to the Panasonic S5 II, with a few minor changes. Notably, it features an additional custom button near the lens mount. However, one interesting omission is the absence of a fan. The photographer community expressed their preference for a fanless camera, and Panasonic listened. Thus, the camera no longer includes a fan, ensuring optimal photography without compromises.

Improved Handling Controls

The camera’s controls are intuitive and functional, with convenient white balance, ISO, and exposure compensation options. While there is no locking button on the mode dial, it remains suitable for photography. However, for video shooting, Jordan found it slightly problematic, as he unintentionally changed the shutter angle due to the easily adjustable dials.

SD Card Slots and Battery Life

The Panasonic G9 II retains its predecessor’s dual UHS 2 speed SD card slots, allowing for efficient storage and data transfer. It is important to note that this camera does not feature the CF Express Port utilized in the GH6 for high-end video recording. Whether this will impact video quality on the G9 II will be discussed by Jordan in his upcoming review. Additionally, the camera weighs approximately 680 grams, making it relatively lightweight. Furthermore, the battery life is reasonable, with around 390 separated shots per charge, although real-life usage often exceeds that number.

Viewfinder and Display

The Panasonic G9 II boasts a 3.69 million-dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) with excellent magnification. While we cannot directly compare it to the original G9, it offers a satisfactory viewing experience. The fully articulating screen, similar to the Panasonic S5 II and G9, proves useful for various photography styles. However, photographers may prefer the additional tilt functionality found in the Panasonic GH6, despite it being marketed more towards video enthusiasts.

Testing the Image Stabilization

Let’s take a stroll through the charming town nearby to put the image stabilization to the test. The G9 II’s improved image stabilization system promises up to eight stops of stabilization, which aligns it with the top-of-the-line OM system cameras. Our experience so far indicates significantly enhanced stability, resulting in sharper images.

Exploring Diamond Valley

We are currently exploring Diamond Valley, a unique amalgamation of Turner Valley and Black Diamond. Fun fact: these towns merged due to their oil-rich history. As we navigate this picturesque location, we have ample opportunities to evaluate the Panasonic G9 II’s performance and capture stunning photographs.


In conclusion, the Panasonic Lumix G9 II showcases several improvements tailored specifically for photographers. With its robust body, enhanced image stabilization, and reliable performance, it is a camera worth considering. While we await the final firmware to provide a more conclusive review, the G9 II undoubtedly holds promise for photographers seeking exceptional image quality and functionality.

Please stay tuned for our future reviews where we will delve deeper into its capabilities and compare it to other leading cameras in its class.

Panasonic Lumix G9 II Initial Review: Is it REALLY for Photographers? – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Panasonic Lumix G9 II

1. What is the Panasonic Lumix G9 II?

The Panasonic Lumix G9 II is a mirrorless camera designed for photographers who seek high-quality and professional results. It is the successor to the popular Lumix G9, offering advanced features and improvements.

2. What sets the Lumix G9 II apart from its predecessor?

The Lumix G9 II incorporates upgraded sensor technology, improved image stabilization, better autofocus capabilities, and enhanced video recording options compared to its predecessor. These improvements make it an appealing choice for professional photographers.

3. What kind of photographers can benefit from using the Lumix G9 II?

The Lumix G9 II is suitable for a wide range of photographers. Whether you are a professional seeking a reliable camera for your work or an enthusiast looking to explore advanced photography, the Lumix G9 II can meet your needs.

4. What are the key features of the Lumix G9 II for photographers?

Some notable features of the Lumix G9 II include:

  • 20.3-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor for excellent image quality
  • Advanced image stabilization system for sharp and steady shots
  • High-speed autofocus with improved tracking capabilities
  • 4K video recording at various frame rates
  • Weather-sealed body for outdoor photography in challenging conditions

5. Can the Lumix G9 II be used for videography?

Yes, the Lumix G9 II offers robust video recording capabilities. With its 4K video recording feature, various frame rate options, and advanced autofocus, it is a versatile tool for both photographers and videographers.

6. Is the Lumix G9 II compatible with interchangeable lenses?

Yes, the Lumix G9 II supports the Micro Four Thirds lens mount system, allowing photographers to use a wide range of interchangeable lenses to suit different shooting scenarios and creative needs.

7. Does the Lumix G9 II have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity?

Yes, the Lumix G9 II is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling seamless wireless transfer of photos and videos to smartphones or computers for quick sharing and editing.

8. What is the battery life of the Lumix G9 II?

With its high-capacity battery, the Lumix G9 II offers an impressive battery life that allows for extended shooting sessions without frequently needing to recharge.

9. Can the Lumix G9 II be used for professional photography?

Absolutely! The Lumix G9 II’s advanced features, exceptional image quality, and reliability make it well-suited for professional use. Many professional photographers have embraced this camera for its performance and versatility.

10. What accessories are compatible with the Lumix G9 II?

There is a wide range of accessories available for the Lumix G9 II, including external flash units, battery grips, additional lenses, and more. These accessories enhance the camera’s functionality and expand creative possibilities.

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