ONE LESSON Changed My Photography Career

Have you ever experienced a life-changing moment that completely transformed your career? That one pivotal moment that alters your perspective, opens new possibilities, and propels you towards success? For me, that moment arrived during a photography workshop when a seasoned professional shared a single lesson that forever changed the trajectory of my photography career. This lesson was simple yet profound and had a profound impact on how I approached my craft. It revolutionized the way I composed my shots, interacted with subjects, and ultimately captured the essence of a moment. In this blog, I will delve deeper into this game-changing lesson and how it propelled my photography career to new heights.

One Lesson That Changed My Photography Career

Today, we are discussing the most important lesson that I’ve learned in my 14 years as a professional photographer. But the beauty of this lesson is that it applies not just to photographers, videographers, and creators, but also to life in general. So, today, we delve into the most important life lesson that I have learned.

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The Most Important Lesson I Learned

Now, let’s explore the main lesson that transformed my photography career over the past 14 years. It took me a while to truly internalize and live by this lesson. When I started as a photographer, I was primarily focused on gear. My goal was to earn money so I could upgrade my Canon 40D to a Canon 5D. Once I had the Canon 5D, my sole purpose was to acquire more lenses, bags, filters, and accessories that I believed would make me a better photographer.

During that time, I had a friend and roommate named Tim, who was also a photographer. Unlike me, Tim wasn’t gear-focused. Instead, he prioritized workshops and photography groups he was a part of. Despite already being a full-time professional photographer and producing remarkable work, Tim’s main focus was on learning. He sought to learn from other photographers who possessed more knowledge and experience in various aspects of the craft, such as techniques, lighting, posing, and editing.

During the years Tim and I lived together, I witnessed his photography skills improve more rapidly than any other photographer around us. Despite his gear remaining the same, his expertise in techniques, lighting, posing, and editing significantly advanced. This realization made me understand how crucial knowledge and skills are in shaping one’s journey as a photographer.

Now, this isn’t an argument that gear doesn’t matter, because it absolutely does – but only to the extent of your skills and knowledge. You can try to upgrade your gear as much as you want, but it will never surpass your level of expertise. The most vital part lies in enhancing your skills and knowledge. Numerous videos online compare a professional photographer with a $100 camera to a beginner with a $10,000 camera. While some of these videos may seem cheesy, they effectively portray the point. Hand an inexperienced photographer a professional camera, and their results won’t be as impressive as a pro’s work, backed by extensive knowledge of lighting, technique, posing, and editing, using an entry-level camera. To my roommate Tim, if you’re watching this, thank you – your example changed my outlook on photography.

Investing in Skills and Knowledge

Since witnessing Tim’s rapid improvement, I started dedicating countless hours to watching and learning from other photographers online. I aimed to absorb as much knowledge as possible, allowing my skills and expertise to grow further. Instead of analyzing the gear used by other photographers, I began studying their techniques, lighting choices, and the captivating catchlights visible in their models’ eyes. I also changed my approach to spending money. Rather than solely focusing on gear, I started investing in courses, workshops, and education to enhance my skills and knowledge.

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Skills and Knowledge Over Gear

Ultimately, the lesson here is to prioritize skills and knowledge over gear. A professional armed with just an iPhone can capture incredible photos, while a beginner handed a $6,000 camera won’t be able to achieve much without the necessary expertise. I hope this video motivates you to focus on developing your skills and knowledge, whether through online courses, workshops, or learning from experienced photographers and filmmakers who can share their valuable insights.

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Alternative Analogy: Just as a surgeon with the right tools in a multi-million dollar hospital room may not succeed in removing your appendix as effectively as a highly skilled surgeon armed with only a pocket knife. It may sound like a peculiar analogy, but it effectively highlights the significance of skills and expertise.

One Lesson Changed My Photography Career – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – One Lesson Changed My Photography Career

Q: What is the one lesson that changed your photography career?

A: The one lesson that completely revolutionized my photography career was learning the importance of composition. It taught me how to frame my shots, use leading lines, balance elements, and create visually appealing images. It made a significant difference in the quality and impact of my photographs.

Q: How did this lesson impact your photography career?

A: Understanding composition principles helped me to capture more captivating and professional-looking images. It allowed me to tell stories through my photographs and create a unique style that resonates with viewers. This lesson elevated the overall quality of my work, attracting more clients and opening doors to new opportunities in the photography industry.

Q: Where did you learn about this lesson?

A: I learned about the importance of composition through various sources. Initially, I read books and online resources dedicated to photography techniques and concepts. I also attended workshops and photography classes where knowledgeable instructors guided me through practical exercises and provided constructive feedback.

Q: How can I improve my composition skills?

A: Improving your composition skills takes practice and a keen eye for details. Here are some tips to enhance your composition abilities:

  1. Study and analyze the work of renowned photographers to understand their composition techniques.
  2. Experiment with different compositions, perspectives, and angles while photographing various subjects.
  3. Utilize the rule of thirds and leading lines to create more visually dynamic images.
  4. Consider the background and foreground elements to ensure a well-balanced composition.
  5. Master the art of cropping and framing during post-processing to enhance the overall composition of your photographs.

Q: Can this lesson be applied to any type of photography?

A: Absolutely! Regardless of the genre or niche you specialize in, composition plays a vital role in creating impactful and visually appealing photographs. Whether you’re into landscapes, portraits, street photography, or any other genre, mastering composition will undoubtedly elevate your images and improve your photography career.

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