OFF CAMERA FLASH vs NATURAL LIGHT Photography Challenge ft. Miguel Quiles

Are you struggling to decide between using off-camera flash or natural light for your photography? Do you want to take your photos to the next level but aren’t sure which lighting option is the best fit for your style? In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both off-camera flash and natural light and provide you with a photography challenge featuring renowned photographer Miguel Quiles. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or a professional seeking new inspiration, this challenge will push your boundaries and help you become more confident in your lighting choices. Let’s dive in and see how you can elevate your photography game with off-camera flash and natural light.

OFF CAMERA FLASH vs NATURAL LIGHT Photography Challenge ft. Miguel Quiles

OFF CAMERA FLASH vs NATURAL LIGHT Photography Challenge ft. Miguel Quiles

By Manny Ortiz


Manny Ortiz and his friend Miguel Quiles embark on a photography challenge in the desert in Las Vegas. The challenge involves comparing the use of off-camera flash and natural light in photography. Both photographers are set to shoot images and compare the results to determine which method produces better shots.

Flash vs Natural Light

As the challenge begins, both photographers get ready to shoot with their respective equipment. Ortiz reveals that he is using the a7r3 and the 135mm f1.8 G Master lens, providing him with a technological advantage. Quiles, on the other hand, is using a different setup and considers himself the underdog in the challenge.

Photography Session

The photographers set out to capture images in the desert, with Ortiz using the off-camera flash and Quiles relying on natural light for his shots. As they face challenging conditions such as the setting sun and strong winds, Ortiz shares a valuable tip for dealing with windy conditions during a photo shoot. Meanwhile, Quiles showcases his skills by successfully working with natural light even in challenging circumstances.

Results and Conclusion

After the photography session, both photographers review and compare their final shots. The images captured with off-camera flash and natural light are evaluated to determine which method yielded the best results. Despite the challenging conditions, both Ortiz and Quiles demonstrate their photography prowess and creativity in capturing stunning images. The challenge concludes with a special shoutout to the team and individuals who contributed to the successful photoshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is off camera flash photography?
Off camera flash photography refers to the technique of using a flash unit that is detached or “off camera” from the camera body. This allows for more control over the direction and intensity of the light, resulting in more creative and dynamic lighting effects in the photograph.
What is natural light photography?
Natural light photography is the technique of using available ambient light, such as sunlight or artificial light sources, to illuminate the subject. It typically results in a softer, more organic look in the photograph.
What are the advantages of off camera flash photography?
Off camera flash photography offers more control over the lighting and allows for creative and dramatic lighting effects. It can also help to overcome challenging lighting conditions, such as low light or harsh sunlight.
What are the advantages of natural light photography?
Natural light photography can produce a more organic and flattering look, particularly for portrait photography. It also requires less equipment and setup, making it more convenient for outdoor or candid photography.
Which technique is better for photography?
Both off camera flash and natural light photography have their own unique advantages and are suited for different situations. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the specific requirements of the photography project and the desired artistic effect.

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