Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 REVIEW: SHOCKINGLY AMAZING Wildlife / Sports Lens (vs 180-600mm)

Are you in the market for a high-quality wildlife or sports lens for your Nikon camera? Look no further than the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3! This lens is shockingly amazing and provides unparalleled performance when it comes to capturing fast-moving subjects in the wild or on the field. In this review, we’ll dive into the features and capabilities of the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3, and compare it to the popular 180-600mm lens. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a serious hobbyist, this lens is sure to impress with its stunning image quality and precision. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this lens a must-have for any wildlife or sports photographer.

Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 REVIEW


Right before we jump into this video if you’d like me to send you a free guide to capturing motion in low light situations just look for this Orange Box over on fronos put your name email address in it hit send it I’m going to send you that guide for Free Jared pen fronos and this is a preview of the Nikon 600 mm f6.3 vrs lens for the Nikon Z Max system now we are building a new set here at the new studio we’re not on it quite yet that’s why I’m still sitting at my desk But that will be coming soon but also this isn’t a full review because Nikon says that this is definitely a pre-production lens I think it’s great and I would love to call it a review so maybe we end up putting that in the title because I didn’t have any issues With it I really think that Nikon says stuff like that just in case you do find an issue they’ll be like it’s firmware we’ll fix it but whatever I had no problems with this lens because it is a fantastic lens so what did I do with it Well I took it to the zoo and I went all the way to Africa and back in a matter of minutes as you’ll see in just a few minutes I also shot it on the Nikon z9 with the updated firmware to 4.10 so it has the new bird AF as well As plane AF which I didn’t use because I wasn’t shooting planes at the zoo so let’s take a look at the outside of the lens you have your normal function buttons around here now keep in mind that the buttons around this part they’re all going to do the same Function it’s just that you have a bunch of them so that as you turn the lens you can still access them you also have another button over here you have your control ring which I still haven’t found a use for myself when even when I’m using the Cannons I turn it off because I don’t want to accidentally hit it I know some people like to put their ISO or aperture there but most of that stuff is easily accessible right from the camera itself so I personally don’t use it you’ll also notice that Nikon is not putting in a screen on this anymore and I think the screen might have reached the end of its life because it was a waste of time engineering as well as money so I don’t think you’ll see it again that’s just me coming up with that because we don’t see it on the new 135 plena either and I just think that They’ve done away with it because it’s not necessary it does feel really nice in the hands it’s nice and balanced it weighs in at 3 lb or 1390 G for you guys playing at home you’ve got your click lens Hood right here always use your Lens Hood put it on Boom it’s going to bayonet backwards you have a 95 mm uh filter thread which means you have a 95 mm lens cap on the front element of this and it is really nice it feels good in the hands I handheld it which means I Took off the tripod foot there was no need for me to have this on at all now if you’re someone who’s going to be out in the wilderness and you want to use a monopod or a tripod you certainly can do it because 3 lbs does get a little heavy Over some time but the way that I used it at the zoo it was perfectly fine to hold around and if you got muscles like these punch in punch in on the edit punch in on those um you should be fine handholding this one thing I wish Nikon Would correct is that when you loosen the tripod collar you’re not hearing any clicks right there’s no click click click the Cannons and I believe the Sony’s as well will have a click when it lines up in the center that’s right it clicks into place unlike Nikon I just Like knowing that oh that’s Center it just feels like it’s going right there I wish that’s something that Nikon would change they haven’t done it yet but it it’s a minor thing it’s not a reason you don’t go buy this it’s just a little addition that I like on the other Systems there’s only a few switches on the side of the lens you’ve got your auto to manual you also have your full to limit what you don’t have is VR they’ve not really put that in a lot of their lenses recently so you have the VR To turn it off inside the camera now what I will say is I had it on normal mode and this really only happens with the nikons is when I was trying to photograph the bird it’s just constantly clicking in and moving and jiggling around the screen you can see it I Didn’t like it so I moved it into sport mode and I’m like oh that’s much better it’s smoother and I don’t have it being Herky jerky and changing my frame around so Nikon is calling this the Stephen what color yellow oh you that looks yellow to you no my my shirt looks Yellow this looks gold so I would consider this the gold lens a a gold ring like Canon has their red ring this is a gold ring Nikon likes to call it a yellow ring I don’t know who they talk to about that but that would not be what I would call this now in terms of VR you’ve got your 5 and 1 half stops of compensation and then if you do have it paired with Ibis in one of the bodies then you will get six stops now back to the normal SL sport maybe it should be On sport by default so you don’t get that Herky jerky thing which I guarantee you a lot of people when they get a their first lens that does that they’re probably thinking that their lens might be broken I know I used to get phone calls about that at Allen all the time And they’re like what’s wrong with My Lens no that’s that’s that’s normal so just know that that’s normal for your lens to be doing that so that’s pretty much the outside of the lens until we you know get to the sniff test and the wind tunnel test but let’s turn to the Computer here and look at some of the photos I captured this is a Gibbons right here and when I started to photograph the Gibbons I was too close cuz I was at 600 mm cuz well it’s a prime lens I actually had the back up Quite a bit to make sure that I didn’t cut off any of the limbs of the Gibbons and and that is a good time to bring up that Nikon has an 180 to 600 mm 56 to 63 zoom lens now it’s not part of the sine it’s heavier than this it’s bigger than This I use that to shoot at the zoo as well as a baseball game and it is an extremely versatile lens and we’re going to put some side by side cuz I have two pictures that are very similar that we’re going to see what the differences Are but for now let’s take a look at another Gibbons look how strong these guys are or girls I couldn’t tell if it was a guy or a girl but they’re holding on to this thing and just crawling up it and hanging there I’m not that strong I Couldn’t do that um but they’re they’re stronger than me then I quickly move into Africa…


Overall, the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 lens is a shockingly amazing wildlife and sports lens. It offers incredible sharpness and versatility, making it a must-have for any serious photographer. While it may have its minor quirks, such as the lack of VR and the tripod collar not clicking into place, these are easily overshadowed by its outstanding performance. If you’re in the market for a new telephoto lens, the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 is definitely worth considering.


What is the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 lens?

The Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 lens is a dedicated wildlife and sports lens designed for Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras. It offers a fixed focal length of 600mm and a maximum aperture of f6.3.

How does the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 lens compare to the 180-600mm lens?

The Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 lens offers the advantage of a longer reach and a wider maximum aperture compared to the 180-600mm lens. This makes it ideal for capturing distant wildlife or fast-moving sports action with stunning clarity.

Can the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 lens be used for other types of photography?

While the lens is optimized for wildlife and sports photography, it can also be used for other types of photography, such as astrophotography or landscape photography, where the long reach and fast aperture can be advantageous.

Is the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 lens worth the investment?

Many photographers have found the Nikon Z 600mm f6.3 lens to be a game-changer for their wildlife and sports photography, thanks to its impressive performance and image quality. If you are serious about these genres, it may well be worth the investment.

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