Nikon Z6 III: Full set of Leaked Specs but are they trustworthy?

Is it possible that Nikon’s upcoming Z6 III has had its specs leaked? This new camera is highly anticipated among photographers and videographers alike, and a recent leak has purported to reveal the full set of specifications for the highly anticipated release. However, the question remains: can these leaked specs be trusted? In this blog, we will take a closer look at the rumored specs for the Nikon Z6 III and consider their authenticity. Additionally, we will explore the potential implications of these leaked specifications for photographers and videographers eagerly awaiting the release of this new camera.

Nikon Z6 III: Full set of Leaked Specs but are they trustworthy?

Nikon Z6 III: Full set of Leaked Specs but are they trustworthy?

The same weebo site that forecast a 61 megapixel Nikon z7 Mark II and a 45 megapixel Nikon Z 6 Mark II just posted a full set of specifications on the Nikon Z 6 Mark II but can they be trusted well stick around after this short message as we get into the full Details but first subscribe to stay up to date on the latest camera news and for all the minor news stories all those news stories not quite big enough to have their own separate video follow me on X formerly known as Twitter webo user e8m 8888 posted a full set of specifications For the much anticipated Nikon Z 6 Mark II which is scheduled to come out this year these specifications came out a few days ago but I wasn’t all that gung-ho on reporting on them because well this Source has provided us with well how should we say questionable or Unvalidated specs before that has not well not a very good track record of getting them right e8m 8888 does have a very good track record when it comes to providing us with camera registrations but the same can’t be said for leaked images or leaked specifications so the leak Specifications according to e8m for the Nikon Z 6 Mark II the much anticipated camera that’s due to be announced any time now is going to have a 24.5 megapixel backside illuminated full-frame sensor but this sensor is supposed to be well faster than the previous sensor and the image processor Well you’ll be happy to know it’s going to have the xeed 7 image processor and just a single processor not two so now let’s take a look at the um continuous shooting speed like the Canon e R6 Mark II it’s capable of up to 40 frames per second now it doesn’t mention whether That’s raw or not but the competition the Canon USR 6 Mark II well it can do 40 frames per second and that’s Raw as well so that’s certainly something we’re looking to see in the Nikon Zed 6 Mark II and if that’s not fast enough it will Be capable of up to 120 frames per second with the electronic shutter but will likely have a reduced resolution in that mode just like the Nikon z9 you know one thing that’s really annoying about a lot of these leak specifications is well a lot of the specifications are More or less showing off the video capabilities of these cameras and not the Stills capabilities and most people watching most most people interest in buying these cameras are photographers nevertheless we’ve got to cover off what there is there so now it’s time for the video specifications we don’t have any ISO we don’t have any talk about dynamic range but in terms of video this camera the Nikon Z 6 Mark II will be capable of 6K 24 25 30 50 and 60 frames per second e8m also says that this camera will deliver 6K over sampled 4K that will get Apple Pro res 4 22 HQ in 4k mode at up to 60 frames per second so we don’t know if that’s 6K over sample 4K but I’m willing to assume that it is and that’s a really big benefit now in terms of the frame rates for 4K this is really big We’re going to be able to shoot 4K 24 25 30 50 and 60 frames per second and normally 4K 100 and 120 is limited to much more expensive cameras well not this time around not unless Nikon has jacked up the price of the Nikon Z 6 Mark II and we expect the price to fall somewhere between $2,000 and $2500 again right in line with the competition the Canon EOS R6 Mark II and the Sony a74 so 4K at 120 frames per second that’s terrific again if these leak specifications from e8m well they’re Accurate now one other thing we do get is Nikon raw it doesn’t mention what that’s tied to but it’s in the video section so I think we’re talking about video and it also o doesn’t say if it’s limited to 4K if we get it in 6K or Anything like that it’s just not giving us a whole lot of details and again there’s no ISO information but we are told that it’s going to have Ibis and that it’s going to have seven stops that’s right seven stops it’s going to have a pixel shift mode and while e8m Doesn’t tell us the resolution well all we have to do is multiply multiply 24.5 * 4 and that gives us somewhere around 96 megapixels I know it gives you a little bit more than that but I think that’s probably what we’re looking at because you don’t get to use the entire Sensor so what other things well we are told that it’s going to have um multi-angle LCD now that doesn’t tell us if we’re going to get a Sony A7 R5 type multi-angle LCD and I’d be really surprised to see that at this price point but that would be a really big Improvement over the competition if you’re a birer if you’re shooting with super telephotos having that multi-angle LCD so you can pull the LCD out LCD out behind the camera and the lens I think that’s a huge Boon all right so what have I forgotten well let’s take a quick Look at the specs here what have I forgotten to mention okay Ibis LCD um so the the body style so it’s going to have a similar body style in dimensions and button layout to the Nikon Z8 and dual card slots no surprises there but don’t expect dual CF Express type B card slots Uh same is what we got in the predecessor one CF Express type B and one UHS 2 card slot but what’s going to set the Nikon Z 6 Mark II apart from the competition won’t be the specifications but the improvements in the autofocus system it’s accuracy dynamic range and Low light performance please take these specifications with a grain of salt while e8m 8888 has a very good proven track record when it comes to camera registrations being very accurate reliable all the time when it comes to leak specifications or images it’s almost as though they’re forecasting the images and specifications rather than Reporting leaked information so I would take this with a huge grain of salt I wouldn’t completely trust this but one thing is for sure the specifications reported by e8m are very similar to what we saw released back on December the 21st 2023 but in this case they’re telling us We’re getting dual xeed 7 image processors not a single one they do tell us about an ISO range of 100 to 64,000 a little bit more information about the autofocus system and a little bit more information about video modes such as hlg but no Nikon raw and that’s kind of What’s setting apart 2024 from other years is whether you’re talking about Canon and their EOS R1 or the Nikon Zed 6 Mark II we have one set of specifications on one hand and an an opposing set of specifications on another hand but there’s one thing that We know for sure the Nikon Z 6 Mark I is currently on sale for $400 off and it’s the best price we’ve ever seen and I’d say that some sort of inventory clearing price like we saw with the Canon us R5 and the R3 which just received a Markdown a new low price for each of those two cameras and if you’re interested in purchasing the Nikon Z 6 Mark II for $400 off or the Canon R5 or R3 with its new low price well then please consider using my affiliate links down below these ones right here I have Them in the description if you’re looking at purchasing from B&H atarama or but please also…

Nikon Z6 III: Full set of Leaked Specs but are they trustworthy?

1. What are the leaked specs for the Nikon Z6 III?

According to the leaked information, the Nikon Z6 III is expected to feature a 24.5MP full-frame sensor, improved AF system, and 12 fps continuous shooting. It is also rumored to have dual EXPEED processors and 5-axis in-body image stabilization.

2. How reliable are these leaked specs?

As with any leaked information, it’s important to take these specs with a grain of salt. While some leaked specs may turn out to be accurate, others could be completely off the mark. It’s best to wait for an official announcement from Nikon before drawing any conclusions about the Z6 III’s features.

3. When will we know for sure about the Nikon Z6 III specs?

Nikon is expected to make an official announcement about the Z6 III in the near future. It’s advisable to wait for the company’s official confirmation before believing any leaked specs circulating online.

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