My Psycho Minimalist Desk Tour

Are you tired of cluttered desks and overwhelming distractions? Do you long for a workspace that promotes focus, creativity, and productivity? Look no further! Welcome to my psycho minimalist desk tour, where simplicity meets functionality, and productivity is taken to a whole new level. In this blog, I will be sharing the secrets behind my perfectly organized and aesthetically pleasing workspace. From selecting the right desk and decluttering techniques to incorporating mind-soothing elements, you will discover how to create a minimalist haven that will inspire you to excel in your work. Get ready to transform your desk into a sanctuary of efficiency and inspiration!

My Psycho Minimalist Desk Tour

What’s up everybody Peter McKinney here welcome back to yet another video and today we’re talking desk tour that’s it thanks so much for watching hit the like button if you like this video smash if that’s something that you’re into 2023 style and yes I have more to talk about but I’ve gone with The desk full minimalist Matt diovella eat your heart out bro I don’t even think your desk is this clean I literally have a chess piece on my desk that’s it I lied obviously also a coffee let’s run that intro you know what hang bring it back not that one not that one No not that one how many have we made let’s do the OG bluegrass just do the skull swing all right desk tour I haven’t done a desk tour since I was probably 2021 it’s been at least two years and a lot of people like them I like them I like Watching them I watch all my friends desks and Marquez has always the the best desk tours Marquez what’s wrong with you man why are your desk tours so good I’ve gone from Full like triple monitor big panoramic monitors two displays One display IMAX Mac Pros Mac Studios and I still use my Mac Studio but I use it more in like a Purpose Driven context now because the other half of this desk tour is Kirk because obviously Kirk and I work together I don’t like just calling him my editor because we are very much a symbiotic Team we are one in the same we are fusioned together so obviously I’m able to have such a minimalist setup because the other half of this operation has all of the things on his desk and we’ll get there and I’ll show you those but for the time being I’ve just been using the MacBook Air since I got it throwing it in the backpack bringing it everywhere and work from the couch I can put my feet up and which then has allowed me to go full psycho minimalist and have literally nothing but a laptop and a chess piece and now everyone’s like why Why do you have a chess piece we’ll get there and I’ve even gone so far that when I leave I don’t even keep the laptop on my desk I keep it in my desk drawer there’s nothing on my desk it’s perfectly smooth and clean what that Also lets me do is have people here to collaborate when I have meetings we can sit at this desk and use it like a table we can eat lunch at this desk it’s not just claimed by all of the electronics that inevitably end up collecting dust That you use when you first get them and then four months down the road you haven’t used that headphone stand one time Kirk you’ll see so in the drawer MacBook 15 inch air M2 Chip Ultra everything from editing photos making thumbnails Photoshop Lightroom emails correspondence FaceTime calls music browsing watching YouTube Videos a little bit of light editing because I don’t do obviously that much editing anymore being that I have Kirk the wizard post so this does everything I need goes everywhere with me I have this little tray inside the drawer dongle because MacBook Air so that that Crushes me a little bit having to use this kind of sucks it’s always sucked this dongles just suck I have a lighter for incense love me some incense my favorite pen when I was a magician yes I used to be a magician many moons ago I saw another magician once using a Montblanc pen to have his Spectators sign things and I thought what a baller if only I could get a successful to be able to buy a Mont Blanc pen for my Spectators to sign playing cards and other things and I finally was able to do that and this is my special pen Because I use it to sign special things contracts certain deals I got this office those types of things I signed with this pen it’s kind of like having a special watch it means something for the not so special things I have Emoji pen which is actually my favorite pen of all The pens in the world this like two dollar Muji .38 fine tip this this pen is perfection I freaking love this pen it’s so good I’ve got a whole pack of them and then beyond that for some soft things if I need to Mark wall make a Hole to hang a photo I have this little pencil that my friend Peter Andrew gave me I believe he took it from a hotel in Sweden it’s got a black eraser and it’s great and I love it and it was a gift and Gifts don’t have to be massively Extravagant to mean a lot the tray beyond that in here nothing to write home about I got a glyph eight terabyte solid state drive super fast I got a mouse for when it gets serious you know and you gotta like okay it’s trackpad dude it’s time it’s time To use a Mouse okay I don’t want to use this trackpad anymore it’s trackpad and that’s not Kirk editing that’s me editing in real in time that’s skill it’s pretty good isn’t it look you got to get the beginning and the ing at the end so then it’s like Getting you put you put it together and it’s it’s convincing it’s super convincing all right I digress and then I have the gutless Apple peripherals that you have to charge the laptop with so but it’s got a good battery life it lasts most the day Don’t really need to use it that is it that’s the whole drawer now at times I keep a camera on my desk most of the equipment I have stays in my camera bag so I can just grab that and go at any time whenever I need it so if I want to Shoot film if want to shoot digital if I want to make a vlog my Canon’s in there my like is in there my film camera’s in there my new medium format film cameras in there video coming soon but to just have something small and ready to grab On the desk I have Q3 it’s a cute easy little one and that just sits right off to the side sometimes so if we want to do a thumbnail if you want to run outside and shoot something if you want to grab a couple photos if Peter Andrew Comes over with a dope print I want to take a picture of them and stick on the wall easy right there it’s so nice to not have anything on the desk when it’s clean and open my brain feels clean and open and I feel like I can brainstorm More as creatives we can get messy desks and there’s nothing wrong with that I’ve seen so what you’ve seen those the most creative people in the world have the messiest desks yeah I can be a pretty big slob with this era it’s good what’s the chess piece for it Ain’t no ordinary chess piece we’ll get to that but before we hop over to the captain’s desk and check out what Kirk is rocking on that side for the actual edits of these videos I want to thank our sponsor for today which is luminar luminar have got some new features in Their editing suite and editing software that I think you might be interested in whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional luminar has a great piece of software that’s very intuitive and very easy to use and they’ve got some great features like we used the last time when I needed to sharpen a Completely blurry photo some of their AI tools work flawlessly their newest edition is panoramics so it’s all about piano stitching they’re also letting you control distortion Under the structure tool so if you’ve got straight lines in your architecture look you had to fix that in post you get a little bit of a bow in The building’s because a nice 24 mill lens is giving us some curvature or you went a little too wide if you pulled a Kirk and shot with a 14 mill you get some nasty bowing you can actually fix that now in post so that’s great also sky replacement sky replacement is one of the features that could be used like not great or perfectly and I think they did a damn good job sky replacement so you can select these skies you just click on it you scroll And it’s like you see which one fits you can make it like Smoggy skies is bad polluted air which is most of the skies we get in Los Angeles or you can add some drama you can make those blues really pop so it’s a great feature to have and they have about ten million other features so if you haven’t checked out Luminar you’re a hobbyist you’re ready to go Pro you’re filthy rich It doesn’t matter where you’re at go check them out here because they got a great piece of software and thanks to them for sponsoring today’s video appreciate it luminar for the win all right let’s hop over to the desk on this side of the room and see what Kirk is rocking for the actual editing of these videos so step over here follow me this is home right here so first things first the desk is an Uplift desk three Legged so it allows it’s a Steady AF desk I like it so I can go up and down I like the little wire tray thing underneath this is like the big step from last year because I like being able to leave headphones there I like being able to leave lenses even though I don’t have like any power to actually like Work straight from the desk anymore in like the convenience phase of the desk tour I just generally have like everything plugged in there like my closest ports are like on the side obviously Apple’s making it harder on me So I got a USB hub that I use when I’m at the desk I have my audio interface plugged in The hdmi and I don’t even know I ripped out what I originally had plugged in but I got plenty of traffic traps down there so like any wires that I need to just run over to do any other type of work photobooths whatever that is done off screen but we’re just going to get to the things on screen for this so focal point of the desk is the UltraWide well actually it’s the magic keyboard right there all right magic keyboard USB-C it’s just an easy rechargeable I don’t really like the new iMacs because the actual having to like charge the magic keyboard like that is kind of janky to me So I just for the first couple days I was like “no I’ll just stick with the old one” so USB-C just direct to plug in same thing usb-c direct to plug in for the Trackpad 2 The UltraWide though for actual work and this is like definitely like a more luxury thing At a certain point we used to work at one monitor because I just felt like it was easier to edit stuff and get in the flow just by focusing on one specific thing throughout the timeline but now we’ve got to the point where it’s like Even the twelve inch variant or the sixteen inch Sorry twelve It doesn’t matter the shorter one we’ve like gotten to the point where like now we understand the whole timeline like the twelve inch can fit really well to look at up to like 1080 timeline fairly well and the UltraWide is just going to give us like A super big 4k timeline so this one’s not actually wide enough to fit a full 4k timeline But it’s definitely going to give you that extra space for yourself like to really cleanly work through anything This monitor we really like we like loved Eizo for a super long time And then borrowed a monitor and now I think this is the best monitor to farm out to like an actual editor or it’s like because a lot of stuff can see I forgot Actually this does like the function where you could kind of have like your browser And should be blocked out by like a protective screen that goes down on top of it so this now I think is highly recommended I used to like only use cables but I got to the point where it’s like well It’s like I like this a lot where it’s like you can kind of just plug stuff in That happened pretty much mostly throughout like the pandemic was like this plus this And then there’s also like a left and right audio on the sides going back down and around to kind of just populate my screen with a little bit of audio when i’m feeling it Also this is pretty fun small slide press play just using the trackpad since I replugged it In I’m also I’m not sure like just use your previous webcam on this and it just looks nice And but but and let me know if everything makes sense if you need any advice for your editing or you know Anything that and beyond that if you have any other questions in

Frequently Asked Questions – My Psycho Minimalist Desk Tour

1. What is a psycho minimalist desk tour?

A psycho minimalist desk tour refers to showcasing a desk setup that reflects the principles of both minimalism and a touch of personal style. It typically involves organizing and optimizing the desk space to maintain a clean, clutter-free environment, while incorporating unique elements that express the owner’s personality.

2. Why should I consider a psycho minimalist desk setup?

Having a psycho minimalist desk setup can offer numerous benefits. Firstly, it promotes a clean and organized workspace to enhance productivity and focus. Secondly, incorporating personal touches allows for a more enjoyable and inspiring work environment. Lastly, it helps optimize the desk area by eliminating unnecessary items, reducing distractions, and improving overall workflow.

3. How do I achieve a psycho minimalist desk setup?

To achieve a psycho minimalist desk setup, here are some key steps:

  1. Declutter: Remove any unnecessary items from your desk to create a clean slate.
  2. Organize: Sort and organize your essentials such as computer, keyboard, and important documents. Utilize storage solutions like drawers or desk organizers.
  3. Add personal touches: Include elements that represent your interests and personality, such as artwork, plants, or unique desk accessories.
  4. Cable management: Tidy up cables using clips or cable management solutions to maintain a minimalist appearance.

4. Can you suggest any minimalist desk accessories?

Certainly! Here are a few minimalist desk accessories you can consider:

  • A sleek and simplified desk lamp
  • A minimalist pen holder or desk organizer
  • A compact wireless charger
  • A modern desk clock or timer
  • A minimalist cable management solution

5. How often should I update my psycho minimalist desk setup?

The frequency of updating your psycho minimalist desk setup depends on your personal preference and evolving needs. Generally, it is recommended to review and refresh your desk setup every few months or as you acquire new functional or decorative items. Regular maintenance and decluttering can help maintain the minimalist aesthetic.

Remember to embrace creativity and personalize your desk setup while keeping the core principles of minimalism intact. Enjoy creating your own psycho minimalist desk tour!

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