Officially announced: new Sony A7cII, A7cR and 16-35GMII

Question: Are you looking for the latest cutting-edge technology in the world of professional photography? Look no further because Sony has officially announced their newest additions to the Alpha series cameras – the Sony A7cII and A7cR. Along with these impressive cameras, they have also introduced the highly anticipated Sony 16-35GMII lens. With a reputation for innovation and superior image quality, Sony has once again pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the world of photography. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an aspiring enthusiast, these new releases are sure to elevate your photographic journey to new heights. Join us as we delve into the features and advancements of the Sony A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35GMII lens, and explore how they can transform your photography experience.

Officially announced: new Sony A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35GMII

Hi folks! I hope you can see me. Just give me a comment if you can see me and hear me if everything works alright because this is quite an improvised last-minute attempt to make a live stream after the Sony a7c2, a7cr, and 16-35GM Announcement. And I’m using a new software named OBS to make the streaming, so let me know if it works. If somebody is in, they can comment and just give me a thumbs up that everything is alright. Thank you. Like I told you, just to be clear, this is an experimental live stream. For the first time, I’m using OBS software to make this live stream, and the goal is to discuss the Sony announcement. As expected, we got the a7c today, SMCR, 16-35 GM2. And I checked a couple of reviews to try to understand if those cameras would be interesting for me, particularly the a7c2. Yeah, I also read your comments quickly, and the opinions are quite divided. People hate, hate is not the right word, but they are disappointed with the pricing for those cameras. Well, the 16-35 GM2 definitely is the one product that is less divisive, and I think we can all agree that this is a great lens and a needed update. No matter if you are into this lens or not, this is certainly going to be a nice lens. And the price is quite heavy, as usual for Sony, but the lens also seems to deliver a lot, particularly if you consider the size of the lens, which is incredibly compact and lightweight. So I still will keep my final opinion reserved until I get my hands on these cameras just to see how they feel in my hand because often we forget that cameras are more than just specs.

Reading your comments

My intention now is just to read some of your comments in the live chat and see if I can answer them. Before we move on to your questions, it’s freaking cold here outside, so I can’t be in my house inside because my kids just got a new kitten and they’re playing with it, and the kitten is running all the way in the house. I don’t want to take them the fun, so I’m outside on the balcony. The problem is that two days ago, it was 36 degrees, and now it’s like 16, 15, or 14. I don’t know, but there is some snow on the top of the mountain, so it’s quite cold. That’s why I have the jacket.

Movie lover wrote, “Sound is a joke.” Yeah, this is what I’m reading often now in the comment system of Sony rumors. People really complain about the pricing of the A7c2 and A7cr. I don’t have a problem with the specs and the package and also having the sensor that we know inside the A7c2 and the A7cr and so forth, but I do agree that those are quite expensive cameras if you think about the A7cr, close to three thousand dollars. That’s again a level where only professionals or high-end amateurs usually have the money for this. And the A7cr, it’s just expensive if you consider that it has only one SD slot and the EVF is also kind of not really exciting. So I can understand people complaining about the pricing of the cameras. If the A7c2 would be, for example, $799 or $899, it would have sold like pancakes or like cookies because that would have been a nice price. But of course, it would have killed the A74. So Sony priced them high to not cannibalize the existing A74 and A7R5 sales. And I think this isn’t a winning strategy. I think they should have been more bold with the pricing and cut the price of both cameras for at least a couple of hundred dollars. I think this would have made sense for me. Yeah, let’s see the pricing in the US. Let’s see as you see in the US, the 16-35 GM2 is priced at $2,298, which is okay for me. It’s close to the original pricing of the 16-35, so I think that’s the product that looks best as of today, except maybe in Europe where the pricing is quite higher, 2,699 Euros. So it’s quite a heavy price tag. The A7C2, like you see, is $2,198. My opinion would have been $1,899 or $1,999 at most. And the A7CR is $2,998. It should have been, for example, $2,499 or $2,599. That would have been quite good. I’m still reading your comments. “Why did they make the 16-35 too expensive?” I think that’s the original 16-35 when announced. It was like many years ago, seven, eight years ago. I don’t remember, so it makes sense for me that they increased the price. So I have no problem with the increased price of the 16-35. Let’s see what’s the original price of the 16-35 now. 16-35, it’s 2.8, the older 16-35 GEM, so the pricing is okay for me for the new version. Yeah, I think that’s a safe to say. After all, the A93, please. Yeah, as you know, I try to be as soon as possible. I’m not a fanboy, so I’m not going to lie to you about some disappointment or the good things of Sony. And the A7C2 and A7CR are from a pricing point of view a disappointment, like I told you. For the specs, yeah, it’s okay. I can understand the appeal of having a more compact camera, even if it has one SD slot and micro HDMI. Having a more compact camera is appealing, for example, to me. So I was seriously considering to buy the A7C2. Now I have to think about it. I have to first test it. Sorry, my hair is flying away. Sorry, regarding the A93, that’s going to be definitely a new kind of camera. So it means brand new features, brand new sensor, something you can really get excited about. And where the pricing seems to be not crazy compared to what you might get. So that’s all I can say as of now. If you have any questions regarding the announcement, otherwise I just move to some of the content and see what people are saying about the 16-35 GM2 or the A7C2 and A7CR. Let’s just see what I would just want to scroll through some of the reviews. Let’s see the other usual reviews of Gerald and BetaPixel and so forth. You can check out I tried to make some kind of selection of the most important videos because I like it zillion of YouTubers having tested the new gear. So you only see a selection of people that I know where I think they can give you a fair assessment. Probably the most surprising thing is I’m just voting now is the poll. If you look at the poll I posted on, you will see that 61% of you will not buy or pre-order anything of the gear that has been announced today. Then there is like 14% of the voters that would actually pre-order the 16-35 GM2 and only 12% would buy either the A7C2 or the A7CR, which is kind of low. I wasn’t expecting big sales on those cameras nor on the 16-35 GM2, but still, it’s…

Officially announced: new Sony A7cII, A7cR and 16-35GMII – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: New Sony A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35GMII

What is the Sony A7cII?

The Sony A7cII is the latest iteration of Sony’s A7c series mirrorless full-frame camera. It is a compact and lightweight camera that offers advanced features and high image quality.

What are the key improvements in the A7cII?

The A7cII boasts a range of improvements over its predecessor. These include enhanced image stabilization, improved autofocus performance, a higher resolution sensor, higher burst shooting speeds, and upgraded video capabilities.

What is the A7cR?

The A7cR is a variant of the Sony A7cII that prioritizes resolution. It features a higher megapixel count sensor, allowing for extremely detailed and high-resolution images.

What is the 16-35GMII lens?

The 16-35GMII lens is a new addition to Sony’s G Master series lenses. It is a high-quality wide-angle zoom lens designed for full-frame cameras, offering exceptional clarity, sharpness, and a versatile zoom range.

Will the new cameras be compatible with existing Sony E-mount lenses?

Yes, the Sony A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35GMII are all compatible with Sony’s E-mount lenses. They can be used with the existing range of E-mount lenses, giving users access to a wide variety of lens options.

Is the A7cII weather-sealed?

Yes, the Sony A7cII features weather-sealing, providing protection against dust and moisture. This allows photographers to confidently shoot in challenging weather conditions.

What video capabilities do the new cameras offer?

The A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35GMII all offer advanced video capabilities, including 4K recording, high frame rate shooting, and various professional-grade video features. Filmmakers and videographers will appreciate the improved video functionality.

When will the new cameras and lens be available?

The official release date and availability may vary by region. It is recommended to check with authorized Sony dealers or their website for specific release dates and availability in your area.

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