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Welcome to our exciting new blog, where we will be unveiling the insider secrets to creating mind-blowing music video edits! With the rise of social media and the increasing popularity of music videos, it has become more important than ever to have stunning visual content that captivates viewers and enhances the overall music experience. In this blog, we will be sharing our years of experience in the industry, providing you with valuable tips, tricks, and techniques to take your music video editing skills to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, get ready to unlock the secrets behind creating visually stunning and impactful music videos.

Welcome to part three of our music video series

If you haven’t seen the first two parts where we covered pre-production and production, we recommend checking those out. In this video, we’re gonna give some tips on how to efficiently edit a music video. Let’s get started!

Organizing Your Footage

When video editing, organization is super important to keep the entire process running smoothly. For a music video, you can organize your footage in any way that will make the most sense for you as you go about the Edit.

For this video, we imported all the footage and kept them organized by camera. Since it was a two-day shoot in different locations, we organized it by day as well. We then created a folder to hold our sub clips. From here, we created folders for each major section of our video that had a lot of shots, so we could easily find them when looking for alternate takes and additional B-roll.

Since the course of the song features the band performing in several different areas of a house and pool, we wanted all of those grouped together. As we went through our footage clip by clip, we dropped any relevant clip into its coordinating folder. This makes editing a lot easier.

Editing to the Beat

Editing to the beat can really move the video along and keep the viewer engaged. But doing it too much can be exhausting. Consider editing to the beat for emphasis and then drifting off the beat to keep the Edit more dynamic and less predictable. Look for the peaks in your waveform to identify the beats. Use the arrow keys to move one frame at a time to make sure your cuts are as precise as possible.

For the course of the song, we have a bunch of different scenes of the band’s performance, and we need to sync that performance with the actual track. One way to handle all of this is by making a multicam sequence. In each clip, we’ll set the end point at the same beat to make it easier to sync. Then, we’ll create a multicam source sequence, which will allow us to easily switch between shots.

Iterations and Color Grading

The end product of a music video often goes through a few different iterations before the final version is reached. We start with a rough cut, which is pretty close to the final but does not have a color grade and needs a little tightening up. Once the band gives their feedback, we copy and paste the sequence, rename the copy, and make our revisions off of that version. This way, if we ever need to go back to how something was in a previous edit, it’s easily accessible.

The vast majority of this video was shot with our Canon C200 in Canon Cinema RAW light format. With the latest Adobe Premiere, we were able to adjust the exposure, temperature, tint, color space, and gamma directly on the clip. We used Luma Tree to add the Alexa default log C2 to Rec 709 LUT, which brought back a lot of color and contrast. We also made slight adjustments to the tone curve to balance the highlights and shadows. Once everything was well balanced, we created an adjustment layer to apply a final LUT.

And that wraps up our music video series! We hope you learned something from our experience. If you haven’t seen the finished music video yet, check out the description below.

Note: This article is written in third person.

FAQ – Our Music Video Editing SECRETS

1. How do you choose the right footage for a music video?

When selecting footage for a music video, we look for shots that enhance the storyline and complement the mood of the song. It’s crucial to mix different angles, movements, and emotions to keep the viewer engaged and connected with the music.

2. Which software do you use for music video editing?

We primarily use Adobe Premiere Pro for our music video editing. It provides us with a wide range of tools and features to fine-tune the footage, apply effects, transitions, and synchronize the visuals with the music seamlessly.

3. How do you ensure smooth transitions between scenes?

To achieve smooth transitions, we pay close attention to the rhythm and beats of the music. By aligning the cuts with these elements, we create a cohesive flow between scenes. Additionally, using crossfade, dissolve, or other transition effects helps to blend the footage seamlessly.

4. What techniques do you use to enhance the visual effects?

We use a combination of visual effects techniques, such as color grading, overlays, and compositing. Color grading ensures the desired mood and atmosphere, while overlays and compositing help to add unique elements like light flares, particles, or stylistic filters.

5. How do you synchronize the visuals with the music?

Synchronizing the visuals with the music is crucial for an impactful music video. We meticulously analyze the beats, tempo, and lyrical cues to time the edits, effects, and transitions precisely. This synchronization enhances the overall rhythm and emotional connection for an immersive experience.

6. Do you work with the artist to create the storyline for the music video?

Yes, our collaboration with the artist is essential in shaping the storyline. By discussing their vision, lyrics, and emotions behind the song, we work together to develop a compelling narrative for the music video that aligns with their artistic expression.

7. Can you incorporate animation or motion graphics into music videos?

Absolutely! We often incorporate animation and motion graphics to add visual interest and bring additional creativity to music videos. This can include animated lyrics, visualizers, or even custom illustrations and animated characters that interact with the footage.

8. How long does it typically take to edit a music video?

The editing process highly depends on the complexity and length of the music video. On average, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. We ensure that each step, from footage selection to final polishing, receives proper attention and meets the artist’s expectations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or inquiries about our music video editing services!

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