Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8: Nikon Z Reconsidered

Are you in the market for a high-quality and versatile prime lens for your Nikon Z mirrorless camera? Look no further than the Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8! This lens offers exceptional sharpness, beautiful bokeh, and fast aperture for stunning portraits and detailed shots. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the features and benefits of the Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8, as well as explore why it may be worth reconsidering this lens for your photography needs. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an amateur enthusiast, the Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 is a valuable addition to your gear collection.

Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8: Nikon Z Reconsidered

Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8: Nikon Z Reconsidered

Nikon got off to a rocky start last summer when it introduced the new full-frame mirrorless z6 and seven pilloried for a single executed card slot derided for the paucity of new lenses had launched the cheap some called it non pro feel of the lenses they did launch we gotto focus the Discounts quickly followed but I actually like the cameras and I love the glass well the primes anyway It was as if Nikon had finally embarked upon a five-year mission to boldly go where no management team had gone before and immediately took fire remaining stuck in orbit around its home planet hey Everybody I’m Hugh brownstone for the Reeb linesman and an elephant and today I want to talk briefly about this morning’s announcement of Nikon’s new nikkor z 85 millimeter at 1.8 though since it won’t ship for another month or two and i haven’t actually had it in Hand it’s just an excuse really to look back over the past year since Nikon entered the full-frame mirrorless fray and frankly to offer the modest proposal that with the benefit of hindsight maybe it’s time to cut Nikon some slack and actually applaud them for at least some Of the choices that may show them some love.

Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 Basics

The 85 1.8 itself in the basics 800 bucks 470 grams 75 by 100 millimetres internal focusing that oh this easy that 9 blaze this minimum focusing that other than price weight and size actually I’m gonna care about Any of this stuff until I have a lens in hand can shoot my own kind of shots and see with my own eyes the net result the more important thing to me really is that it is the third moderately fast moderately priced and moderately sized in other words accessible prime they’ve Introduced in a classic trio configuration joining the Z 35 and 50 1.8 already out there because if the purpose of a new lens mount with shorter flange distance for their new full-frame mirrorless cameras is as they asserted it launched to allow lens designers to do things they couldn’t before in Service of image quality for people to whom it matters I think there’s no better use of no easier to demonstrate that potential then to improving the performance of the kind of workhorse lenses most often used by real photographers which on the one hand especially for photo journalists and event photographers say means Holy Trinity zooms and on the other especially street photographers portrait photographers and a certain brand of photojournalist Holy Trinity primes now I’m a primes kind of guy what I can tell you is that the first two nikkor C Prime’s are outstanding I hope and expect the 85 to follow in their Footsteps and this is what excites me about the 85 the possibility that it will be a killer lens accessible to many I think there’s reason for such optimism and if confirmed makes nikon lens lineup to me of course your mileage may vary by far the most exciting of the new full-frame mirrorless competitors Launched in 2018 the Z 51.84 example is so good Zeiss OTUs level good that I actually think it reason enough to buy into the C system the autofocus of that lens as on a 35 is internal which I prefer fast silent little to no focus breathing as I Expect will also be the case with the 85 the IQ is extremely high super-crispy and contrast the little-to-no chromatic aberration the kind of lens that can give you a 34 by 49 inch print from a z6 that you can look at from a foot away and seen nothing but life like this A lens that still won’t break a sweat when scrutinized at forty five point three megapixels on the z7 like the 85 these two lenses are weather shields much lighter and more compact and say Sigma’s optically superb 1.4 art counterparts but hold that thought.

Comparing Competitors

I’ve learned using the 35 and 50 over the Past few months that while I’m usually bothered by things like fly-by-wire or focusing the absence of hard stops or real aperture ring none of this matters to me for these lenses I think it must be because I see them as state of the art at the end of the first part of the 21st century both in terms of optical performance and materials selection and execution excessively priced through sensible trade-offs and better matched to the bodies for which they are intended than any other new full-frame competitor in fact all but equalling the competitor the CSIs the most closely resembles the competitor who in this Case makes clear that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and by that of course I mean Sony the Z bodies and these three Prime’s are relatively speaking in the same ballpark in terms of size and weight as Sony’s a7 series with comparable lenses the new sony fe 35 1/8 the older Sony’s i-55 1/8 and relatively recent sony fe 85 1.8 the much larger and heavier panasonic s1 twins by comparison much as I love them or not well Sony’s latest 7 series bodies slice like everybody in terms of autofocus performance Nikon’s see bodies offer superior goes build quality and Video and the lenses at least in the comparison of the 50 and 55 millimeter others TBD offer far superior focus breathing control Sony’s brilliant little 55 1.8 is a stunner it focused brief like a bull in heat though to be fair I have mine it’s with the Z bodies As well from autofocus to location of the punch in and punch out buttons and more but that’s another video for another time the point is that in 2019 if you want hybrid cameras for hybrid shooting I think you want hybrid lenses just as good for video as for stills I think Nikon is delivering here and that means you really do need to let go of the notion that today’s class has the look or feel or be built to this day of last century’s class I have of course I already own last century glass and Bodies for what I want to shoot them and my Leica CL is a wonderfully apt to 21st century digital compliment to my 50 millimeter zoom Acron M for example you can argue that the Sony trio is actually smaller and lighter than these night cortices without compromising image quality I’d agree You can also argue that the Sigma Art Series though not yet available in SEMA maybe never are brilliant and faster than these nigh cores I’d agree with you again but taken in toto trio for trio one the nikkor primes the larger and heavier than the sony is at 35 percent And 30 percent respectively our 4 percent less expensive and closer to the Sony’s than those particular numbers suggest especially when compared to to the Sigma arts sure you gain 2/3 of a stop and the attendant shallower depth of field with these Sigma’s but what are we actually talking about well to be Precise 2/10 of an inch I’d say 3 feet more importantly from where I sit the Z trio are in aggregate 51 percent lighter 26 percent smaller and 23 percent less expensive than the Sigma’s that’s why I’m including them z-man available or not they are a gold standard and help place the nikkor Z Glass into perspective personally I’m happy to trade off the marginal extra light in shallower depth of field for the more practical differences in weight sizing price especially for street photography as I am 3 for that matter when it comes to canons RF trio I’m talking about 35 1.8 macro 51.2 and 85 1.2 they weigh 95% more are 29 % larger and cost one hundred and forty four percent more than the Z’s literally more than twice the price for that kind of dough I’d rather Bank the difference slow the shutter speed to compensate rely instead on the Z’s in body image Stabilization or…

FAQ: Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8: Nikon Z Reconsidered

What is the Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 lens?

The Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 lens is a high-quality prime lens designed for Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras. It offers a fast maximum aperture of f/1.8, making it ideal for portraits and low-light photography.

What are the key features of the Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 lens?

Some key features of this lens include a lightweight and compact design, a fast and silent autofocus motor, a customizable control ring, and a minimum focusing distance of 0.8m.

Is the Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 worth considering for my Nikon Z camera?

If you are looking for a high-quality prime lens with excellent image quality and a fast aperture for portraits or low-light photography, the Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 is definitely worth considering for your Nikon Z camera.

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