NEW Sony Podcast and Wireless Mics | ecm-s1 & ecm-w3

Have you been searching for the perfect podcast setup that combines convenience and high-quality sound? Look no further than the new Sony ECM-S1 and ECM-W3 wireless microphone system! Whether you’re recording interviews, conducting remote meetings, or creating engaging content, these wireless mics are a game-changer for any podcaster or content creator. With Sony’s reputation for top-of-the-line audio equipment, you can trust that your sound will be crystal clear every time you hit record. Say goodbye to tangled cords and static interference and hello to professional-grade audio with the Sony ECM-S1 and ECM-W3. Read on to learn more about these must-have accessories for podcasters.

New Sony Podcast and Wireless Mics


Today we are going to talk about the latest releases from Sony in terms of podcasting and wireless microphones. The ECM S1 is a streaming podcast microphone while the ECM W3 is a versatile wireless mic system. Let’s dive into the details and see if these mic options are worth considering in 2023.

Audio Quality Comparison

Comparing the ECM S1 to the Shure SM7B, both offer excellent audio quality. The ECM S1 wirelessly connects to compatible devices and delivers 24-bit audio, while the Shure SM7B offers 32-bit floats when connected to a Zoom F3. While 32-bit float is a trending feature, 24-bit audio still proves to be of high quality and reliable for recording purposes.

Setting Audio Levels

Setting the correct audio levels is essential to avoid clipping or distortion. With 32-bit float, you have the flexibility to set and forget, making it ideal for scenarios where audio levels may vary. However, 24-bit audio also offers great results when set properly and can be adjusted in post-production if needed.

Compact Design and Wireless Connectivity

One of the standout features of the Sony microphones is their compact design and wireless connectivity. The ECM S1 can be directly connected to cameras or laptops via USB-C, offering convenience for on-the-go podcasting or live streaming. The mic also includes noise and low cut filters for audio optimization.

Recording Modes

The ECM S1 offers various recording modes, including directional, omnidirectional, and stereo unidirectional. These modes cater to different recording scenarios, such as capturing audio from multiple sources or ambient noises. The mic also features a gain dial, headphone jack for monitoring, and a pause button for convenience.

Key Differences with ECM W3

While the ECM S1 offers impressive features, the ECM W3 stands out with its dual transmitters, safety track, and the ability to mix and separate tracks. The compact size and versatile mounting options make the ECM W3 a compelling choice for podcasters and content creators.


In conclusion, the new Sony ECM S1 and ECM W3 microphones offer a blend of modern features and reliable audio quality. While 32-bit float is a sought-after feature, 24-bit audio proves to be sufficient for most recording scenarios. The compact design, wireless connectivity, and recording modes make these microphones a valuable addition to any setup. Whether you’re a podcaster, filmmaker, or content creator, these Sony microphones are worth considering for your audio needs in 2023.


Q: What is the Sony ecm-s1?

A: The Sony ecm-s1 is a high-quality condenser microphone designed for podcasting and recording vocals with excellent clarity and detail.

Q: What is the Sony ecm-w3?

A: The Sony ecm-w3 is a wireless microphone system that allows for freedom of movement during recording without sacrificing audio quality.

Q: Are these mics compatible with Sony cameras?

A: Yes, both the ecm-s1 and ecm-w3 are compatible with Sony cameras, making them ideal for video production as well as podcasting.

Q: Can I use the ecm-w3 for live performances?

A: Yes, the ecm-w3 is versatile enough to be used for live performances, public speaking engagements, and any other situation where clear, reliable audio is needed.

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