Our $1700 Mistake

Have you ever made a costly mistake that left you kicking yourself afterwards? We certainly have, and our $1700 mistake is one we won’t soon forget. In this blog, we’ll share the story of how a seemingly simple oversight ended up costing us a substantial amount of money. From the initial mistake to the aftermath and how we ultimately rectified the situation, we’ll cover every detail so you can learn from our error and hopefully avoid making a similar one yourself. Join us as we reflect on our misstep and the valuable lessons we learned along the way.

Our $1700 Mistake

How a $1700 Mistake Taught Important Lessons in Data Backup

Several years ago, a motion graphics project for a client turned into a costly mistake for a content creator. With about 60 hours of work put into the project, a hard drive failure resulted in a $1700 payment for data recovery. This experience served as a hard lesson in the importance of data backup.

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Best Practices for Data Backup

Utilizing Multiple Memory Cards

For important shoots such as weddings or client work, it is advisable to use two card slots in cameras to shoot RAW files simultaneously. This dual-card setup ensures an immediate backup in case of card corruption or loss.

Organizing Files

After a shoot, files should be copied to a reliable portable hard drive. Organizing files in a structured manner, such as by creating folders based on date and project title, helps in efficient workflow management. Separate folders for raw files, select images, catalogs, and exports can streamline the editing process.

Keeping Backups Secure

To prevent data loss in case of theft or damage, it is essential to keep backup drives in separate locations. When traveling, carrying one memory card on person and another in a different bag adds an extra layer of security. Backing up photos to cloud storage offers an additional safeguard against unforeseen events.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Choosing a reliable cloud backup service, such as Backblaze, allows for secure storage of files online. This ensures data redundancy and protection in the event of physical storage failure or loss.


Learning from a $1700 mistake, the creators emphasize the importance of implementing robust data backup strategies. By utilizing multiple memory cards, organizing files efficiently, and incorporating cloud backup solutions, content creators can safeguard their valuable work effectively. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to prioritize data backup – take proactive steps to protect your creative endeavors.

FAQ about Our $1700 Mistake

What was the $1700 mistake?

The $1700 mistake refers to an error in our accounting system that led to a discrepancy of $1700 in our financial records.

How did the mistake happen?

The mistake occurred due to a human error in inputting data into our accounting software. This led to incorrect calculations and ultimately, the $1700 discrepancy.

Have we corrected the mistake?

Yes, once the mistake was identified, we took immediate steps to correct it and reconcile our financial records.

What measures have been put in place to prevent similar mistakes in the future?

We have implemented additional checks and controls in our accounting processes to prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future.

Is there any impact on our customers or business operations?

Fortunately, the $1700 mistake did not have any significant impact on our customers or business operations. However, we are committed to continuous improvement to ensure such mistakes do not recur.

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