Our Creative Process: Documentary BTS

Welcome to our behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of bringing a documentary to life. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through the making of our latest documentary, showcasing the meticulous planning, intense research, and collaboration that goes into producing a compelling and thought-provoking film. From the initial concept and pre-production stages to filming and post-production, we will provide an exclusive glimpse into the hard work, dedication, and creativity that drives our team. Get ready to go behind the camera and uncover the fascinating intricacies of our documentary-making process in this exciting and informative series.

Our Creative Process: Documentary BTS

Our Creative Process: Documentary BTS


In this video, I want to give an in-depth look into the questions that have been asked about my latest film, Trails of Dust, which recently hit 50,000 views on YouTube. Thank you to everyone for the support. I’m currently in Australia, and I’ll be discussing the technical aspects, my pitch to DJI, and the post-production process of creating a short documentary like this. I appreciate all the questions focused on storytelling and filmmaking.

Reflecting on Focal Lengths

One of the questions asked was about the focal lengths used in the film. I often use long lenses to establish the emotions of characters, as they compress depth and blur the background. This helps focus on specific areas, such as Braxton’s eyes when he talks about losing his cousin Tanner. On the other hand, wide lenses are used to accentuate movement and show the character’s relation to the space. It’s a general principle, not a hard rule.

Color Grading and VFX

The color grading of the film was done by Cassie BMI, who did an amazing job of taking the colors to an ethereal world without feeling unrealistic. She added texture to the sky and enhanced the rich colors, making the film look stunning. Post-production and VFX played a crucial role in achieving the desired look for the film.

Lighting Techniques

We used a couple of aperture lights for studio scenes and natural lighting for outdoor shots. Understanding the cinematographer’s fist, or the positioning of the subject in relation to the light source, helped us capture dynamic shots, even in the middle of the day. Embracing the available lighting and focusing on camera movements made the footage visually engaging.

Musical Score Choices

The choice of a light score during the big jump scene was intentional, as it reflected Braxton’s reflection on his cousin’s life rather than being a triumphant stunt. The aim was to use music that wasn’t too attention-grabbing and conveyed a sense of meditation and introspection. Using more mature and subtle music compositions contributed to the overall storytelling experience.


Trails of Dust was a project that involved careful consideration of technical elements, storytelling, and emotional resonance. The collaborative effort in color grading, VFX, lighting, and music selection played a crucial role in bringing the story to life. I hope this behind-the-scenes look provides valuable insight into the creative process of making a short documentary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the creative process for producing a documentary BTS?

Our creative process for producing a documentary behind-the-scenes (BTS) involves extensive research, planning, and collaboration with the documentary subjects. We aim to capture authentic and compelling behind-the-scenes moments that provide insight into the making of the project.

How do you approach filming a documentary BTS?

We approach filming a documentary BTS with a natural and unobtrusive style, allowing the subjects to feel comfortable and authentic in front of the camera. We also use a combination of interviews, observational footage, and creative cinematography to capture the behind-the-scenes experience.

What is the role of storytelling in the creative process for a documentary BTS?

Storytelling is integral to our creative process for a documentary BTS. We seek to uncover the unique and compelling narratives within the behind-the-scenes world, highlighting the challenges, successes, and emotions that drive the project forward.

How do you incorporate feedback from the documentary subjects into the creative process?

We value the input and feedback of the documentary subjects and incorporate their perspectives into the creative process. By actively listening to their experiences and insights, we ensure that the documentary BTS accurately reflects their journey and vision.

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