New Sigma Wide Angles! 20mm and 24mm 1.4 DG DN ART Review

Are you in the market for a new wide-angle lens for your camera? Look no further than the new Sigma 20mm and 24mm 1.4 DG DN ART lenses! These lenses are perfect for capturing breathtaking landscapes, architectural marvels, and stunning astrophotography. With their wide aperture, they are also great for low-light shooting, making them a versatile addition to any photographer’s kit. In this blog, we will be reviewing the new Sigma wide-angle lenses, discussing their features, performance, and overall value. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, these lenses are sure to take your photography to the next level.

New Sigma Wide Angles! 20mm and 24mm 1.4 DG DN ART Review

New Sigma Wide Angles! 20mm and 24mm 1.4 DG DN ART Review

So today i’m really excited because i have my hands on two brand new sigma lenses so i have the 20 millimeter 1.4 and the 24 millimeter 1.4 these are both brand new designs for the sony e-mount system you guys know i love shooting portraits on wide angles because of the unique look they can give you so that’s what i’m going to be doing today testing out these two lenses and seeing how they perform in the real world so i’m going to be sharing my thoughts as i go and showing you guys the images i really hope you guys enjoy this video let’s get into the shoot also guys make sure you stick around to the end of the video i will be giving you guys details on how you can win your very own sigma 35 millimeter 1.4 so this will be going home with one lucky person not this exact lens but a brand new one from sigma photo australia so make sure you stick around to the end and i’ll let you guys know how you can enter the giveaway to win this beautiful piece of glass Actually Every time i do it i always go and go mess it all up Let’s use this like little backdrop over here Look out the window again yep oh that’s sick love that how about you hop off the stool and then go on the other side of it and like lean on it That’s awesome So far the 24 has been performing really well i’ve mainly been shooting on this so far the eye autofocus is really fast and snappy and seems to track the eye really well it’s also really good at getting the eye that’s closest to the camera being a24 things that are closer To the camera because you’re much closer to your subject get a little bit more exaggerated so it’s probably easier for a lens like this but i’m really happy with it and i think i got some really cool photos so far now it’s time to switch over to the 20mm 1.4 so as you Can see the 20 millimeter is a little bit bigger than the 24 the 24 is a 72 millimeter filter thread whereas the 20 is an 82 so it’s a little bit bigger and a little bit heavier I should have done this way earlier because what happens to the side of your face on this side is really dark compared to the other side that’s facing out the window this helps to fill it in a little bit more i like that yeah Yeah sigma already had a 24 millimeter 1.4 and a 20 millimeter 1.4 these two lenses are updated designs and they’re actually designed specifically for the email one of my favorite lenses ever was the sigma 20 millimeter 1.4 and i used it religiously on my canon r6 it’s a Lens that i primarily use for video because it’s wide enough to vlog with and the 1.4 aperture means you can pretty much shoot in any kind of lighting situation and it also gives great separation from the background i’ll throw the lens on right now so you Guys can see what i mean so now you’re looking at the sigma 20 millimeter 1.4 and it looks amazing and it’s one of those lenses that i would always get comments on my youtube channel people asking me what lens did you use to shoot this video and it was always the sigma 20 millimeter 1.4 so i’m really excited for the video and the photography potential of this new lens sony does already make a 20 millimeter prime in fact i have it right here this is the sony 20 millimeter 1.8 but with the sigma going to 1.4 you get that extra Third stop of light now onto the beloved 24 millimeter you guys know that i’ve shot a ton with the 24 millimeter focal length it’s something that i really enjoy shooting with and i love it for many of the same reasons that i love the 20 millimeter but this one i think is a Little more suited to shooting people and you might think that 20 versus 24 it’s not a very big difference in focal length but when you get to the wider end especially when you go under say like around 35 millimeters small changes in that focal length number actually make a big big Difference so the 24 1.4 for me is a really interesting looking lens it’s such a great lens for shooting environmental portraits so as the name probably obviously implies environmental portraiture is just capturing a subject in their environment much like i am here kind of chilling in The place where i do all of my photography editing you can see most of the background and what’s going on but you can also see me and the background’s kind of nice and blurry but you can also kind of figure out what it is so i kind Of like that i will definitely be doing a full review on the 24 and the 20 millimeter lenses they’ll be coming up on the channel really soon so stick around and stay subscribed if you don’t want to miss out on those i really hope you guys enjoyed that behind the scenes Video and now on to the part of the video that you guys have probably all been waiting for how you can win a sigma 35 millimeter 1.4 really easy all you have to do is drop a like on this video and then head over to sigma photo australia’s instagram page i will leave It linked in the description below if you guys get lost go over there make sure you’re following sigma photo australia and leave a comment on the most recent post it will be one of the photos that i showed in this video today so you can’t miss it just one comment Only one comment is going to count and if you’re feeling extra generous and you want to earn some extra points you can also head over to my instagram page while you’re there and follow along and that will get you into the running to win this beautiful lens so good luck and If you’re watching this video after the giveaway has already happened not to worry there’ll be plenty more giveaways on the channel so make sure you subscribe and you won’t miss any of them alright that wraps up the video hope you guys enjoyed let me know what you Thought of the 20 millimeter and the 24 down in the comments section below and i’ll see you guys in the next video You

FAQ about New Sigma Wide Angles! 20mm and 24mm 1.4 DG DN ART

  1. What are the key features of the Sigma 20mm and 24mm 1.4 DG DN ART lenses?

    The key features of these lenses include a wide angle of view, a fast maximum aperture of f/1.4, and a high-quality optical design for stunning image quality.

  2. Are these lenses compatible with mirrorless cameras?

    Yes, the Sigma 20mm and 24mm 1.4 DG DN ART lenses are designed specifically for mirrorless cameras, making them compact and lightweight for easy portability.

  3. What types of photography are these lenses best suited for?

    These wide angle lenses are ideal for landscape, architectural, and astrophotography, as well as for capturing wide scenes in tight spaces.

  4. How do these lenses perform in low light conditions?

    With their fast f/1.4 aperture, the Sigma 20mm and 24mm 1.4 DG DN ART lenses excel in low light conditions, allowing for sharp and detailed images even in challenging lighting situations.

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