My Studio Filming Set-Up in 2024 (Everything I use to make videos)

Are you looking to create professional-quality videos in 2024 but not sure where to start with your filming set-up? Look no further! In this blog, I will walk you through everything I use to make videos in my studio for a flawless production.

From cameras and lighting equipment to editing software and soundproofing, I have carefully curated the perfect set-up to bring my vision to life. Whether you are a seasoned content creator or just starting out, my studio filming set-up will help you achieve the highest level of production quality for your videos. Join me as I dive into the tools and techniques that have transformed my content creation process.

My Studio Filming Set-Up in 2024 (Everything I use to make videos)

My Studio Filming Set-Up in 2024 (Everything I use to make videos)

What’s up everybody Peter mckin here welcome back to yet another video this is the quintessential this is my quintessential 2024 filming rig this is 7 years of YouTube knowledge put into what I find is the Pinnacle the best frictionless setup to record videos in a moment’s notice this video is sponsored by Canon How I make videos in 2024 my setup after 7 years of making setups in my closet to my spare bedroom to my shared office to my big compound to this studio and what I’ve done to eliminate all friction from making videos so that’s the key word here friction my Sister said to me once Pete you got to land some planes I was like huh and she was like you know all these different tasks that you have you procrastinate like I do and let’s look at those as if their airplanes circling the airport waiting for clearance to land you can Only have so many in the sky if I get the idea I got to sit down and I got to hit record right away so you saw the studio tour the middle of the studio I kept open because I wanted to eventually put a table in there so Let me run you through all the gear all the lights all the mics all the things super packed cage setup in the middle of my studio table that’s out of the way number two sea stands I’ve got these Avenger sea stands that I’ve been using Four years I got them from BH they are super heavy I’ve got sandbags on each of them like three on each one because there’s so much mounted to these that if one went over it would be an absolute disaster sandbag your stuff now on the Top of each SE stand I have have one of the boom arms extended all the way across that connects to each stand and that lets us Mount the lights the mic the top down camera all of that with manfroto friction arms all the cables and all of that feeds into one extension Which is just one braided cable braided braided fabric cable because that’s cooler third thing is the light we’re using an F22 X flat Square LED panel from amaran now I’ve been using the light Dome 2 since I I was brought into this world it seems okay that light Dome 2 I am no stranger to that thing but let’s be honest that is like it’s so big people could play tennis inside it it’s a tennis dome it’s huge massive we’ve got a grid on that panel have it nice and close the depth of it is so so when’s it coming when’s it Coming where is it it’s a big project is that 4 and A2 Ines 4 and 1/2 in in deep that’s like stop it I can’t say 4 and 1 half in deep this is a lot smaller than the light Dum so that takes up a way smaller footprint than the Previous light did but you can see it makes a huge difference you turn that off you got nothing and if I turn off the the overhead light too there is literally no light on me camera’s like where are you where did you go I can’t focus he’s gone he’s gone We have a light up top to one of those magnetic aperture tube lights I think it’s called the infin bar so both these lights can be matched to the same Kelvin I want to go 5,000 Kelvin or 3,400 Kelvin warm it up cool it down those are The options that I need I don’t necessarily need green or purple or pink or the I don’t need the whole Spectrum I just need warm or cool and that gives me enough for a top down angle that gives me enough for the main angle and that’s All that I’ve needed why do you think it’s called the infin bar yeah Infinity for sure but like what you can just like centipede that whole thing you remember what’s that dirty movie called this I never saw that did you have you watched born identity yet have you still not Watched it can you tell tell me the actor that stars in the born identity Mark wallberg right stop it no how do you not know Mark wallberg I swear it’s not Mark wallberg Mark Wahlberg would be the worst born he just be shouting at people in his Boston accent that Actually sounds so bad it might be funny squirrel so that is what we are doing for lights and beyond that it’s just the ambient light of the studio itself and that brings us to the cameras that are filming these angles we went from c200s to c500 but we’re now using the r5c it’s Small got a little battery grip on it sitting on a Sackler tripod it’s the greatest tripod of all time it’s it’s called flow Tech and it’s lasted again the entire Journey the stuff that’s this is all stuff that’s lasted the whole journey I’ll be linking all in the Description and then we’ve also got an R5 mounted for the top down with a 15 to 35 on both that’s 15 if we Zoom all the way out so you can see all the BTS details but we bring that in to crop out all the things and then I would probably Move this mic out of the way and that’s perfect for unboxings like this little gem here I’ve I’ve gone so long without having a top down angle and they’re just so unbelievably useful it’s so nice to not just have to hold everything up to the Camera I know top down is nothing new to anybody watching YouTube but I would say it’s one of those staple YouTube angles that people just want to see top down now this camera is HDM my mined into this little fieldworld monitor now this is this cheap little plastic it was less Than 200 bucks on Amazon but I only needed something where I could just see what I was holding so it’s easy to navigate and get things to where they look good for you to be watching so that’s the bonus monitor the main monitor that I’m using to to see the Whole this whole frame is a small HD 702 and these have been the cameras that have filmed every single video since since it released since it came out and it’s been it’s been fantastic all right let’s talk audio I don’t always use the podcast arm I like the podcast arm only Because if I’m going to make several videos at my desk I feel like it just it breaks it up it’s a bit different so this is the sure sm7b the most popular prolific podcast mic probably to ever exist that’s on a framework’s arm I will say I’ve never liked any podcast arm That I’ve ever owned they’re always just flinging where I don’t want them to fling I have that going into a cloud lifter because these are naturally a little bit quieter they record a little bit we got to do more in post so that cloudlifter bumps it up natively so that We don’t have to press it as far uh after the fact but our main mic is the Sennheiser mk41 six I don’t even need this mic we could just immediately push that out of the way because it’s on an arm and I can talk with the boom mic no Problem so this is what you’re used to for most videos but you can get a bit of a difference of the audio quality if you can hear it uh let me know what your preference is actually do you prefer a boom mic that you can’t see like the Sennheiser or are you more of a sure sm7b kind of guy and you like the vibe…

My Studio Filming Set-Up FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you use to film your videos?

I use a Canon EOS R5 camera with a range of lenses, including a Sigma 24-70mm and a Canon 50mm. For lighting, I use a Godox SL-60W LED light panel and a softbox. I also use a Rode NTG2 shotgun microphone for audio recording.

What editing software do you use?

I edit my videos using Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and Adobe Audition for audio editing. I also use Adobe After Effects for special effects and graphics.

Do you use a green screen in your videos?

Yes, I use a collapsible green screen for creating virtual backgrounds and special effects in my videos.

How do you capture high-quality audio in your videos?

I use the Rode NTG2 shotgun microphone mounted on a boom arm to capture clear and crisp audio. I also use soundproofing foam panels to reduce echoes and background noise in my studio.

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If you need help with anything join the community or do not hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck! and follow your passion.

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