Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S Review: The MOST EXPENSIVE Lens We’ve Ever Tested!

Are you in search of the ultimate telephoto lens for your Nikon camera? Look no further than the Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S lens. This powerful and high-quality lens is the most expensive lens we’ve ever tested, but it may just be worth every penny. If you’re serious about wildlife photography, sports photography, or any other type of long-distance shooting, the Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S lens is a game-changer. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this impressive piece of equipment, discussing its features, performance, and whether it lives up to its price tag. Let’s dive in and see if this lens is truly worth the investment.

Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S Review: The MOST EXPENSIVE Lens We’ve Ever Tested!

Welcome back Peta pixel viewers, it is Chris Nichols here. I’m just coming off of a cold so my voice is going to be rough, but the Show Must Go On. We’ve got a great reason for it to go on because we are reviewing the most expensive lens that I have ever personally held. It is the brand new Nikon 600mm f/4 S. This is their fully professional 600mm F4 which also has a built-in telecon converter 1.4 times to give you an 840mm full-frame equivalent at f/5.6.


I did get my hands on this earlier in Yellowstone with the Nikon Z8 review, but it was a pre-production lens. Now we have a production model and we can do the further testing that we wanted to on things like sharpness, flare resistance, and more. Today, we visited the Calgary Zoo and had a great time testing out this lens in real-world conditions.

Weight and Size

The lens is undoubtedly big and as a result, it is going to be heavier. At 3260g, it’s significantly lighter than even Nikon’s lightest 600mm for the SLR series. This is the benefit of a mirrorless platform. Despite the weight, it is still manageable for handheld use.


The lens has all the control rings and features that you’d want on a professional telephoto lens including a long hood, customizable buttons, a lens collar, a built-in teleconverter, customizable command ring, and more. However, there are some minor issues with the lens collar, specifically with the lack of dovetail cuts for ARCA Swiss tripod ODS on the tripod plate.


The lens uses Nikon’s voice coil motors for fast and snappy autofocusing, making it an optimal setup for wildlife and sports photography. Paired with the Nikon Z8’s wildlife subject detection, the tracking is very effective with a high hit rate.

Bokeh and Flare Resistance

With a wide aperture of f/4, the bokeh of this lens is beautiful with soft transitions from in focus to out of focus. Flare resistance is also commendable with no loss of contrast or ghosting issues even when shooting towards the sun.


When it comes to sharpness, this lens is absolutely fantastic. Even shooting wide open at f/4, there is tons of detail and super sharp images. The teleconverter also did not degrade image quality in any serious way.

Overall, the Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S is an impressive lens with excellent handling, features, and image quality. However, the high price tag may be a barrier for many photographers.

FAQ: Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S Review

What is the Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S lens?

The Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S lens is a super-telephoto prime lens designed for the Nikon Z-mount mirrorless camera system. It is designed for professional sports, wildlife, and action photographers who require the utmost in optical quality and performance.

Why is it considered the most expensive lens?

The Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S lens is considered the most expensive lens we’ve ever tested due to its high-quality optics, advanced features, and precision engineering. Its combination of extreme telephoto reach and fast aperture makes it a premium offering in the world of professional lenses, resulting in a high price tag.

What are the key features of the Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S lens?

The key features of the Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S lens include a fast maximum aperture of f/4, advanced optical design with ED and SR elements, a customizable control ring, weather-sealed construction, and a built-in VR (Vibration Reduction) system for steadier handheld shooting.

Who is the target audience for this lens?

The target audience for the Nikon Z 600mm f/4 S lens is professional and advanced amateur photographers who specialize in sports, wildlife, and action photography. It is designed for those who demand the highest level of optical performance and are willing to invest in a top-tier super-telephoto lens.

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