Oren Soffer Explains Why He Filmed A Hollywood Blockbuster on Sony FX3

Have you ever wondered why certain filmmakers choose specific cameras to bring their creative visions to life? In the case of renowned cinematographer Oren Soffer, his decision to film a Hollywood blockbuster on the Sony FX3 was driven by a combination of technical prowess and artistic finesse. In this blog, we delve into the reasoning behind Soffer’s choice, exploring the unique features of the Sony FX3 that allowed him to capture breathtaking visuals and elevate the storytelling experience. Join us as we unravel the cinematic journey behind Soffer’s decision and gain insights into the world of filmmaking at the highest level.

Oren Soffer Explains Why He Filmed A Hollywood Blockbuster on Sony FX3

In this episode of “How They Filmed That,” Oren Sofer, the talented filmmaker behind The Creator, breaks down the process of shooting a Hollywood blockbuster on the Sony FX3. Contrary to previous rumors, the entire movie was filmed exclusively on the FX3, without the use of cameras like the Alexa 65 or Sony Venice. Let’s dive into the details of why they made this decision and how it impacted the production.

The Initial Test Film and Traveling the World

Prior to the pandemic in 2019, Gareth, the director, and Jim Spencer, the producer, traveled to seven countries in Southeast Asia. Their purpose was to scout locations and shoot footage for a test film that would pitch the movie to the studio. Gareth shot this test film on a Nikon DSLR with a compact gimbal, capturing stunning imagery and textures in places like Catmandu, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Choosing the FX3 for the Entire Film

When it came time to decide on the camera for the actual movie, Gareth’s instinct was to continue using a lightweight mirrorless camera that offered freedom and flexibility. The success of the test film solidified their decision to shoot the entire production on the Sony FX3, as it met all their requirements. The camera was tested, workflow validated, and the team was confident in its capabilities.

Overcoming Initial Doubts

Although Oren initially had reservations about using the FX3, one visit to the camera rental store and a viewing of the commercials shot on the camera changed his mind. Seeing the footage in action convinced him that the FX3 was more than capable of delivering the desired results. From that moment on, there were no more doubts, and the decision was final.

The Impact on the Production

Filming solely on the FX3 brought a level of consistency and cohesiveness to the movie. Oren confirms that there were no pickup shots or scenes shot on other cameras, aside from a few days where they had to use the FX9 due to gen lock limitations. A DJI Mavic Pro and some shots from Gareth’s original location scout were included, but the majority of the movie was captured on the FX3.

The decision to shoot on the FX3 allowed the team to achieve the specific visual style they were aiming for. The lightweight form factor and gimbal compatibility provided the freedom to capture dynamic shots and explore unique angles in various locations. The camera’s capabilities and the team’s familiarity with it contributed to a smooth and successful filming process.


Oren Sofer’s insight into the decision to film The Creator on the Sony FX3 sheds light on the creative choices made by the production team. Despite having access to higher-end cameras, the decision to use the FX3 was driven by the desire for flexibility, lightweight equipment, and the success of the initial test film. The end result speaks for itself, as The Creator stands as one of the year’s most visually stunning and engaging movies.

Oren Soffer Explains Why He Filmed A Hollywood Blockbuster on Sony FX3

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did Oren Soffer choose Sony FX3 for filming?

Oren Soffer, a renowned filmmaker, decided to use Sony FX3 for filming his Hollywood blockbuster due to its exceptional features and performance. The camera offers high-resolution imaging capabilities, excellent low-light performance, and advanced autofocus technology. These features, combined with its compact and lightweight design, made it the ideal choice for capturing high-quality footage in various shooting conditions.

2. How does Sony FX3 enhance the filmmaking process?

Sony FX3 provides filmmakers like Oren Soffer with several advantages. It supports professional cinematic recording with its 4K full-frame sensor, delivering stunning visual results. The camera’s advanced image stabilization system ensures smooth and steady footage, even when filming handheld or in challenging environments. Additionally, FX3 offers expanded creative controls, allowing filmmakers to achieve their desired aesthetic and visual storytelling.

3. Can Sony FX3 handle the demands of a Hollywood blockbuster production?

Absolutely! Sony FX3 is specifically designed to meet the demands of professional filmmaking, including Hollywood blockbusters. With its robust build quality and extensive range of features, it can handle the rigorous requirements of large-scale productions. Additionally, the camera supports various accessories and expansions, enabling filmmakers to customize their setups based on the specific needs of the project.

4. What are the benefits of using Sony FX3 for a Hollywood blockbuster?

Using Sony FX3 for a Hollywood blockbuster offers numerous benefits. Firstly, the camera ensures uncompromising image quality and remarkable detail, enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Its high dynamic range capability allows for superior tonal gradation and rich color reproduction. The camera’s advanced autofocus system guarantees precise focus on fast-moving subjects and enables smooth transitions between focus points. Furthermore, the compact form factor of the FX3 allows for easier maneuverability on set, facilitating efficient filming.

5. How does Sony FX3 contribute to the success of Oren Soffer’s Hollywood blockbuster?

Sony FX3 plays a pivotal role in the success of Oren Soffer’s Hollywood blockbuster. Its cutting-edge technology ensures the highest production value, capturing stunning visuals and enabling immersive storytelling. The camera’s versatility empowers Soffer to bring his creative vision to life while delivering an engaging cinematic experience to the audience. With FX3’s exceptional performance and reliability, Soffer can focus on his craft and push the boundaries of filmmaking.

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