Newest way to cut out people in Photoshop 2024

Are you tired of spending hours meticulously cutting people out of your photos in Photoshop? Do you wish there was a quicker and more efficient way to achieve a clean cutout? Look no further, because the newest update to Photoshop in 2024 has revolutionized the process of cutting out people in photos. With advanced AI technology and improved tools, the newest version of Photoshop makes it easier than ever to create precise and seamless cutouts. Say goodbye to painstakingly tracing around subjects with the pen tool and hello to a faster and more accurate method. In this blog, we’ll explore the newest way to cut out people in Photoshop and how it can save you time and frustration.

The Newest Way to Cut Out People in Photoshop 2024

When cutting out images and removing the background, many people struggle to get good edges. There’s common problems we have. You can get jaggies, blockies, halos, or helmet hair. This tutorial is going to show you how to address every single one of these by taking A comprehensive look into the Select and Mask inside of Photoshop. This is a two-part tutorial. This first part, we’re going to look at things like hair and fur, and in the second part, we’re going to dive into the rest of the tools. And make sure you watch all the way to the end because there’s some really valuable information in there. Let’s get started.

Using the Object Selection Tool

Some people like to launch the tool first and make a selection within there. I like to make selection first because number one, it’s faster, and number two, I have access To the full suite of Photoshop’s tools to get that selection how I like it before I refine the edges. Let’s grab the Object Selection tool. Now, any one of these three tools here will invoke the Select Subject. Now, what I’m going to do is hit the little arrow. There’s two options, Device and We’re going to choose Cloud, and now we’re just going to choose Select Subject. Now, the AI in Photoshop is going to make the selection. This is not a comprehensive tutorial on making selections. I have many more of those. This is a tutorial on refining the selections. Once you’ve made your selection, then we’re going to choose Select and Mask. As I mentioned, some people prefer to make the selection in here, and we have access to the Select Subject tool up here. You can also use this is the same as using the Selection brush. I just find it works a lot slower working in this tool.

Viewing and Refining the Selection

The selection is active. We just don’t see it, and that’s because we need to adjust the transparency, like to turn it all the way up. Right now, we’re viewing it inside the Onion Skin mode. Now, if we click on the View, we’ll see there’s different ways of viewing it. The three I use the most are on black. This enables me to see white fringes. On white, it enables me to see black fringes, such as on her skirt. And black and white gives us a clear view of the mask so we can see what’s selected and what isn’t. Now, the areas that are black are 100% transparent. The areas that are white are going to be 100% opaque or the areas we keep. Now, when you see areas of gray, those areas of gray are going to be semi-transparent. Now, of course, there’s other options such as the overlay here where we can view it against different colors. Now, here’s just a quick tip. If you know what background you’re putting behind this, you can save yourself a lot of work. You can see that dark fringe around there. You wouldn’t have to worry about that if you were going onto a dark background. Notice it got the white fringing around the hair. If we were going to put this against a light background, we wouldn’t have to worry about that. So don’t do more work than you need to do. And if you’re getting any value out of this video, hit that subscribe button, turn on notifications, you won’t miss any of my videos. So right now there’s two modes. There’s color aware and object Object Aware. So color aware works the best when we have a simple background. Object aware works best when we’re using a complex background. So right now we’re working on a simple background.

The reason for that is this is a tutorial. I want to clearly show you what the tools do, and it’s easiest to see against a simple background. This is not a review to see how well this feature works, and this is not a challenge for me to see how good I am at cutting out images. This is a tutorial for people to understand what each of these sliders and each of these tools do. Now, let me just quickly go into the black and white for a second. So this tool knows that these areas in white are the areas we’re going to keep, the areas In black are the areas we’re going to throw away. Where all these tools work and where all the decisions are made is on the edges. And that’s the purpose of this, is to get nice, clean, crisp edges no matter what type of image we’re working on.

Using the Refine Tool for Hair and Fur

So let’s turn on Show Edge so we can view the edge and see what’s going on. So I would have to put something in here to show you the edge. So that’s the Selection Edge. Now, this edge is where Photoshop detects what should be on the inside and what should Be on the outside. This is the decision zone. Now, let me change this to on black so we can start to see some of the colors. If I was to increase this radius, you can start to see the edge of the photograph. Now, here’s the thing. Where we have hard edges, such as the edges of her arms and flesh, we want to have a very small selection, and that will give us a nice crisp edge. Where we have soft areas such as hair and fur, we want a larger edge so it encompasses This area and enables the algorithm to sort out what should be there and what shouldn’t be there. Now, one edge does not fit all. When we look on this image, you can see the hair is different than the body. Maybe the dress might fit in with some of the hair because it has a softer edge. One tip, you don’t have to do everything in one selection. Sometimes you can go into one refinement, do it for the soft areas, do a second refinement, Do it for the hard areas, mask them together, and I’ll show that later. So in order to get a clean selection, you want to have as thin an edge as possible. So I’m going to drop this radius down to one, and we’re going to turn the show edge off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the newest way to cut out people in Photoshop 2024?

The newest way to cut out people in Photoshop 2024 is using the advanced selection tools such as the Object Selection Tool and Select Subject feature. These tools utilize artificial intelligence to accurately and quickly select and cut out people from images.

Are there any other techniques for cutting out people in Photoshop 2024?

Yes, in addition to the advanced selection tools, you can also use the Pen Tool for precise and detailed selections, as well as the Quick Selection and Magic Wand tools for more basic cutouts. Additionally, Photoshop 2024 offers improved refining and masking options for fine-tuning your selections.

Can the newest way to cut out people in Photoshop 2024 be used for other objects or subjects?

Yes, the advanced selection tools in Photoshop 2024 are not limited to cutting out people and can be used for a wide range of subjects, including animals, objects, and complex backgrounds. The AI-powered features are designed to adapt to different types of selections, making it versatile for various editing needs.

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