One FOCAL LENGTH Challenge | 70mm with Nigel Danson

Do you ever find yourself using the same focal length lens all the time? Have you ever considered the idea of challenging yourself to use only one focal length for a period of time? If so, then you’re not alone. Many photographers get comfortable with a particular focal length and tend to stick with it. However, breaking out of that comfort zone can lead to new creative possibilities. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of the One FOCAL LENGTH Challenge, focusing specifically on the 70mm focal length. Join us as we delve into this challenge and learn from Nigel Danson’s experience with using only 70mm for his photography.

One FOCAL LENGTH Challenge | 70mm with Nigel Danson

Hello everybody if you’re avid watchers of Nigel’s channel you might have seen a couple of months ago Nigel and I did a challenge where I had to shoot at 24 millimeters and Nigel shot at 200. It didn’t go very well for me. Today we’re doing another challenge where I’m shooting at 70 millimeters and Nigel is also shooting at 70 millimeters. We’re here at Nubra where I’ve been countless times for videos before. I’m sure you have as well. I’ve done a couple of videos here before. What could go wrong? We’ve just got a Can only shoot at 70.

Challenges Ahead

No cheating and we’re both gonna do a video, aren’t we? Yes, yes. So there’s gonna be a video on my channel. Obviously, you’re watching it and then if you’re watching on the first day that this comes out then tomorrow there will also be another video on Nigel’s channel so definitely check that out. Could just be a comedy of errors but we’ll see.

First Shots and Challenges

Well, shot number one, you’ll be amazed here I’m using a tripod basically and lining up over at the island and just getting a shot that’s mostly sky and then a little bit of sea at the bottom. The trouble is the sea looks quite choppy and I don’t really like that so I’m using some filters, hence the tripod got a shut speed of about three seconds, f13 a bit different to what I usually do but I think it looks quite nice.

The light’s quite nice at the moment so just gotta wait for some sort of human subject. Tell you the truth I may end up cloning out some of the people on the beach if I don’t like what they do to the photo. I don’t know if that’s in the rules. I have to agree that we’re Nigel, Alright, there’s a family of four with the dog coming into the frame they will do although in the meantime there’s a couple hand in hand on the beach just want some separation between them.

Filter Review and Giveaway

That’s probably not the worst time for me to talk to you about filters and the filters that I used for that shot before. If you’ve watched this channel for a while you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of filters. I don’t really like super long exposures you know the kind where you get a 10-stop out and just take all the detail out the water or the clouds, it’s not really my style a lot of the time when you use filters, as you know you have to use a tripod also not really my style.

However, these ones from case that I’ve been using for about six months now I absolutely love, basically there’s a magnetic adapter thing that you stick on the front of your lens I say stick on the front of your lens you screw it in and that just stays there on your lens or it does for me all the time and then these just clip on like that I appreciate I’ve put on really dark now but yeah they just magnet on magnet is that a it’s not the word is it magnetize. You get the id you can see you just snap them on and off and uh that works brilliantly.

Photography Techniques and Challenges

The choices were to stay at that lighthouse for 45 minutes and wait to see what happens as the sun goes down or move elsewhere and see if there are other photos to be had now I’ve chosen to do that because I don’t want to stand.

One FOCAL LENGTH Challenge | 70mm with Nigel Danson

Welcome to the FAQ section for the One Focal Length Challenge with Nigel Danson at 70mm. Below are some frequently asked questions about this photography challenge.

What is the One Focal Length Challenge?

The One Focal Length Challenge is a photography challenge where participants use only one specific focal length to capture images. In this case, the challenge is to use a 70mm focal length.

Who is Nigel Danson?

Nigel Danson is a professional landscape photographer and YouTuber known for his stunning landscape photography and educational content on YouTube.

How can I participate in the challenge?

To participate in the One Focal Length Challenge with Nigel Danson at 70mm, simply use a 70mm focal length to capture your images. Share your photos on social media using the hashtag #70mmChallenge to join the challenge.

What are the benefits of participating in this challenge?

Participating in the challenge will help you develop your skills in using a specific focal length and improve your overall photography skills. It can also be a fun and creative way to challenge yourself and connect with the photography community.

Where can I find more information about the challenge?

You can find more information about the One Focal Length Challenge | 70mm with Nigel Danson on his YouTube channel or official website. Keep an eye on his social media for updates and announcements related to the challenge.

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